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Bullseye from Netflix Daredevil season 3. Standard gear for everyone (so Bullseye gets the DD costume and batons to start plus anything he can lay his hands on - let's say it's an office environment).

vs Punisher

vs Black Widow

vs Hawkeye

vs Bucky

Bonus fights:

vs Punisher - pure h2h, no weapons for either one

vs Hawkeye - who is more accurate with ranged weapons?


Marvel Zombies / Immortal Hulk
« on: July 04, 2018, 03:17:36 PM »
Anyone read the first two issues?

Solid start I think. Moody and atmospheric. Hitting some nice horror notes. I was a little worried from Ewing's interviews that this would end being too Bruce Jones-y, and whilst it does have *some* of the vibe from that run it's not got the stuff that made that so awful (no Hulk and completely shitting on established characters and continuity - Ewing has loads of Hulk and is an absolute continuity buff).

His Hulk is absolutely brutally violent. Ewing has said he wants readers to really question whether Hulk is the guy they should root for and he's doing a good job on that front so far.

Interesting tidbit from the second issue - Banner isn't a super genius anymore thanks to the arrow through the head. He's still smart but can't build Banner-tech force fields or any of that kind of super science stuff anymore. He suggests that this Hulk is actually smarter than he is now which makes his brutality all the more disturbing.

Art is really good for the most part but I'm not a fan of the Hulk's face in close-ups, he looks a bit retarded. I can see what he's going for but it doesn't quite work for me and removed some of Hulk's menace.

Definitely on-board with this for the foreseeable, nice to be excited about a Hulk book again. Aside from a brief spell under Duggan which was okay the Hulk book has been awful since Pak left and that was 7 years ago now.


Food and Fitness / Dehydrating to make weight
« on: June 25, 2018, 05:30:31 AM »
Anyone ever do this before a weigh-in for an event?

I've got a boxing fight coming up and fighting at a lighter weight than I have in the past (previously I've fought at Welterweight (147lbs) but this time I'm coming down to Light Welterweight (140lbs)). I could probably make the weight legitimately if I really tried but I'm thinking I might give the dehydration strategy a try instead as it'd probably be a really grim few weeks otherwise.

The weigh-in is about 30 hours before the event give or take so a decent amount of time to rehydrate. Bearing in mind I'm not a professional so don't want to be killing myself dehydrating excessively, what's a reasonable amount of water weight to lose by dehydration? And does anyone have any tips on the best ways to do it without knackering yourself too much before the event?

Thanks in advance!


Marvel Zombies / Ennis & Parlov new Punisher MAX mini series
« on: September 01, 2017, 02:58:49 PM »
Prequel to BORN, 6-issue mini in full-blown MAX format. Was announced like two years ago so I was assuming it was never happening, but just saw the trade listed as a future release on Amazon so googled and the first two issues are due out in October.


Yes. Fucking. Please.


Sports Talk / Mayweather vs McGregor
« on: August 26, 2017, 06:48:32 PM »
Who's watching it then?

Bit of a farce in all likelihood but the build up has been fun. Can't see anything other than a Floyd schooling, and as I'm a boxing man I hope he does. This song is making me want to swap allegiances though:

Either way I'd fucking love to be in Vegas tonight, seen some videos of the Paddies hitting the strip and it looks mental, going to be a lot of Guinness consumed this eve.


Marvel Zombies / Doc Ock vs Green Goblin - bigger impact on Spidey?
« on: July 12, 2017, 11:59:17 AM »
Out of the two, which arch-nemesis has done the better job of making Peter's life shitty?

Does the Superior Spider-Man mind-swap etc elevate Otto to top Spidey villain, or does killing Gwen, Ben Reilly etc still see Norman as the number one cuntbag in Parker's life?



Ben Reilly/Iron Spider mash-up was hnnnnsk. Actually the mirroring in that whole scene with the end of Iron Man 1 was perfect. Stark went in front of a packed media crowd and revealed his identity to the world, Peter walked away from it to stick to the "friendly neighbourhood" - nailed it Marvel.

How many easter egg characters were there? The Scorpion, the Prowler, any others?

Opening theme tune was a great surprise. Whole soundtrack was really good.

Three complaints, mostly very minor:
- "MJ" reveal was stupid and I can see it really pissing off the hardcore Spider-fans.
- lack of a "presence" of Uncle Ben was a bit much, no need for the whole story again but it would have been nice for a few more nods. There is one off-hand implied mention about Aunt May going through a lot etc but that was it.
- no spider sense, hopefully they'll bring it in later because it is arguably his defining power
- villain finding out his secret identity, unnecessary. They should save that for later and have it as a huge WTF moment with an Osborn or whatever. I actually like that Aunt May finds out though, gives us a completely different dynamic to work with going forward, we've had enough of the having to hide it from her thing with the other films

Overall it's right the fuck up there with the best in the MCU I think. It had that kind of magical feel about it, a bit like the first Avengers where you just find yourself with a big goofy smile plastered over your face from the first minute, a fun factor which helps you overlook the occasional flaw. Holland is easily the definitive Spider-Man, nails the Parker stuff and much better at the Spider-Man annoying/quipping style than Maguire or Garfield.





Karl Urban has said numerous times that he would be interested in reprising the role for a TV show, please god let it happen...


Sports Talk / Joshua vs Klitschko
« on: April 29, 2017, 06:49:46 PM »
Anyone just watch this?

Best heavyweight boxing scrap in years. The second half of the fight was like something out of a Rocky film.

11th round highlights here:

...but you really need to see it from the 5th round onwards for full dramatic effect.

EDIT - full fight here:


ICT / Where does comic Bucky rank amongst Marvel MAs?
« on: February 09, 2017, 06:41:35 PM »
I've been reading through Brubaker's Cap run (which I'd read parts of but never the whole thing) recently and it's got me wondering how people view the comic version of Bucky in the MA hierarchy.

I'm only about halfway through the run (probably not even that far) but Bucky has racked up some decent showings.

- beat Black Widow in h2h fairly easily
- utterly owned Crossbones in h2h twice
- held his own against the William Burnside Cap, who was explicitly quite a bit stronger, faster and tougher than the real deal. Bucky even seems to score a brief flash KO at one point
- fights Extremis Iron Man to a stalemate (although Stark is clearly holding back while Bucky is, at least initially, out to kill)
- treats Hawkeye with extreme nonchalance in h2h
- gets the better of Falcon in h2h in sparring

There's also a scene (not written by Brubaker) in an issue of Punisher War Journal in which the Punisher admits that Bucky would kill him if he tried to fight him (although weirdly, Castle wasn't sure if a bullet through the brain would kill Bucky or not which doesn't make too much sense).

There's probably a load more showings later in the run which I haven't read yet - any that stand out for those who have?

Overall, how does he rank? Is he on the A-list tier? If so, on the lower end or up there with the elite guys like Daredevil?


General Chat / CIA: Uri Geller has legitimate paranormal perception
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:32:45 PM »

Eight-day experiment in 1973 on Uri Geller concluded (and I quote):
"As a result of Geller's success in this experimental period, we consider that he has demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner."

Pretty interesting reading actually, includes break-downs of some of the experiments and the drawings produced (which are best understood when read alongside the explanatory notes for each),

Must've been a shit-ton of fun working for the CIA in the 1970s is what I got from this.


ICT / New comic stuff worth talking about but not worth its own thread
« on: December 11, 2016, 10:57:47 PM »
I was thinking this could be a thread used weekly to post scans in/talk about things that were moderately interesting from the week's comics but not quite big enough to justify a whole thread. Maybe a bit like how when arishem (RIP) would post scans of everything happening every week, stuff we might not talk about otherwise. They have threads like this on vastly inferior boards which get a shit load of traffic compared to every other topic so got to be worth a try here.

e.g. stuff like this: http://herochat.com/index.php?topic=13278.0 ...which is a fucking excellent showing (and sexy art) but got very few responses.


Since some people seem to forget what the purpose of this thread is:
This thread is to post information.
Arguments are taken to a separate thread.
You don't have to agree with the person who posted the scans or somebody who posted a response, but you make one post and move on in THIS thread. Just quote the person who posted the scans or said something you disagree with and start a new thread if you want to talk some shit. Nobody has any plans to stop that.

Thank you to everybody posting information. Seems like Abhilegend does it the most.

ICT / Batman vs 2x Punisher h2h
« on: December 11, 2016, 09:46:25 PM »
Batman vs two identical copies of Frank Castle in hand to hand.

If you think Batman wins, how many identical copies of the Punisher do you think it would take to make them the favourite?


Marvel Zombies / Aaron's Dr Strange run
« on: October 26, 2016, 12:15:07 PM »
Anyone been reading? How is it, worth checking out?


ICT / Daredevil vs Karnak (DD #12 SPOILERS)
« on: October 12, 2016, 06:32:48 PM »

Poor Karnak.


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