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ICT / Kratos vs DCEU Superman
« on: February 02, 2018, 10:59:33 PM »
This might be a brutal mismatch, I have no idea and no nothing about God of War. But this was presented at another place, and I was curious. Is Kratos on even DCEU Supes' level (or, hell, is he far above it)? Who are his equivalents if not? I kind of figured that, being a video game character, Kratos can be killed by decent falls or minions if they hit him enough. That doesn't seem top-tier to me.

I might be in the afterglow of having watched a great match, but that wasn't just an early MotY candidate... that is one of the best matches I have ever seen.

Top-to-bottom, Takeover Philly was a great show.

The Authors of Pain have really come into their own and are definitely no longer just a pair of big monsters who look large and get carried. They have proven to be capable of delivering. Solid 4* match against Undisputed Era that told a story.

Velveteen Dream is a character that shouldn't work as well as he does. That kid just has "it". That said, Kassius Ohno is not doing anything for me in NXT; I don't know if he's unmotivated or out of shape or what, but I have yet to see an NXT match from him that meets the heights of what I have heard about from his Chris Hero days. This was the worst match of the night, but it still was a solid mid card bout because Dream puts his soul into his character work.

Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler was a match I really wasn't sure about until the end sequence where I was POSITIVE Moon was going to be forced to tap. Baszler came across as a MONSTER who I can see going from just hating because WWE is overbooking her to a heel I could love to hate. She was a fucking asshole all match who seemed like she wanted to murder Moon's whole bloodline. And then Moon won in a bit of veteran desperation and out-thinking. I think the ending made the whole encounter better because the storytelling just worked and got both characters over.

I was disappointed we did not end up getting the Killian Dane/Lars Sullivan match I thought I saw advertised. I am all-in on Dane and wanted to see him defeat Sullivan. I hope Dane is in the Rumble tonight and gets a good run.

Aleister Black is FLYING up the list of guys I love in the modern era. He and Adam Cole (BAY-BAY) had a tremendously fun overbooked car crash of a match. I become more and more excited by the day to see how the main roster will end up ruining Black.

And then, yeah, Gargano vs Almas. If you had told me a year ago that Andrade Almas would be in a match I might put in my top 20 all time, I'd have laughed at you, but god has he improved dramatically since they paired him with Vega.

I can't believe that NXT manages home run after home run with these Takeover specials. And now for WrestleMania weekend we are possibly gearing up for Black/Almas for the NXT title, Gargano/Ciampa on a bloodfeud, and, what, Undisputed Era vs War Machine? All with EC3, Ricochet, a returning Drew McIntyre, Velveteen Dream, and SaNiTy all waiting in the wings?

Showcase of the Immortals / Raw 25
« on: January 22, 2018, 09:47:45 PM »
Anyone else watching this? It's actually little more than a typical episode of Raw. I don't know if I'm happy that they aren't just pushing everyone aside in favor of slobbering on legends' knobs all night or if I'm upset I'm wasting my time watching such a mundane episode.

The opening segment with Vince, Austin, Shane, and Stephanie was the high point of the show.

Showcase of the Immortals / Wrestle Kingdom 12
« on: January 04, 2018, 07:37:35 PM »
Anyone catch any/all of WK12?

So far I've watched Cody/Ibushi, Omega/Jericho, and Naito/Okada. Pretty good stuff, but WK11 was better so far.

ICT / MCU GotG vs Fox X-Men
« on: January 01, 2018, 07:01:15 PM »
Groot (fully grown)



Marvel Zombies / Marvel cancelled a bunch of titles, it seems.
« on: December 20, 2017, 11:04:10 AM »
Gwenpool, Generation X, Captain Marvel, Defenders, Luke Cage, Hawkeye,  and America, I think I read.

Now I feel bad I wasn't reading Generation X to help save it, but fuck was the art atrocious in that title.

Game Cage / God damn it, I am so out of touch
« on: December 07, 2017, 12:31:02 PM »
Went out on Black Friday to buy a video game system, and my wife asked me "Hey, do you want an Xbox One or a PS4?", and my answer was literally "Well the Xbox is cheaper, but you can play online for free on Playstation, whereas Xbox makes you subscribe to a stupid service to do the same".

Then I tried to play Madden online.

That's what I get for assuming, I guess.

Showcase of the Immortals / NXT War Games
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:15:49 PM »
Another great NXT start to a major PPV weekend. It was not an overall strong show, but the main event fucking delivered hard.

Here’s hoping Alexander Wolfe is not severely injured from the table spot. He busted the back of his skull open nasty. Looked at least as bad as what Brock did to Orton last Summerslam.

Showcase of the Immortals / No talk about last night's Smackdown?
« on: November 08, 2017, 11:37:59 AM »
AJ Styles won the WWE title off of Jinder Mahal.

So the long national nightmare of the Jinder title run is OVER. AND we should get to see fucking Styles/Lesnar at Survivor Series!

You know... unless they put the belt back on Jinder next week.


That shit is better than the WWE product. They are doing the fourth annual Madden tournament, and I just watched Rusev vs AJ Styles. I would seriously watch an entire YouTube channel of just Rusev playing Madden now. Dude is hilarious.

I've always loved the Madden tournaments. I love Austin Creed's WWE 2K career playthroughs because the game makes no damn sense. Anything where Bayley plays Sasha at anything is great. I even watch Cesaro playing his cell phone game, whatever it is. Clash of Clans or something. They should replace Raw and Smackdown with everyone just playing video games. But mostly Kofi and Rusev. Best two guys on the channel.

Usos vs New Day as the opener might have been WWE's match of the year for 2017. IMO, an easy 5* call.

Owens vs Shane as the main event was exciting, hard-hitting, tense, and featured a fantastic "WHAT WAIT WHAT?" moment from Sami Zayn turning heel (?) to help Owens survive/win. Great match.

But man... EVERYTHING in between was the hottest of garbage. Mahal/Nakamura specifically because Mahal is white bread, and Nakamura will easily phone in efforts he doesn't feel are worth his time. Mahal continues to devalue the fucking WWE Title and make it feel like a nothing prize. His matches don't even feel like title matches... they just feel like mid card nothing encounters. All I want in life is for this India tour to come and go so this can whole experiment can end.

Ziggler dominating Roode until Roode wins with a flukey roll-up while holding the tights... who the fuck books this shit? How does that help Roode, a guy who should be competing for the WWE title in a few months.

AJ loses the US title to Corbin in a generic, formulaic, yawn-inducing triple threat match. It wasn't BAD, but it was every bland triple threat match you've already ever seen. Hopefully this frees AJ up to feud with Mahal and take the title from him.

Natalya vs Charlotte was all right. Just "all right". It wasn't putrid or anything, but it did nothing to separate itself from the hairball-in-the-drain that was the middle of HiaC 2017.

Man, even the Fashion Files was bad tonight, and they completely blew past the "Who attacked Tyler Breeze?" thing by saying they solved that case off-camera.

Kitty Pryde



X-Men need to get 6/10 against a solo character. Who do they beat?

Nods to fangirl's WW and Lobo threads.

Sports Talk / Just had my first/biggest draft of the season
« on: August 31, 2017, 09:44:29 PM »
12 team league.
Keeper league.
Can trade players for picks.

Here's my roster:

1 (4th) - LeSean McCoy, RB1
1 (11th) - DeMarco Murray, RB2
2 - Amari Cooper, WR1
3 - Keenan Allen, WR2
3 - Demariyus Thomas, WR3
4 - Jordan Reed, TE1
5 - Rob Kelley, RB3
6 - Delanie Walker, TE2
7 - Tom Brady, QB1 (Keeper pick)
8 - Jonathan Stewart, RB4
9 - Andy Dalton, QB2
10 - Adam Thielen, WR4
11 - New England, DEF1
12 - no pick, traded away
13 - Matt Prater, K1
14 - no pick, traded away
15 - Tyreek Hill, WR5 (Keeper pick)

I somehow ended up with the #1 receiver of all four AFC West teams.

And two tight ends.

Anyway, my FAVORITE PICK: Adam Thielen in the 10th round of a PPR league. I think he has really good potential if I need a WR fill in.

And LEAST FAVORITE PICK: Jonathan fucking Stewart at all, much less in the 8th, even as my RB4. God, running backs are fucking hard to come by this year. That's why I went McCoy at #4 over Julio Jones and DeMarco at #11 over, say, Jordy Nelson. I knew the pool was going to dry up FAST and virtually everyone after the first round is some level of a sizable gamble. I wanted to hedge my bets on guys guaranteed to at least do something.

I'm not upset about this team. I feel okay. I should at least be in the hunt all year.

I have been looking for Okada/Omega and Naito/Omega online, but no dice. Omega and Naito are my two favorite guys in NJPW, so I am excited for the final. I have obviously heard both matches are glorious.

Debate / Flip-flopping: Does it deserve its bad rap?
« on: June 29, 2017, 04:19:39 PM »
So sometimes it seems like one of the worst accusations you can levy at a politician is flip-flopping. "He used to believe THIS, but now he believes THAT! Can you believe this guy?"

But is flip-flopping always a bad thing?

I mean, there are obviously degrees. If there is video of a politician saying (A) 12 months ago, then (B) 6 months ago, then (A) 3 months ago, and then (B) again last night... that's bad. That's pandering to your audience and saying whatever people want to hear. I think we can all agree that guy's a schmuck.

But if someone said (A) 5 years ago, but last year started saying (B), why is that NECESSARILY bad? Couldn't a guy have developed a more informed opinion over time and with research? Could new details or situations come to light that changed his stance? Why is that "flip-flopping"?

Would we really rather have someone whose rigid opinion is unchangeable? Someone who is so in love with confirmation bias, that he would never alter his course? Isn't that far, far worse?

What sayeth the learned masses of HC?

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