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General Chat / Are you the alpha male of your workplace?
« on: August 17, 2018, 04:26:34 PM »
Supposedly being an alpha’s not a real thing, but everyone still believes the concept, so yeah.

Are you your work place’s alpha? One of several alphas? Beta?
How’s that break down for you?
Pretty sure we’re all done w. school but if not then apply the question to that environment.

ICT / Horsemen builder II
« on: August 16, 2018, 09:41:22 AM »
Because that mutant guy doesnt have a monopoly.

This is strictly comics characters.
My idea is pick a villain associated w. a certain hero or heroes, and have the villain put together a team of equally associated baddies to bedevil the hero(es).

Pick your own, but, below are ones that got me thinking of this / i could use help with:

R’as Al Ghul puts Bat villains together, i was thinking maybe Scarecrow as Pestilence?

Dr. Doom picks Namor (who he used to team with a lot) as War, since he could actually start one?

Norman Osborn? He might pick Carrion as Pestilence or Famine.


General Chat / Not sure if this is true, about murderers
« on: August 16, 2018, 01:18:16 AM »
At 26.2 new people per day, the average American meets 717,225 people throughout their lives, of which 10.76 are likely to be unapprehended murderers.


There’s a lotta math to it, & variables.

ICT / Come up w. your own Forgotten Heroes team
« on: August 11, 2018, 08:19:33 AM »

An odd mash up of DC heroes that had no reason to be together other than that they sucked so bad they were forgotten by fans.
So, come up w. your own strange quirky train wreck of a team.
5-7 Characters the average person will look at and go ‘WTF? Never heard of him’.

Now, it’ll be hard to stump each other, since we’re nerds, so +1000 points if you can get anyone to admit they dont remember a character, or a show, or a book etc.

Open to all genres, because TV  and movies definitely have had their share of forgettable super characters. 

When i started posting, the rule of thumb was, ‘Spider-man straddled the line between street level and the higher powered characters’.

Has that line shifted?

Because for years now, characters i used to consider street level have gotten more and more powerful.
Black Panther used to be a jungle gymnast, basically, now he can do some truly outrageous stuff. Iron Fist’s chi powers have him doing things i never even considered possible.
Those are just two examples, but what got me to ask was this:

Posted at KMC.
Is Batman really a guy who takes on muggers still? Packing that kind of tech?

Does the street level definition ‘fights crime on the streets’ still apply and to heck with the fact that most of these characters dont, any more, and can easily fight high level metas?

Just wanna hear your take(s) on it, if you have one. 

ICT / Hawaiian (how many points can you get) team builder
« on: August 07, 2018, 04:53:23 AM »
No more than (NMT) 8 members total.
No character above mid herald in power (examples of mid heralds would be Black Adam Wonder Woman range).

Other than the above feel free to build Hawaii’s premiere super team however YOU want.
Below is how you actually get points though:

- +5 For every non Marvel/DC character. (max 40 points)

- +5 For every female character. (max 40 points)

- +5 For a team sponsor, who funds the team, handles social media presence, pays for damages etc. May/may not have powers, and doesnt count towards team total number. (Max 5 points)

- +10 For every street level character, NMT three.
(Max 30 points)

- +10 For every water based (in some way) character. Add another +10 if characters are not Atlantean. NMT two.
(Max 40 points)

- +10 For a reformed villain (actual, or one you decide to reform yourself), NMT one. (Max 10 points)

- +10 For every teenage (or below) character, NMT three.
(Max 30 points)

- +25  For an actual Polynesian character, NMT three.
(Max 75 points)

Tally up your own points, and see if anyone dusputes your math.


ICT / Guardians of The Galaxy Builder
« on: August 04, 2018, 01:47:18 AM »
We had one but it was deleted, so starting another.
The last one was ‘non Marvel’, but figure everyone’s eligible this time out. All genres (comics, books, TV, movies...)

Same as before, stick to the basic archetypes of the team,
-the adventurous handsome leader
-the kick ass female
-the big guy
-the bigger guy that you partner up with...
-...the non human (ish) guy

Power levels arent a big deal.
As long as you can keep it in the spirit of the team.
We all know who the Guardians are, so mashing up various oddball characters should be easy, hopefully fun.

ICT / Worf Vs Predator h2h and blade to blade
« on: August 02, 2018, 08:58:30 AM »

No hunting, no camouflage; straightforward face to face encounter.
No other weapons besides the bat’leth(sp) and wrist blades.

ICT / Exchange program
« on: July 28, 2018, 06:16:43 PM »
Marvel & DC (the characters not the companies) decide to each send one hero or heroine (not DC’s big 7 or Marvel’s trinity) to represent their reality on an exchange program for a year.
Each wants to send someone who embodies their reality's heroic ideal, who is just, well, awesome and will be a great ambassador.

Who do they send?

My two picks:
DC-Nightwing, and its not even close. He’s the uncrowned prince of DC’s SHC.
Marvel-Blue Marvel, a mature complete professional. Well spoken, educated, lived through a tumultuous part of Marvel’s history, and now he’s a key player in it’s present. 

Your choices?

ICT / Build a Hammer, be a God.
« on: July 27, 2018, 08:42:21 AM »
Technically speaking, Thor’s hammer has like a zillion enchantments, that help make him the God of Thunder.
So, make your own.

-Pick what you want to be the god of; a power, a force, an element an idea, even a skill.
-Figure out what your hammer’s made of. It can relate to your ‘god of’ pick, or just be for coolness.
-Choose your enchantments. Max 10. No powers above high herald (Supes, Surfer levels and below, those work...no Darkseid, Celestial types)

-Your enchantments will basically be powers from comics characters you want to combine.
Be sure to specify if the powers are in the hammer or in you, personally.

-characters w. one power, or one major power would be best. You can take one power from characters w. multiple powers.
Looking to avoid ‘i’m the god of beating everyone, i have Superman’s severed arm as a hammer, & his entire power set’’ scenarios.
The point is to create something unique/powerful/yours.

-I think i covered everything....?

-Pics of your hammer, and characters you’re taking powers from would be great, as well as power descriptions, how you may have tweaked them, incorporated them to your overall powerset.

ICT / Help me build a magic/monster fighting team
« on: July 26, 2018, 01:39:28 PM »
Saw the cover for JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK 1, and thought, WW/Angela, Swampy/Man-Thing, Det. Chimp/Howard the Duck, Man Bat/Morbius, Zatanna/Scarlet Witch.

But it got me thinking live action build, which i know you guys dont really like so, not asking for a full line up, just suggestions...

...the characters dont -have- to be magical or have powers, though they can. Looking to build a team that can take on the major live action baddies out there (demons and devils carnivorous aliens and pinheads and Jasons and evil angels and splices etc...).

Figure i can mix and match to make a good team.
Got a few ideas so far:

Ash Williams-is he the muscle? The leader? The resident street? I DONT KNOW!

Ralph Sarchie-is HE the street leveler? The police liason? The team exorcist? FUCK IF I KNOW!

Darkman-the mysterious guy w. semi super stats who can beat up a demon maybe?

Carrie White-unstable, with TK, and younger female character...?

So, looking to round this out, or replace, depending.
Just need some more unique additions i wouldnt think of.

Example, the Riddick character from PITCH BLACK to CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK.
In the original he was no doubt badass, but got captured and recaptured, and had believable competition w. one bounty hunter.
In the sequel he was taking out bounty hunters left and right, trained necro soldiers and leaders, killing ppl w. tea cups, to say nothing of the light not seeming to bother his eyes, when it was a major weakness in the original.

The third movie seemed to have settled somewhere in between the two renditions.

ICT / Layla Williams Vs Killer Frost
« on: July 24, 2018, 12:32:40 AM »

Danielle Panabaker’s two super powered characters:
No prep.
Fight takes place on a city street outside a botanical garden.

Actors or actresses that have been really good or memorable in one thing, and then disappeared?

Not looking for child actors, as that’s actually pretty common, but adults.

Music, Movies, Tv and Books / SHAZAM
« on: July 21, 2018, 03:20:09 PM »

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