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ICT / Team Batman vs. Team Cap
« on: February 20, 2019, 10:36:36 PM »
Batman trains the following :
-Captain Cold
-Mirror Master
-Captain Boomerang
-Weather Wizard
-Heat Wave

Cap trains the following :
-Doctor Octopus
-Kraven The Hunter

*For DC these are pre-Flashpoint versions of the characters. For Marvel these are
pre-2015 versions of the characters. *

**Both sides get one month to train under their leader. Neither side has info on the
other team.

So after a month of training, which side takes it?

DC Drones / Batman #50 Spoilers
« on: July 02, 2018, 12:09:51 AM »
So in case people haven't noticed, the issue ends with Catwoman standing up Batman,
and explaining that the reason she can't marry him is that if he's happy, he can't be
Batman. She then proceeds to make some bullshit statement about how heroes need
to make sacrifices, and she's sacrificing her love for him.

I'm not a big Batman reader but after this shit was hyped for about 6 months now, this
is a real kick and stomp on the nuts to the fans.

Good thing I don't buy comics.

ICT / Awesome (Marvel) Battles Thread
« on: January 31, 2018, 11:53:02 PM »
So I thought a fun thread would be listing & showing most importantly, some
excellent battles throughout the years in various Marvel comics.

This thread is ONLY for Marvel Comics. By all means, someone else create a
separate thread for DC Comics and other publishers.

So here's one to start things off, we should keep this thread updated as often
as possible.

Catalog of fights listed (Constantly updated)

Page 1
American Eagle vs. Bullseye (Thunderbolts #115)
Beta Ray Bill vs. Stardust (Stormbreaker : Saga of Beta Ray Bill #1-4)
Hulk vs. Thor (Thor #385)
Hulk vs. Human Torch, Heroes for Hire, Avengers, & Dr. Strange (Hulk #300)
Namor vs. War Machine (Namor #141)

Page 2
War Machine vs. X-Force & Lila Cheney (X-Force #21)
Juggernaut vs. King Hyperion (Thunderbolts #153)
Graviton vs. The Redeemers & Scream (Thunderbolts #56)
Morbius vs. The Basilisk (Wayne Gifford) (Morbius #6)
Odin vs. Thanos & Silver Surfer (Warlock & The infinity Watch #25)
Hulk vs. Zeus (Hulk #621-622)
Thor & The New Warriors vs. Juggernaut (Thor #411-412)
Thor vs. Juggernaut (Thor #429)
Death Metal vs. Alpha Flight (Death Metal #1, Genetix #1, Death Metal #2)
Wolverine vs. Sabertooth (Uncanny X-Men #213)

Page 3
Daredevil vs. Bullseye (Daredevil #172)
Bullseye vs. Elektra (Daredevil #181)
Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) (Amazing Spider-Man #122)
X-Men & Quicksilver vs. Apocalypse (Uncanny X-Men #295)

Page 4
The Punisher vs. Ulik (Marvel Knights #3)
Avengers vs. Living Laser, Whirlwind, & Power Man (Avengers #164-165)
Avengers vs. Count Nefaria (Avengers #165-166)
Avengers & Thunderbolts vs. Wonder Man & Atlas, then Count Nefaria (Thunderbolts #44)
Avengers, Thunderbolts & Madame Masque vs. Count Nefaria (Avengers #34)
Thor vs. Beta Ray Bill (1st Fight - Thor Vol 1 #337)
Beta Ray Bill vs. Odin (Thor Vol 1 #338)
Thor vs. Beta Ray Bill (2nd fight - Thor Vol 1 #338-339)
Spider-Man vs. Shang Chi (Giant-Size Spider-Man #2)

Page 5
Spider-Man vs. Luke Cage (Amazing Spider-Man #123)
Spider-Man vs. Wolverine (Spider-Man vs. Wolverine 1-shot (1987)
Wolverine vs. Sabertooth (Wolverine #90, Result of fight Wolverine #92)
Beta Ray Bill vs. Stardust (Beta Ray Bill : Godhunter #1)
Beta Ray Bill vs. The Silver Surfer (Beta Ray Bill : Godhunter #2)
Hulk vs. Wendigo (Incredible Hulk #180)
Hulk vs. Wendigo vs. Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #181)
Grey Hulk vs. Wolverine (Incredible Hulk #340)
Dr. Strange vs. Shuma-Gorath (Strange Tales : Featuring Cloak & Dagger and Doctor Strange #13-14 (result in #15)
X-Men vs. The Marauders (Uncanny X-Men #211)
Iron Man vs. Deathlok (Michael Collins) (Iron Man #301)

Page 6
Hulk vs. Doc Samson & The Avengers (Incredible Hulk #314-322)
Captain America (Without Super Soldier Serum) vs. Crossbones & Kingpin vs. Red Skull (Captain America #378)
Ghost Rider & Johnny Blaze vs. Venom (Web of Spider-Man #96 & Ghost Rider & Blaze, Spirits of Vengeance #6)
Kraven vs. Vermin (Spectacular Spider-Man #131)
Wolverine vs. The Gorgon (Tomi Shishido) <ALL> (Wolverine #)

Page 7
Shang Chi vs. The Gorgon (Tomi Shishido) (Avengers World #3)
Mephisto vs. Galactus (Silver Surfer : Judgement Day (Graphic Novel)
X-Men & Magneto vs. Rev. William Stryker (X-Men : God Loves, Man Kills)
X-Men Gold & Blue Team vs. The Acolytes (Uncanny X-Men #300)

So the story is that James Cameron is a big fan of this manga, and has been saying for years
now that he wanted to make a film about it. Last time he was asked about it, he said he was
unsure about when it would be made since he wanted the right tech behind it before it was

And then lo and behold :


It looks faithful to the original story but...those eyes...

ICT / Bugs Bunny vs. Droopy Dog
« on: October 20, 2017, 03:43:58 PM »
The Popeye/Bugs thread went really well, so I thought I'd add another "seemingly
unstoppable comeback toon" into the mix.

Scenario 1 : Bugs is the aggressor
Scenario 2 : Droopy is the aggressor

How does this bout go?


Say what you will about the overexposed, done to death genre that is the zombie, we
all at least have a favorite zombie something, and it's all thanks to this man.

That being said...may wanna keep an eye on the body. Just in case.


Looks like Castlevania is getting the anime-treatment, courtesy of Netflix.


Their Voltron series has been pretty good, so I've got good expectations
for this show.

ICT / Which villain has the best team-wrecking record?
« on: March 17, 2017, 01:53:31 AM »
After watching a few clips from the Marvel shows, I got to wondering, which villains have consistently
performed the best at wrecking a team of super heroes. There's quite a lot in this pot, so I'm wondering
what names get tossed around.

As seen on imgur :


There are a couple of meme's and nods to other existing anime, but
man, this was entertaining.

ICT / 90's New Warriors vs. 90's X-Men
« on: October 19, 2016, 02:50:08 AM »
To make things interesting, these are the Warriors (AFTER) their series run. So they aren't the
rookies from the beginning.

Also, using the Blue team since Gold has the more powerful members, and there's no one on
The Warriors that can deal with Jean Grey.

X-Men Blue


Night Thrasher
Speed Ball

Marvel Zombies / And?
« on: September 21, 2016, 07:52:53 AM »

So we get the same word 5 fucking times. What should have been an emotional reveal to Jen, is
completely ruined by how retarded the dialogue is.

General Comic Discussion / Interesting article on Kotaku today
« on: August 25, 2016, 02:43:42 PM »
So this article talks briefly about how Milestone comics was very different from other mainstream comics by
having mostly non-white super heroes, and then goes on to talk about Icon, and then the very glaring difference
between himself and Superman, and the parallels of both their origins.


Marvel Zombies / Captain America : Steve Rogers #1 *spoiler*
« on: May 25, 2016, 01:07:18 AM »

So according to this site, and they've stated that they've got the sources to back this up,
at the end of the issue, Steve says, "Hail Hydra."

And the article says in the same issue :

Apparently, he's been Hydra all along, brought into the organization as a child by his mother

I'm sure most of us would say, "oh that's not true." But then keep in mind, for what, over 30+ years, we
were told that Tony Stark was who we all thought he was, and then there was that character assassinating
DREK that said that Tony was **NOT** a real Stark and that he was just some orphan kid that was adopted.

And also, for years after Spider-Man fought the clone, we thought that Peter won, when it was actually the
clone that did, and not the real one.

In other words, Marvel's not afraid to let writers come up with really retarded shit. One More Day anyone?

Game Cage / Overwatch
« on: May 18, 2016, 10:03:50 PM »
Anyone been checking this game out? Its been getting a hell of a lot of hype, and imo, its pretty warranted.
The game is super fun, there's a very diverse set of characters, it looks like it may take the crown from
TF2 for most fun and zany FPS.

ICT / Horror/Monster tier list
« on: February 19, 2016, 02:00:39 PM »
"God" Tier
1) Sutter Cane (In The Mouth of Madness)
He more or less could do whatever he wanted. Altered time/space and such, created things from fiction, hell
the main character of the story lost his mind coming to the realization that he was entirely created by Cane,
guy turned the sun blue, etc, etc. Granted, it may be more the Great Old Ones that empowered Cane, but
they needed his imagination to really make it work. Ended the world and turned what remained of humanity
into cthulloid-type creatures.

2) The Ancient Ones (Cabin in the Woods)
Once awakened, they will destroy all of humanity. Seemed to be virtually omnipotent based on dialogue and
impression by the film's narrative and characters.

Upper Top Tier
1) Destoroyah (Godzilla vs. Destoroyah)
Easily the single most powerful opponent Godzilla ever faced. It needed to be defeated by Godzilla's most powerful form
(Meltdown Godzilla), although technically, this also killed Godzilla as well, thus again, technically it ended in a draw, the
only one to do so. It's main objective was to destroy all life in existence.

Top Tier
1) Godzilla (Original) (Godzilla Showa-Heisei-era films)
Resistance to most military weapons, impressive speed and agility for a giant monster, defeated multiple monsters as strong or
stronger than him, atomic breath, easily pne of the most powerful "giant monsters" in cinema.

2) The Kraken (Clash of The Titans)
Near god-like monster with god-like strength and invulnerability. Could only be killed by the power of the Medusa's stare, i.e.,
by another Titan.

3) The Medusa (Clash of The Titans)
Monster that was adept in archery, and could move quickly around obstacles despite her large body. Her most powerful ability
was to turn anything that caught sight of it into stone, and even decapitated, her power remained active. It was the only thing
that could defeat the movie's most powerful Titan, The Kraken.

Low Top Tier
1) Clover (Cloverfield)
City destroyer that was seemingly unkillable. Aside from shrugging off multiple military weapons and explosives, even survived
being carpet bombed, as evidenced by the end of the film : "It's still alive." Could also release tiny "fleas" that if you were bitten,
you would explode.

2) Leviathan, God of Flesh, Hunger, and Desire (Hellraiser)
Deity that rules over the Cenobites, and creates/controls human lust, gluttony, fear, and cruelty.

3) The Blob
Potentially, could become a world ender. Devoured anything organic (non-plants), devours humans easily and its amorphous body
allowed it to travel and gain access to nearly any location or surface. The more it devoured, the larger it became. At large sizes,
it ignored hi-caliber weapons. Only true weakness is cold, although it did show irritation towards fire.

4) The Balrog (Lord of The Rings)
Immensely powerful demon that had a fire whip, super strength, incredible resistance to injury, incredible stamina, and had large
wings (thus, could potentially fly, IIRC). Had fought one of the universe's most powerful and skilled Wizards for days in toe to toe

5) The Thing (The Thing 1982)
Alien organism that can absorb or consume organisms (non-plants) and merge them with itself to take on their properties. Seemed
very intelligent, could shape-shift, could grow in size and alter its shape at will, and any part of itself (even blood) could come alive
and potentially infect and transform a host. The film states that mankind would be obliterated if it ever escaped. Only fire was its
weakness, although it was/and could be frozen.

6) Mega Shark (Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus)
Enormous megalodon+sized shark that could leap thousands of feet into the air, in one instance it brought down an airplane. Swims
incredibly fast, superhuman strength & invulnerability.

Upper Mid Tier
1) Pennywise (Stephen King's It)
Powerful demonic entity with a ridiculous amount of powers, such as Shape-Shifting, invisibility (partial), Illusion-casting, Mind
Control, various Telepathic powers, Weather control, teleportation, and his "Deadlights" power.

2) Vengeance (Jaws - The Revenge)
Enormous great white shark that brought down a small bi-plane. Exhibited intelligence by actually targeting the Brody family
for revenge, and had a telepathic link to Mrs. Brody.

3) Brucetta (Jaws 3)
The largest of the "Jaws" family at 35 feet. Was destroying the metal tunnels of Seaworld, including breaking through the
several inch thick glass that would normally repel any large captive sea animal.

4) Pinhead (Hellraiser series)
Powerful demonic entity that is immortal, can summon hooked chains, teleportation, and other assortment of demonic
powers. Commanded other demons of his kind.

5) Freddy Kreuger *Classic* (Nightmare on Elmstreet series)
Within dreams, was capable of telepathy and altering reality to his whims. Even when brought to the real world, was able
to competitively fight against Jason Vorhees, a superhuman zombie that had a super strength and invulnerability advantage
over him. Displayed a decent knowledge of fighting hand to hand.

6) Alien Queen (Aliens Series)
Super strength, durability, sharp claws and a prehensile tail with a spike at the tip, a second jaw within its mouth, acid blood,
displayed slightly above animal-level intelligence. Essentially, take a Xenomorph drone, and double its potential. That's a Queen.

7) Indominus Rex (Jurassic World)
Incredible intelligence, can communicate with other dinosaurs (and somehow get them to obey her), can hide her body heat,
can camouflage into her surroundings, super strength, durability, speed, razor-sharp teeth and claws. Had to be double teamed
by an older T-Rex & Velociraptor to drive it back, and ultimately get killed by something much larger and stronger than either one.

8) Pumpkinhead (Pumpkinhead Series)
Vengeance Demon that had a psychic connection with his targets (thus could always find them, no matter their location), cannot
be truly killed, only the being that summons him (and is thus bonded psionically with the demon) if killed, banishes the demon
back to hell. Had various supernatural abilities, aside from superhuman strength, hypnosis, invulnerable to conventional weaponry,
and superhuman invulnerability.

9) Wishmaster Djinn (Wishmaster series)
Immortality, reality-warping (although bound by "wishes"), shape-shifting.

10) Lubdan (Leprechaun series)
Immortality, reality-warping, shape-shifting, enhanced strength, various magical powers.

Mid Tier

1) Bruce (Jaws)
Abnormally large great white shark, capable of destroying boats, and diving with a maximum of
3 water barrels attached to it. Could also swim much faster than normal members of its specie.

2) Brucette (Jaws 2)
Roughly similar to Bruce in potential. Was incredibly resistant to pain, as evidenced by being burned
and being near an explosion and still coming. Needed to be electrocuted in order for it to finally go
down. Also killed a killer whale.

3) Orca (Orca)
Killer Whale that displayed human intelligence (Actually chased and tormented the main "villain" of the
film until it got its revenge), killed a seemingly large great white shark, destroys boats, pushes a glacier
to sink another boat, just incredibly strong.

4) Creeper (Jeepers Creepers series)
Regeneration, proficient with bladed weapons, flight, super strength, killed an entire station of armed police
guards, seemingly immortal.

5) Xenomorph *Standard* (Alien series)
Superhuman strength, speed, enhanced senses, sharp claws & prehensile tail with a spike, second jaw within
its mouth, incredibly adept at being stealthy, slightly above animal-intelligence, acidic blood.

6) Male Crocodile (Lake Placid)
Abnormally large crocodile that had super strength (capable of shaking a large helicopter and large pick up truck,
and actually broke through a helicopter when trapped within it), incredible resilience (resisted several bullets from
hi-caliber guns that would've killed a lesser animal) and an incredible amount of ferocity.

7) Graboids (Tremors series)
Large worm-like creatures that hunt using sound, although they are incredibly susceptible to loud noises. Displayed
incredible tunneling speed (easily capable of outrunning a human), super strength (tearing through large objects and
even several feet of thick concrete, could damage vehicles and shake them violently), and could create offspring
which although weaker, could become more mobile on ground or air (Shriekers & Ass-Blasters)

Low Mid Tier
1) Christine
Possessed vehicle that had high levels of regeneration and super strength (?) Could not be
destroyed completely, only severly damaged to the point where it could have its regeneration
halted, but not prevented.

2) Jason X (Jason X)
Immortal zombie with cyborg enhancements. Needed to be destroyed via planetary reentry
in order to finally be done in. Had superhuman strength, durability (casually ignored futuristic
high powered weaponry), and retained all of Jason's other abilities.

Upper Bottom Tier
1) Brundlefly (The Fly : 1986)
Enhanced stamina, and strength. When in his monster form, could cling to walls and spit an
acid liquid that could deteriorate a human hand in seconds. Impressive display of resilience.

2) Mr. Hyde (Van Helsing)
Enhanced strength, durability, agility, and speed. Seemed to be every bit as comparable to
X-Men's, pre-feral Beast.

3) Marishka, Verona, & Aleera (Van Helsing)
Enhanced strength, durability, flight (via wings), razor sharp fangs & claws, and had superhuman
stealth abilities. Could also do a whirlwind spinning ability.

4) Jason Vorhees (Friday The 13th Series)
Superhuman strength, can consistently return from the dead, superhuman durability, capable combatant
and proficient with a machete.

Bottom Tier

1) Micheal Myers (Halloween series)
Above average strength, almost inhuman stealth ability, superhuman durability, superhuman regeneration,
and can consistently return from the dead.

Low Bottom Tier
1) Gremlins (Standard)
Single Gremlins strong enough that it takes considerable effort for a human to fend off.
Low intelligence, but has sharp claws and teeth. Can reproduce in a seemingly unlimited
amount when exposed to water.

2) Pazuzu (The Exorcist)
Demon that once possessing a host, was capable of levitating objects, temperature control, telepathy, enhanced
strength (making a young girl strong enough to endanger a full grown adult man), and could damage the body
with no lasting repercussions.

"Street" Level
1) Otis B. Driftwood, Tiny, Baby Firefly, & Captain Spaulding (The Devil's Rejects)
Brutal humans who knew how to kill and psychologically torture people. Capable with firearms and
knives. Tiny was strong enough to easily kill an adult human, as well as lift one up with one hand.

2) Man In The Mask, Dollface, Pin-up Girl (The Strangers)
Impressive skills in stealth and catching people by surprise. Capable of using bladed melee weapons.

3) The 6 Demons (The Exorcism of Emily Rose)
Mostly hyperbole from the mouths of these demons. Claim to have had agents in the form of the greatest
villains in history. Didn't display much aside from standard possession flair.

4) Ghostface (Scream series)
Various slashers. Some were more ferocious and displayed impressive tenacity and resilience, but are
all still very much "human" compared to other slashers.


Since there are a ton of horror monsters over the years, I figure a list (unless one already exists) would be nice to have that categorizes why/how
powerful said monster is. A few things to note before you guys start throwing me ranks :

1) Science Fiction monsters are allowed provided they are an antagonist (i.e. like a horror monster) So Godzilla and co. count.

2) Haunted places or items don't count since they don't move. Vehicles or vessels only count if they have a means of attacking. (Ex. The Event Horizon,
IIRC, had no weapons, so its out, but the Truck from Duel counts)

3) Small creatures that attack in swarms count. They're rated as if they were one being/force. Larger creatures that are apart of a swarm are counted
both individually and as a whole being/force.

4) If you do nominate someone/thing, please state why, feats, etc. Don't just blurt "X is top". Give me a reason why so I can properly place it.

Alright guys, let's get those nominees.

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