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Showcase of the Immortals / LU Sexy Star vs Asuka
« on: January 30, 2018, 02:45:56 AM »
I thought the Braun vs Henry match was interesting because of the talk about how bad Braun's been booked (not beating big stars)

So how would Asuka do against someone who has won the main championship in her federation, won Aztec Warefare, and has done extremely well against male competitors?

Showcase of the Immortals / Hall of Pain Mark Henry vs Braun Strowman
« on: January 18, 2018, 04:26:40 AM »
How would Mark Henry at his strongest and most ruthless do against the Monster Among Men?

Showcase of the Immortals / Rusev Day
« on: January 12, 2018, 07:54:34 AM »
Wow that got over really quick.

So...any hope the WWE just accepts it and rolls with it or will it be--you get pushed when we allow it and just job them out and kill it?

Showcase of the Immortals / Which is the best Triple H moment?
« on: January 05, 2018, 02:07:45 AM »
Triple H defeating Sting at WrestleMania in the most nonsensical way ever or Triple H defeating Jinder at the India tour and having him bow before him.

Sports Talk / Random NFL Thoughts for 2017
« on: December 30, 2017, 05:16:09 AM »
You know what would the be the scariest thing in the world? Russell Wilson with an offensive line. Seriously, the man doesn't even have half the time most QBs do. He always has someone right at him and yet he still is able to avoid them and make big plays.

David Carr, Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston have had bad years. Might be because they have bad coaches. Del Rio has lost his team and let's them run wild like Marvin Lewis did the Bengals, Mularkey, instead of buidling an offense suited for his QB, is using an out of date two decade old scheme that didn't work for him ever, and Dirk Koetter....well, he just suck. But Jamies also sucks so that's a good paring. :)

Andrew Luck's shoulder is majorly messed up. Just read he went to the Neatherlands for "rehab."  Yeah. I'm sure about that.

The Browns are going to probably have two top five picks....and I expect to to screw both up.

The Jaguars are the Giants of last year. Meaning they get all the damn breaks and win despite themselves. Without--well, current year Giants.

Look, I like Eli, he was my mom's favorite player--but does anyone expect him to go to another team and save it? He's not good. If you have a good team, he's good. A bad team, he's horrible. That's who he is.

I'm so sick of everyone complain about the "offense being robbed of a touchdown if they fumble out of the endzone ;it's rewarding the defense." Well, when the damn defense knocks the son of a B'ing ball out they do earn it, morons. Look, the NFL heavily favors the offense, let the defense keep the one of the few things they do have.

Well, Marvin Lewis is finally gone from the Bengals. Now who is the cheapest person they can hire to run over Arkham now?

I hate the NFL refs. Look, I get that they're human, they make mistakes--but do they have to make so many damn mistakes? Especially when you have instant replay?! And is it asking too much to know the damn rules? It wasn't covered by anyone, but in the Titans-Ram games, they blew a call on the field when the Titans onside kicked and tried to cover their asses by saying the Rams called a time out. Which the Rams made clear hell no. And don't get me started on how you can't score a touchdown against the Pats without it being overturned.

The Patriots greatest strengths are playing a weak division and when they have an obvious weakness--no one seems to want to try to exploit it. Also the refs are their twelfth man. That helps alot. :)

Keenam is playing extremely well. I mean, I thought he was a pretty good QB when he played for the Texans. He just made the mistake of going to a team coached by Jeff Fisher.

I know Goff and Jimmy G are playing good but I don't expect that next year. They both will be scouted by teams and figured out. I mean, both will still be good, but not "ARRRHHHHH THIS IS AMAZING!!!" type deal.

I was wrong about Hue Jackson. I'm sorry but he sucks as a head coach. Last year the Browns had chances to win and some this  year--and then he starts playing musical chairs with the QBs. Hell, he even wanted the Bengals back-up?

Speaking of back-up QBs, is it amazing that a good majority of them have the hottest wives in the NFL? I mean, damn. Tom Brady is on that level--and he married a super model!!!

Jason Garrett should be fired. But he won't. Because that would mean Jerry Jones is wrong. And Jerry Jones can't be wrong. Seriously, you give this guy the best players and the best coaching staff and he still can't do a damn thing. I know Jerry is calling the shots, but maybe he could do something besides clapping?

People need to lay of of Dak. Look, I hate the Cowboys, but look at what the guy has. Dez forgot how to catch, Witten is the walking dead on the field. Their o line took massive hit. Seriously what does it say when teams go "Single cover the star player, but double cover the slot guy?"

Texans should have picked up Kapernik. The Titans should have picked up Kap. Anyone who had a starting QB out--save the Eagles--should have picked up KAP!! And yeah, he should sue and he should win. This is despicable by the owners and the NFL all together.

I wish Peyton Manning would go away. Just leave. No more stupid ass commercials. I still don't get how his wooden performance is considered "charismatic". He's a tool.

I want Jay-Z to buy the Panthers. And have Beyonce sing the national anthem every week.

If I was Washington, I'd keep Cousins and draft a QB in the draft. Not going to get a good one this year. Might as well develop one. Or sign Kap but--NEVER KAP.

The Chargers are amazing in that they are one of the best teams to ever lose in the stupidest ways possible. I mean, they have victory and then the entire coaching staff has a brain fart that stinks up the team.  Just check out their game with the Jags. That's my favorite.

I like how this season shows how much Elway sucks. He got lucky Manning wanted to join him because "der, he was a QB to." And they won the super bowl because The Steelers were all banged up. (Burfict trying to remove Brown's head and all their RBs injured). He hasn't drafted well, sucks at free agency, and sucks a picking head coaches. And firing McCoy was the stupidest thing ever.

Titans do the smartest thing ever and fire Robiskie and his etch-o-sketch and pick up McCoy. The man made Simian look like he could be an average starter. Seriously, every team should be looking to get this guy.

Stupid Eagles think they're so great because they have talent, competent coaching, good staff, decent ownership, and depth.

I love how every QB Fisher coached with the Rams will be in the playoffs. Jesus, did this guy suck for so damn long. And he wants to get back in the game.

Ravens suck. Always have. Always will and Suggs head is too small. Seriously, it took the NFL causing a blackout for them to win that superbowl. Hey, after the the way Kap got blackballed, I now believe that conspiracy!

Arians may or may not leave the Cardinals. What? It's the best I got. But my thoughts on him--he's a good coach if you have a vet QB and staff in--but he's also one of those coaches who does not want to develop anyone and will stick with a bad vet over a promising rookie way to long. And he wears a cool hat.

But seriously, ditch Carson Palmer, Cards.

This year had a lot of injuries. It's almost like the last of full compact practices isn't helping...? Nah, but let's keep preseason four games.

And last thing. I know the Browns, Titans, Bucs, Jags and every other team not the Cowboys, Steelers or Pats don't have the franchise those three have--but sports programs? Can't you occasionally talk about a few of them? I mean, maybe cut the seventeen segments on "whats wrong with the Cowboys" to ten or something? And people wonder why the NFL has a ratings problem.

Music, Movies, Tv and Books / I have a big problem with Cartoon Network!
« on: December 23, 2017, 04:10:30 AM »
Yeah, they're airing an episode of Steven Universe next week. Interrupting a week of Teen Titans Go episodes. It's bad enough we have Adult Swim getting in the way of twenty-four hours a day, but now this? :)

Either this show gets the combined ratings of GB, MMPR, TMNT, and the Disney Afternoon or the person in charge of CN is the ultimate fanboy, leaving his or her dream. :)

Debate / Joe Biden
« on: December 21, 2017, 02:51:09 AM »
Would you be okay if he was the Dem nominee in 2020?

I really want a new face--but damn if I don't like Joe Biden. He's a generally great human being, a great leader, and as much credit as Obama gets for gay rights, Biden's the one who got the ball rolling on that.

Showcase of the Immortals / Hey, there was a PPV Sunday.
« on: December 18, 2017, 02:24:18 AM »
Dolph won a belt.


Well, I'm done reading the review on 411Mania. :)

Sports Talk / Tennessee Titans could you do one thing for me?
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:26:31 PM »
Just lose the last four games. Anything to get Coach Crap fired.

There was a reason, when everyone was going off on Goff last year I didn't...he was in an offensive scheme that had no chance of him being successful.

Marcus Mariota is in an even worse one. I have never seen any offense so dull, so damn condensed that WRs have no chance of separation...but then again they're just blockers. Seriously, in a passing league where nearly every damn rule favors passing the ball...run. You are already playing behind because of that!

Seriously, I've never seen a team draw another team offsides...and then hand off the damn ball. Why? Because no WR is out because they are meant to block in this stupid ass scheme!!

Corey Davis was my favorite WR last year. He was explosive, fast. You look at him from college and now and it's two separate people.

This a scheme where there is no hopeful for any explosive plays. Yeah, you might break something at the end, but for the most part--it's just horrible. Worse, Derrick Henry is the best running back on the team--but they keep fucking losing Murray! I like Murray, but he doesn't have it from last year. Henry is a beast, but they just let him sit on the bench.

Coach Crap does not belong as an NFL Coach. Period. Robskie is one of the worst offensive coordinators I have ever seen. I am a die hard fan and I pulled the "its my fucking house, we watch what game I want" and watched the Eagles vs Rams with my friends. He has no imagination, everything he thinks is wrong, and he has no feel for the players or the game.

I just can't watch this team. It's like you have two people playing chess...only one player thinks he's playing checkers.

I called this last year. Yeah, I know Eight and whatever, but so what? Look at the teams? All injured. We played against a great coach this game in Arians, who had Blaine Gabbert as QB...and he looked good. Not great, but at least he was given plays that would give him a chance to succeed.

Two man routes constantly, running the ball up the middle twice and then third in long. No QB could win with this scheme. Tom Brady couldn't win with this type of scheme. Hell, he'd go insane and kill Coach Crap and the rest of the coaching staff.

Sigh. But the reality is the owner loves this coach because she's a fucking idiot. And he will be back next year. The Titans will get fucking slaughtered and Mariota will continue to regress. And it will be the most unwatchable football imaginable.

So yeah, I'm doing something I never do, root for my team to collapse in such an epic fashion that there is hope for change. I don't give a damn if Coach Crap is popular with the players. He is not the caliber of talent who should be anything more than a TE coach.

Debate / Will Roy Moore win the Alabama senate seat?
« on: November 29, 2017, 08:47:54 AM »



And he might delete Bray Wyatt...BONUS.

General Chat / The repeal of net neutrality coming?
« on: November 20, 2017, 09:48:07 PM »

Sigh. I hate this administration. It's like they want to make everyone (Neo especially) as miserable as possible.

Yeah, it's been renewed--suck it Larry Csonka over at 411Mania and your horrible reporting! May Pentagon Dark break your arm for listening to Meltzer!!! :)


Marvel Zombies / Characters Bendis did right, Characters Bendis did wrong.
« on: November 10, 2017, 04:59:39 AM »
Since he's leaving, might as well see what everyone thinks.

Wrong: Scarlet Witch. I remember when Busiek in his run developed her into a leader, learning more about her powers, and just giving her great characterization....then Bendis wrecks that all to hell and decides that she's just been crazy all the time.

Right Ultimate Nick Fury. I know Ultimate Nick Fury is supposed to be an asshole, but damn did ever other writer make him the most unlikeable character in the entire Ultimate Universe. Bendis had a pretty good grasp of the character and yeah, he was a prick, but you tell that he did care about other people.

Debate / Will Trump try to remove Mueller?
« on: October 30, 2017, 08:59:22 AM »
Well, the first indictment is in. Will Trump actually try and fire Mueller?

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