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Member Creations / I want my Taskmaster signature back
« on: July 06, 2017, 03:18:34 PM »
Some asshat deleted it and I don't have it on my computer. Is there a history or something that anyone can access?

General Chat / Comey to confirm Trump story about Flynn
« on: May 31, 2017, 04:12:47 PM »
CNN is saying 'sources' (what kind of unsubstantiated shit is that? But let's assume it's true) that Comey will CONFIRM that Trump asked him to end the Flynn probe.

My questions that follow are this:
1) Is that enough to be seen as obstruction of justice?
2) If it's obstruction of justice, should this alone be enough to impeach Trump?
3) If Comey knew about this, then why under oath did he decline it?
4) Why did it take Comey to be fired for him to do something about this?

General Chat / Painting sells for 10 million dollars
« on: May 31, 2017, 12:15:29 AM »

Does that look like 10 million dollars of art to you? Discuss.

General Chat / Kathy Griffin's ISIS pose
« on: May 31, 2017, 12:12:47 AM »

The most talked about photo of the day.

Also a few years ago:

Thoughts? The tolerant left strikes again.

Debate / Will Hillary Clinton run again in 2020?
« on: May 30, 2017, 11:58:50 AM »
We're barely over a 100 days in Trump's administration but with the amount of 2020 talk, you would think it was a year away. I normally stray away from these type of conversations because you never really know whose going to run (for example, who would have thought people like Nikki Haley and Elizabeth Warren were not going to run in 2016?) and time really does matter, however for someone like Hillary Clinton I think it's a little different. In my opinion, if Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020 then I think she already intends to. BIG "if."

Now, most of us acknowledge Hillary Clinton's ties with the establishment news. If she wants a talking point parroted, all she has to do is have her confidants make a few phone calls. When there was speculation she was running, no doubt a lot of it was based on her timing and her wishes. With that said here are a few recent headlines:

CNN anchor presses Rahm Emanuel to say whether he wants Hillary Clinton to run in 2020
(of all the things to press on...remember CNN is dubbed the Clinton News Network)

Fine, Let’s Do This Again
Fine, Let’s Do This Again

Hillary Clinton sounds like a presidential candidate

Free Beacon Special Report: Hillary Clinton Running for President in 2020

Democrats divide on Bernie’s 2020 plans
(This just confirms that insiders are working on 2020 today.)

Hillary Clinton eyes the future as Democrats ponder her role

Video shows Hillary Clinton practicing avoiding Trump’s hugs
(If you need further evidence that Hillary Clinton over plans)

General Chat / Shit, another black man arrested
« on: May 29, 2017, 11:50:26 AM »

Tiger Woods arrested for DUI in Florida

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods was busted on a drunk-driving charge in Florida early Monday, according to a report.

Woods, who lives on Jupiter Island, was arrested around 3 a.m. and sprung from the Palm Beach County Jail shortly before 11 a.m., WPTV said.

Be careful this Memorial Day, friends. The Popo is out there.


Danielle Andrew
By Dave Mosher
22/05/2017, 19:59
 Wi-Fi can pass through walls.

This fact is easy to take for granted, yet it's the reason we can surf the web using a wireless router located in another room.

But not all of that microwave radiation makes it to (or from) our phones, tablets, and laptops. Routers scatter and bounce their signal off objects, illuminating our homes and offices like invisible light bulbs.

Now, German scientists have found a way to exploit this property to take holograms, or 3D photographs, of objects inside a room — from outside it.

"It can basically scan a room with someone's Wi-Fi transmission," Philipp Holl, a 23-year-old undergraduate physics student at the Technical University of Munich, told Business Insider.

Holl initially built the device as part of his bachelor thesis with the help of his academic supervisor, Friedemann Reinhard. The two later submitted a study about their technique to the journal Physical Review Letters, which published their paper in early May.

Holl says the technology is only in its prototype stage and has limited resolution, but he is excited about its promise.

"If there's a cup of coffee on a table, you may see something is there, but you couldn't see the shape," Holl says. "But you could make out the shape of a person, or a dog on a couch. Really any object that's more than 4 centimeters in size."

How to see through walls with Wi-Fi

The ability to see through walls using Wi-Fi has been around for years.

Some setups can detect home intruders or track moving objects with one or two Wi-Fi antennas. Others use an array of antennas to build 2D images. But Holl says no one has used Wi-Fi to make a 3D hologram of an entire room and the stuff inside it.

"Our method gives you much better images, since we record much more signal. We scan the whole plane of a room," he says.

Holl's method differs from the others in few significant ways.

General Chat / CNN's etiquette guide for non-Muslims during Ramadan
« on: May 27, 2017, 07:32:13 PM »

In case if you guys don't know how to communicate with people of the Islamic faith during this holiday time. You're welcome Hero Chat!

General Chat / Phillipines worried about North Korea
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:59:38 PM »
Don't know how this shit keeps happening but an entire phone conversation between Trump and the leader of the Philippines has been leaked. Topic of discussion? North Korea, and the Philippines leader is the one to bring it up. At one point he even says they "we are all worried as we are all within the striking range of his rockets. We are all afraid."

Weird conversation indeed.

ICT / Does Rick (with prep) beat Goku 10/10?
« on: May 13, 2017, 06:05:47 PM »
Rick (from Rick and Morty) has a week of prep to fight Goku. Does he win 10/10?

70% of all Pakistanis are inbred and in Turkey the amount is between 25-30%. An estimate reveals close to half of everybody living in the Arab world is inbred. A BBC report showed that at least 55% of the Pakistani community in Britain was married to a first cousin. BBC's research also discovered that, even though Pakistanis only account for just 3.4% of all births in Britain, they accounted for 30% of all British children with recessive disorders and a higher rate of infant mortality.

With this being the case, what percentage of the problems we're seeing in the Middle East would you say is due to this? I mean, does something have to be wrong with your common sense compass if you belong to a religion whose prophet allowed such things? There is no question that you increase the risk of problems by having a child with people in your blood line, not to mention continuously marrying within the bloodline. You would THINK if someone was communicating directly with God that God wouldn't allow such faulty behavior, after all our biology often malfunctions when it happens. After all, the risk of having an IQ lower than 70 increases 400 percent among children from cousin marriages.

Do you guys think maybe this is why so many people to this day follow a religion whose leader would be in jail if he committed the crimes he did back in his day?

Just Tube It! / Rockin' That Hijab
« on: May 06, 2017, 03:40:30 PM »

General Chat / The Pope attacks libertarianism
« on: April 28, 2017, 09:09:15 PM »
In a move to further de-legitimize himself and his religion, the Pope decided his religion allows him to denounce an entire political and philosophical point of view:

Pope Francis had harsh words to describe libertarians Friday, saying they deny the value of the common good in favor of radical selfishness where only the individual matters.
“I cannot fail to speak of the grave risks associated with the invasion of the positions of libertarian individualism at high strata of culture and in school and university education,” the Pope said in an message sent to members of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences meeting in the Vatican and subsequently shared with Breitbart News.

“A common characteristic of this fallacious paradigm is that it minimizes the common good, that is the idea of ‘living well’ or the ‘good life’ in the communitarian framework,” Francis said, while at the same time exalting a “selfish ideal.”

Members of the Pontifical Academy are currently engaged in a workshop bearing the title “Towards a Participatory Society: New Roads to Social and Cultural Integration,” which began Friday and will run through May 2.

Francis said that libertarianism, “which is so fashionable today,” is a more radical form of the individualism that asserts that “only the individual gives value to things and to interpersonal relations and therefore only the individual decides what is good and what is evil.”

Libertarianism, he said, preaches that the idea of “self-causation” is necessary to ground freedom and individual responsibility.

“Thus, the libertarian individual denies the value of the common good,” the pontiff stated, “because on the one hand he supposes that the very idea of ‘common’ means the constriction of at least some individuals, and on the other hand that the notion of ‘good’ deprives freedom of its essence.”

Libertarianism, he continued, is an “antisocial” radicalization of individualism, which “leads to the conclusion that everyone has the right to extend himself as far as his abilities allow him even at the cost of the exclusion and marginalization of the more vulnerable majority.”

According to this mentality, all relationships that create ties must be eliminated, the Pope suggested, “since they would limit freedom.” In this way, only by living independently of others, of the common good, and even God himself, can a person be free, he said.

This isn’t the first time that the Pope has taken issue with popular social and political trends.

In March, Pope Francis told leaders of the European Union that the populist movements that are sweeping many parts of Europe and other areas are fueled by “egotism.”

Populism, he said, is “the fruit of an egotism that hems people in and prevents them from overcoming and ‘looking beyond’ their own narrow vision.”

Just another issue of many with religion, when they think their point of view is so important that they think they should dictate the world (through policy). Religious leaders should never guide that path.

Marvel Zombies / SJWs go after Marvel (of course)
« on: April 22, 2017, 03:05:19 PM »
They should do a study on SJWs to see what percentage of them are inbred because how fucking stupid and pathetic do you have to be to promote the garbage they promote?

As far as I'm concerned, SJWs are an inferior sub-species of the human race and should be viewed as such.


Marvel Promotes Captain America ‘Event’ With Shirts Promoting Nazi-Linked Group

In April 2017, Marvel Entertainment caused a stir by inviting comic-book retailers to dress their staff in shirts to promote a miniseries depicting a fictional group linked to Nazi Germany.

The promotion, which coincided with the 19 April 2017 release of Secret Empire #0, offered sellers the chance to order shirts for its staff bearing the insignia for Hydra, a villainous organization that has at times been led by Nazi supervillains Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker and the Red Skull:

Stores evidently wished to also have the opportunity to make physical changes to their stores in keeping with the “crossover event” depicting the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, as he betrays his fellow heroes while revealing that he is Hydra’s “Supreme Leader.” At least one North Carolina-based retailer has rejected the idea, saying online that her store would not change its logos to promote the miniseries, saying, “My staff are LGBTQ, Jewish, or both.”

The miniseries picks up from the Steve Rogers: Captain America series, which debuted in May 2016 by revealing that wartime hero Rogers (whose creators, Joe Kirby and Joe Simon, were Jewish) was secretly a lifelong Hydra operative and a follower of the Red Skull. Marvel Executive Editor Tom Breevort said at the time:

[/quote]"We try to write comics in 2016 that are about the world and the zeitgeist of 2016, particularly in Captain America. Nick Spencer, the writer, is very politically active. He’s a Capitol Hill head and following this election very closely. So we can talk about political issues in a metaphoric way. That’s what gives our stories weight and meat to them. Any parallels you have seen to situations real or imagined, living or dead, is probably intentional but metaphorically not literally"[/quote]

However, Entertainment Weekly reported on 7 April 2017 that both Spencer and Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso insist that the series has little to do with contemporary politics.

An employee for an Indiana-based store (who asked to be identified only as Mary) also criticized Marvel and Spencer for recasting Hydra as an ancient group that was taken over by the Red Skull even though it was opposed to the Nazi regime. In Secret Empire #0, a flashback scene describes the organization — not Nazis — as the opposition to the Allies, and also reveals that Rogers was always working for Hydra instead of having been manipulated.

Mary told us:

I think this move to state that, while being facists, Hydra aren’t Nazis is sensationalistic garbage. Just because Marvel tells us that Hydra aren’t Nazis doesn’t mean that the intent with which they were created suddenly goes away. Kirby and Simon meant for them to be Nazis.

As much as Marvel may want, that is not going away.

They murdered millions and I’m a lesbian who’s grandfather was held as a POW by the Nazis during the war, I’m not going to promote this book. I’m not going to glorify something like this so Marvel can make a buck.

While she did not receive Marvel’s promotional offer, Mary said, “the grand majority” of reactions from other retailers to the company’s outreach has been negative. She also noted what she called a “marginal” drop in pre-orders for Secret Empire, and an increase who have stopped buying Captain America-related comics or Marvel comics altogether.

She said:

"Others were intrigued to see how it played out, but they seemed few and far between.

But what really got me the most were the kids who were absolutely beside themselves at the fact Captain America was a bad guy. That was hard."

The Steve Rogers series has garnered a mixed reaction since its debut; critics argued that the story was also questionable given that Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter’s reputed ties to President Donald Trump’s administration. Perlmutter donated $1 million to a fundraiser during Trump’s campaign and was reportedly tapped to be an “informal” advisor to his administration on veterans’ affairs.

Writer Nick Spencer also came under criticism for decrying a physical attack against white nationalist Richard Spencer (no relation) in January 2017.

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