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Collectibles and Memorabilia / Re: Pop Vinyls
« on: Today at 06:11:16 PM »
Although i wonder if it will be licensed characters or just generic dolly dress stuff

Collectibles and Memorabilia / Re: Pop Vinyls
« on: Today at 06:10:41 PM »
Holy shit build a bear for pops sounds awesome

The Girl with the Gifts or something like that

If by "hit a wall" you mean that I'm unable to hold a conversation with someone who can't understand incredibly simple concepts, then yeah, guy. We've hit a big fucking wall

Your position: I hate this Nazi fuck because he is a Nazi fuck and intentionally rammed his car into people

My position: I hate this Nazi fuck because he is a Nazi fuck and his actions resulted in people getting hurt regardless of his intent, which cannot be proven with the information at hand.

You can come to the same conclusion via different paths, but they don't teach that at Righteous Indignation Community College

Or... and here's the kicker... maybe they just believe in approaching situations from a position of logical objectivity and only basing their claims off what can be proven and not their personal feelings about those involved?

And if they can do that without it being implied that they sympathize with the white trash scum involved, why can't I?

Unrelated but semi-related question: do you believe those lawyers will share his retarded viewpoints or do you think they will be operating from a position of logical objectivity?

General Chat / Re: Removing Confederate Monuments
« on: August 17, 2017, 02:05:08 PM »
I don't even know why 

Yeah I mean I know why

Make up your mind, you nazi cuck

I got to the point where you seemingly believe that my argument is that annoying people should be ran over and I'm gonna go ahead and decline expending the effort of translating any more of your retardbabble.

Does that mean you win? If so, congratulations.

I was honestly looking forward to the suicide note he would have eventually posted on page 11. You have robbed me of joy for the last time, nazi

Nature can only facilitate so much dipshittery before further dipshittery is just absorbed into the void.

It's all science, man.

Shit like this is the end result of Buzzfeed idiots waging a war in which undercut hairstyles are "racist"

Whoops, I mean OK

I feel a lot of things. None of them can be proven with the available facts

Oh, okay.

Is slamming a car into people an "okay" way to behave? No.

Is the result of an action "okay" legally or morally? Depends on intent, context, external stimuli, and other factors.

If this jackass drove his vehicle down that street with the intent to cause harm to people, no that is not "okay". If the person behind the car didn't take into consideration that his actions might have unintended consequences, no that is not "okay". And before rock or some other ignoramus who only debates Strawman chimes in, no i am not assigning equal blame to those actions.

Nothing about any of this is fucking "okay".

Your point is dumb enough where it no need to strawman it.

I think he did take consideration in he wanted to run some people over. I don't see what UNINTENDED about it.

You "think". Boom. Right there. Your feelings on a situation or the people involved in a situation do not somehow overrule objective, provable facts. That was my point, and I rest my case there.

What we can prove:

1. Some dude drove his car *on a road intended for driving*
2. His vehicle was surrounded by people, some of whom were physically and verbally attempting to interfere with a driver driving on a road
3. The vehicle sped forward into a group of people blocking a road intended for driving

What we assume:
1. The driver is a Nazi cracker dipshit
2. He drove down that street with the intention of either terrorizing or harming people who are against his retarded agenda

I know you have problems reading, but you can understand the difference between the words "assume" and "prove", and the concepts they represent, right?

My feelings about this guy are that he's an ignorant, hateful piece of shit who deserves prison at the very least. I'm not defending him or the actions involved any more or less than the American justice system does.

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