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Debate / Re: Midterm Times
« on: November 07, 2018, 05:08:58 PM »
Floridians moan about their state's environmental problems and pollution. But they keep putting Rick Scott back in office. And now have a Trump mini-me as Governor elect.   ::)

The match I was most looking forward to was Alexa vs Trish. Alicia is an ill placed substitute, through no fault of her own.

With that special meeting of generations match gone, I don't care. Though I do hope Becky wins. 

Debate / Re: Sen. Kamala Harris proposes The LIFT Act
« on: October 25, 2018, 08:35:34 PM »
Okay, someone is earning her way to getting my vote.

Yeah, this and her support of Medicare For All are significant steps in that direction. Assuming she is playing it straight.

Debate / Re: Will Trump go down as the worst president ever?
« on: October 25, 2018, 08:30:15 PM »

" This guy is from heaven. This guy is God's gift to earth."

" Everyone should get down on their knees and bow to Trump."

" This guy is a miracle worker. "

 :P  Get out and vote. Save the world from fat rednecks and delusional hillbillies.

Debate / Sen. Kamala Harris proposes The LIFT Act
« on: October 22, 2018, 03:42:11 PM »

As the latest Democratic response to last year's watershed GOP tax bill, Sen. Kamala Harris has introduced LIFT, a tax plan that she says would bolster the middle class. The legislation, titled the LIFT (Livable Incomes for Families Today) the Middle Class Act, seeks to provide a tax credit up to $6,000 for lower- and middle-income households, as well as represent a massive wealth redistribution effort if enacted.

"Our tax code should reflect our values," Harris said in a Thursday press release, "and instead of more tax breaks for the top 1 percent and corporations, we should be lifting up millions of American families."

LIFT would provide refundable tax credits for people in the lower and middle classes. Households that earn less than $100,000 a year would receive a credit of up to $6,000 a year, while single filers that earn less than $50,000 a year would receive a credit of up to $3,000.

This proposal is bold, at least when compared to the current system. A tax credit directly reduces the amount of taxes you have to pay, dollar for dollar. In other words, if you owe $2,000 in taxes and get a $100 credit, you'd instead pay $1,900. That's more significant than a tax deduction, which is taken away from the income you report so that you're taxed on a smaller amount and can keep more of what you earn. If you get a $100 deduction and you're in the 15 percent tax bracket, for example, you'd pay $15 less in taxes.

Even more significant, though, is the fact that the tax credits would be refundable. A majority of tax credits are nonrefundable, in which case your benefit maxes out once your tax burden sinks to $0. Refundable credits, on the other hand, are provided in total; if you owe $2,000 and get a refundable $6,000 credit, you would be given an additional $4,000. That's some serious wealth redistribution right there.

It's redistribution on the scale of last year's GOP tax plan, you could argue, since the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy's (ITEP) analysis showed that the two plans cost about the same, according to The Atlantic. The main difference is that the GOP bill is currently shifting money into the hands of the upper class, while Harris says that her plan will shift money to the lower and middle classes...............

Debate / Re: Biden as the Dem nominee
« on: October 18, 2018, 11:47:07 PM »
also think if someone got more vote or pledge delegates it be political suicide to ignore  it

Not necessarily for party leadership that has become complacent with frequent losing provided the big donors keep throwing in cash.

Take a look at general trends, especially since 1994. With the exception of anti-Bush '06/Obama '08, Democrats have generally struggled at most levels of non-Presidential government ( House, Senate, Governorships, State Legislatures ) moreso than they had for decades previously.

Marvel Zombies / Re: WTF? Carol Danvers origin retconned
« on: October 18, 2018, 07:47:40 PM »
I hope the film is better than the comic book "push." Which has mostly sucked from what I have seen.

Debate / Re: Biden as the Dem nominee
« on: October 18, 2018, 07:42:21 PM »

DNC Lawyers Argue DNC Has Right to Pick Candidates in Back Rooms

Attorneys claim the words 'impartial' and 'evenhanded'—as used in the DNC Charter—can't be interpreted by a court of law

The attorneys representing the DNC have previously argued that Sanders supporters knew the primaries were rigged, therefore annulling any potential accountability the DNC may have. In the latest hearing, they doubled down on this argument: “The Court would have to find that people who fervently supported Bernie Sanders and who purportedly didn’t know that this favoritism was going on would have not given to Mr. Sanders, to Senator Sanders, if they had known that there was this purported favoritism.”

Later in the hearing, attorneys representing the DNC claim that the Democratic National Committee would be well within their rights to “go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way.” By pushing the argument throughout the proceedings of this class action lawsuit, the Democratic National Committee is telling voters in a court of law that they see no enforceable obligation in having to run a fair and impartial primary election.

In fairness, the Dems aren't alone in this attitude


Political parties, not voters, choose their presidential nominees, a Republican convention rules member told CNBC, a day after GOP front-runner Donald Trump rolled up more big primary victories.

"The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That's the conflict here," Curly Haugland, an unbound GOP delegate from North Dakota, told CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Wednesday. He even questioned why primaries and caucuses are held.

Debate / Re: Biden as the Dem nominee
« on: October 15, 2018, 10:32:47 PM »
One of my concerns about Biden is that he is a gaffe machine, and it doesn't seem he has learned from past mistakes. These are not messages in tune with the times.

Biden Trashes Millennials in His Quest to Become Even Less Likable
"Give me a break," he said of young people who "think they have it tough."

"The younger generation now tells me how tough things are. Give me a break. No, no, I have no empathy for it. Give me a break......"

“By the way, I’m not one of these guys, you know, ‘Let’s go after the rich and the powerful, they’re the problem’ — they’re not a problem."

Joe Biden Clarifies He's No Bernie Sanders: "I Don't Think 500 Billionaires Are Reason We're in Trouble"

Plus he seems to be under the mistaken impression that his generation has done some fabulous job running things. When in fact under their leadership American infrastructure has crumbled to barely first world standards. Trillions have been wasted on neverending pointless destructive wars. Wages for many have been stagnant for a long time. Health costs ranging from medicines to insurance to hospital care are nests of greed that shorten and worsen American lives in ways, and to degrees, they simply don't in most of the rest of the developed world. Climate change is sneaking up on the world yet America is still debating whether polluting the air is even a bad thing. Promised benefits from financial market deregulation have mostly benefited the select few. Who then use some of that mountain of money to buy more politicians. Etc etc.

Debate / Re: Biden as the Dem nominee
« on: October 14, 2018, 04:24:09 PM »
Biden is not what the nation, or the Democratic Party, needs heading into the future.

Sanders, Gabbard, Warren, Sherrod Brown, or even Kirsten Gillibrand would be better. Biden would be preferable to terrible choices like Terry McAuliffe, Howard Schultz, Deval Patrick, or gulp, Hillary again. That is not saying much however.

Debate / Re: is the liberal media really that liberal
« on: October 10, 2018, 06:51:01 AM »
It varies somewhat based on what media outlet(s) one is referring to.

Frequently it's not so much that media is flat out liberal, as it is corporate. What rock says here ..........

My take on it..on social issue their liberal. Maybe the enviorment to (but science might be on their side). They take the metoo stuff a little to far sometime. And sometimes use the racist words to much

On war, Eccomomics, buisness...they aren't actully to the right on that stuff. And their certain bias their

Since when progressive stuff it always "How will you pay for it". Which a fair question.

But When it comes to where they will get money for the millitary, and Tax cuts...they never really asked

And yes they dislike Trump but they never gush over him more then when he bombs shit. And they ignore the the increas killing.

........... is largely accurate. They still think inside their bubbles. They still push the notion that milquetoast tickets which could include people like Terry McAuliffe and/or Seth Moulton are the answer for 2020 and beyond. They still play down or give sparse time to real issues that in some cases their advertisers aggravate, and profit highly from preserving. Or in other cases aren't salacious enough.

It's also pretty funny that the perpetually offended tend to be the same people that toss around terms like snowflake and identity politics. ( The latter of which does exist, but the right is far from free of using themselves. ) They also ignore, and occasionally even defend, their longterm position and general dominance in talk radio. Which for better or worse functions as an arm of media. There is also a war on basic knowledge that the American hardline right is undertaking. Thinking climate change is not a made up hoax by China does not make you are environmental extremist though. No matter how much the MAGA crowd wants to pretend otherwise.

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: IRR Final Round
« on: September 28, 2018, 05:44:49 AM »
Skel recluses himself because he has ‘best of’ DVDs of both competitors. Moving on...

Really? Me too.  :)

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: IRR Final Round
« on: September 28, 2018, 02:22:18 AM »
I forgot about this for most of the week. Just not around here so much anymore.

Anyhow I think I am going with Edge. Partly because he ended a 200 plus day reign by Orton. Who was soon to be a main eventer. And partly because given the competition in Jack's end of the year tourney, Adam may never win there. While Angle deservedly already has.

Debate / Re: Will Ted Cruz lose to Beto O'Rourke?
« on: September 20, 2018, 03:26:34 PM »
Texas will get enough voter suppression done to drag Cruz across the finish line. Hope I am wrong though.

Hunter was a better talent all-around. Highlighted by a significant edge on the mic. So Roman's push is less meritorious.

Hunter's might actually end up more damaging though. The talent adversely affected in one manner or another included Jericho, RVD, Booker, Kane, Orton, and Goldberg. Reigns has Strowman, Ambrose, Rollins, and Miz.

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