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ICT / Re: Godzilla vs Adult Skullcrawler
« on: Today at 02:53:13 AM »
Posting until you get the last word because it makes you feel "manly" is as pathetic as your smurf height.
Just because you back down and don't understand what's being discussed is hilarious.  I impose my will and articulate my points quite well.  You don't.  I'm fine with my height but you're insecure about who you are in general.

ICT / Re: Godzilla vs Adult Skullcrawler
« on: Today at 02:43:30 AM »
Struck a nerve? Pretty obvious to all here you have short man complex.
No, it is pretty obvious I won't stop.  Ever.  Just as Maul never stopped.  Ever.  You're weak and concede all the time.

ICT / Re: Godzilla vs Adult Skullcrawler
« on: Today at 02:38:28 AM »
Fuck off smurf. Grow a few inches and you might be able to get on the ride.
5 foot 9 and a half isn't a smurf.  I bet you have acne and are socially awkward.

ICT / Re: Old Maul vs ESB Luke Skywalker
« on: Today at 02:36:19 AM »
Fuck Maul.

Palpatine cried like a bitch. Anakin cried like a bitch multiple times.  Kenobi cried as well.

Maul was a true Sith to the bitter end dying a warriors death. 

He's awesome.  Palpatine was killed by his apprentice with one hand howling to his death and being completely caught off guard like an idiot.

So the new Quasar is apparently the most powerful hero on Marvel Earth by absolute MILES.

In this week's Captain America, they test a planetary shield. First they hit it with 30 nuclear warheads, which reduces the shield to 99% capacity (so 1% damage).

Next, they get Jane-Thor, Blue Marvel, Hyperion, Spectrum and Starbrand to hit it with everything they have. Their combined assault reduces the shield to 92% (so 7% damage).

Quasar then steps up, and completely solo, knocks the shield down to 51% (so 41% damage) before passing out from the strain. That means her offensive output is roughly 6 times the combined offensive output of Thor, Blue Marvel, Hyperion, Spectrum and Starbrand.

Captain America compares the Quantum Bands to a Galactus or Celestial level power.

Ridiculous feat.

Haha, what? That's just horrendous on so many levels.

ICT / Re: Godzilla vs Adult Skullcrawler
« on: Today at 02:27:38 AM »
Godzilla wins.  As the consensus supports.
That is too off topic to continue to dwell on.  Wait until they meet, nerd.  I'll be there to mock you like I always am.

ICT / Re: Old Maul vs ESB Luke Skywalker
« on: Today at 02:26:49 AM »
Palpatine could kill Maul anytime he wanted.

Accept it.
He didn't.  Accept that.  Maul opposed him nor did Palpatine or the empire ever find him.  He was alone and despite their resources never located and brought him in again.  Maul also defied him while he was his apprentice. 


ICT / Re: Godzilla vs Adult Skullcrawler
« on: Today at 01:49:29 AM »
If you weren't going to base your argument on facts you could have led with that, quanchi.
I did based off what I saw in both films. 

ICT / Re: Old Maul vs ESB Luke Skywalker
« on: Today at 01:48:36 AM »
Maul is so great he got beat in 3 moves and cried like a bitch to Palpatine.
He was broken, lost, and frailer by the point.  Kenobi knew who he was hence the reason he did so.  The creators stated they fought the battle mentally prior and did this as an ode to a samurai film.  Your immaturity makes reasonable discussion nigh impossible. 

Maul became indifferent to pain after that incident.  He opposed Palpatine in SoD.  He was a threat to Palpatine's galactic plans.  That's how amazing Maul is.

Herochat just keeps Quan around to laugh at while real mean keep it occupied.
Real mean, eh ?? You can't even deliver a punchline without fucking it up. 

Did you say...bet?

Let's get some wagers going, boys. Loser gets banned for 3 months? Forced to sport someone else's sig/avatar for a year?  Take a photo with a shoe on their girlfriend's head?

Herochat is his girlfriend
I have fucked hotter girls than you masturbate to, faggot.

ICT / Re: Old Maul vs ESB Luke Skywalker
« on: Today at 12:36:00 AM »
ROTJ Luke would destroy Maul.

He scales to Vader at the minimum.
Nah, Maul would best him as well.  Maul is a lot quicker than I'll fall down and be on my backside and at Luke's mercy Darth Vader.  Maul at his best defeats Rotj Luke.

ICT / Re: Star Wars: Rebels Kenobi vs Maul
« on: Today at 12:33:57 AM »
Maul got wrecked. The ones with no arguments always try a red herring tactic. standard unbalanced behaviour in every thread.
I am citing facts regarding this debate.  Maul was broken and Kenobi wasn't hence why Maul lost. The episode made that clear but once again I have to point it out to the dopes.  Kids shows are wrecking all you faggots.
fact remains Maul got wrecked in 3 hits casually, but please keep giving weak mentally unbalanced excuses pleb.
You didn't grasp the episode and this is a kids show.  You also know nothing about what the creators based this off of.  Duration of the fight does not denote skill.  I bet you don't know what denote means but I'm sure you can google it.  :)

Stick to goosebumps.  ;)

ICT / Re: Godzilla vs Adult Skullcrawler
« on: Today at 12:31:59 AM »
man at first I thought Quan was trolling because nobody could be this dense

like how can you say "KONG WAS COMING IN WEAKENED FROM NAPALM" and then think Kong will do well against Godzilla (who has atomic breath)?
I agree the napalm looked more deadly than his bad breath.  But we will see when they face off.  You claim it will be the game changer and I will laugh at you and deep you in a few years when the film comes out.

ICT / Re: Godzilla vs Adult Skullcrawler
« on: Today at 12:30:41 AM »
Kong was that weak he needed a weapon to gain the edge on the skullcrawler and the humans distracting it, fucking weak.
Kong was injured prior to their fight by napalm so he wasn't even one hundred percent pre fight.  He won despite protecting the human skank with one arm.  He also picked up his peer and throw him into a mountain.  Zilla passed out after winning.  Weak.
kong still needed a weapon as he couldn't do it on his own, that's piss poor.

G took a skyscraper falling on him and still won against 2 foes. Kong struggled against a creature the size of G's leg lmao.
Kong is smart for using a weapon.  That's intelligent so of course you can't see the logic in there. 

G was ko'd.  G got his ass kicked when they both attacked him.  He won because they ran away and killed the bigger one while it was distracted about to kill a human. 

Based off your logic Hulk sucks then since he lacks size.  When Thor killed Korg in dark world did size matter ??

These arguments are getting worse by the second.

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