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Current TV Shows / Re: The Flash
« on: April 26, 2017, 07:09:36 PM »
It seems like he didn't give up immediately. He seemed to have a lot more history with Top and Mirror Master also

This makes sense. They just made it sound like Iris' death broke him so completely that it happened almost immediately.

from what i gathered. Barry basicly just got obssed with hunting down Savitar and vanishing him. Which he did but at cost of everything else

This shit better be free, that for sure

I am mixed like I was with the star trek show  where i was like

"New star trek show...awesome.  Wait what the fuck is cbs steaming..oh no"

A Titans show could be awesome. Would actully put it in the main universe of the movie to make it dfferent from CW and this way you can have batman people. But they may not want to do that because think DC movies becoming the batman universe

the f'ing over netflix surprising since Netflix been having a lot of DC animated stuff.  Seem odd you want to make an enemy out of them


not sure how I feel about all these multiple streaming services

General Chat / Fox new apparently went full Django
« on: April 25, 2017, 08:03:15 PM »

now this may be bullshit
in fact it seem so crazy I am leaning toward bullshit. Since I don't think their THAT fucking insane.

But part of me want it to be true, because it would be such a crazy story.  i like imagine them as basicly the office from Wolf of Wallstreet.

Debate / Re: Democratic unity tour
« on: April 25, 2017, 04:50:24 PM »
Also Bernie cant just be the whole party, since Bernie can be voted for in every, state and every district

So we need people then we have fingers

Debate / Re: Democratic unity tour
« on: April 25, 2017, 03:59:26 PM »
You realize Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the US right now.  Tulsi Gabbard is a close second.  It has been shown most Americans are anti-TPP, pro single payer health care, anti-war, anti-big banks, anti-corporate, etc.  If a candidate ran on even half of these platforms, they would win.  And once they won and followed through with their promises, they would win again.

The winning strategy is obvious.  The Dems just don't want to do it.  They would rather lose votes than lose donor money.

Ohhh not doubt Bernie popularity. But Dont see the point of the ossoff comments. Its coutner productive

There anti a lot of that stuff. But nto in ever state, and most people not anti ALL of them.  For instance lot of people in the rust belt that was pro the pipeline and anti immigration. Also they are pro health care accept for one part the public option. Basicly thier anti paying for it.

Debate / Re: Democratic unity tour
« on: April 25, 2017, 07:15:04 AM »

If that what she was complaining about she not that far off.

he not hiding his belief. He just may not be as progressive as Say Bernie. And really may not win in fucking Georgia if he was.

He doesnt seem like a bad guy and it be a state that would be a BIG win.  Something that the progressive movemnt..or Justice democrats or whatever their calling themselve could pushed. And would spear head OTHER elections to play up the 50 state stragedy. He young  a fresh face. That kind of win could put some fire under left, liberal, and progressive voters, as well as some blue dogs..to show they can win ANYWHERE. It would be huge momentum

Bernie backing him and then WINNING..would show the power he has

If not..then why else is he going on this tour. Whats the point.  I mean you got to work with each other a LITTLE bit. Either do that or start a new party. No half measures so to speak at this point. Because it not help non Bernie guys.  And it only making hardcore bernie guys starting to call him a sale out. So I dont see any pluses in statments like that

He been given a huge amount of time on the democatic stage for a guy who not a democrat, doesnt want to be, lost the primary, and bashed them

I also dont get the point of booing.  Or even booing at Bernie speech when he mentions his name. What to gain from this. it just make the other dems think "Well fuck nothing we can do to get these guys to like us, whats the point. Working with them is pointless".

Now people say. Well TRUMP will win if you dont listen to what we got to say. Well trump will win if you dont listen to what the other side has to say also. Since it not enough of either side to win. Some voters are anti TPP, but pro frakcing and the pipeline. Some people are people are left on war, but to the right on immigration. Not going to click every box. And not everyone who fails to his a neo liberal or coprartist

I mean if the farther left side to be seen as strong, we got to see some wins on the table.

Debate / Re: Democratic unity tour
« on: April 25, 2017, 06:24:49 AM »
Also think Bernie can help the progressive movment, and the dems should lean his way

but what he said about Ossof in George not really helpfull.  Hope the progressive voters dont stay home on votes like this



The majority of you would get your beta asses tossed through a Warhammer tabletop game by Aunt May in a real fight before you can say, "roll for initiative."

As for me, I can guarantee with 100% certainty that I could snap that chick's back from the Hunger Games over my knee. What's her name, Rue.

That line the ultimate pussy repellent

By the laws of nature and science,  Warhammer and pussy cant occupy the same space. To do so would create a singularity that would rip a hole into the space time continium

To be even 30 feet near a warhammer tabletop makes a girl tempoary barren and incappable of of having an climax for 2 months

the only Alpha male response to the question

should Lady Shiva, or similar martial artist be able to beat a group of strong men is,

Who gives a shit.

That generaly my Answer. Then again i am alpha a fuck

Debate / Re: Democratic unity tour
« on: April 25, 2017, 02:15:49 AM »
I dont know GOP people are pretty loyal since some are single issues. So as long they dont move away from said issues. Guns, abortions..that segment ride or die. think a lot of voters in thier party didnyt vote for trump but voted for the supreme court. Also they tends to come out in the midterms which is the most important part

There will always be people with brand loyalty for both Rep and Dems.  Those people are a minority.  There is plenty of information out there that show most registered voters are not affiliated with either party and a lot of people vote either way such as when people voted for Obama and then voted Trump.

Well Trump is actully pretty popular with republcians. He got a high approval rating among them

while their hypocrits on both sides. Think republican has more bran loyalty.

There had a poll on 2 things during obama presidentcy and during Trump presendency

it was about going into Syria
and about how the view the enconmoy

The percent of democrats feeling on both was pretty consistent.  The people who were hawkish during obama run was hawkish now. People who against it, were against it now for the most part..with a few percetage change

Same with the encomoy. Dems who thought it was shit during obama thought it was shit now

While republicans wanting a bombimg had a big increase under Trump
And  thinking the enconomy suddenly good has a big increase under Trump

Then given that the way the electoral college set up, republican simply got to play a game of money ball and just get certain areas. That why when the popular vote and electoral college are different from each other the republican wins. 

Dems weakness and strengh is thier variety.  They tend to have a bigger tent with various interest. But sometimes these interest conflict. And they hurt by our voters being less consitent voters in the midterms. Which make us lose seats, makes things easy to gerrymanger. That why you may notice when dems do win it because it not that close. 

That might change though. 2018 may be interesting to see why the turn out in both the primary and what comes after that in the midterms..  I would LOVE to be wrong.

When it comes to fiction and real life combat, if thinking men are and should be portrayed as superior to women in combat makes me sexist I'll go ahead and die on that hill.

I'll take it.

You already died on that hill a couple of post ago

Where talking to a ghost at this point.

Val has a penis, so its okay.

was that ever confirm. I got to check deviantart.

Legit questions here, because I'm not sure what your stance is.  Are you against women with physical powers, or you want no super-powered women at all because they'd beat street level men?  Wonder Woman shouldn't beat the Punisher?  How far do you take this?

This topic is one that I have thought about at times, that being how the real life physical differences between the genders should be applied to comics.  When applied to powers, how should they differ between the genders?  From the standpoint of strength, I would say it applies to how the strength is added to characters.  Is strength powers a multiplication of one's normal strength?  If Superman's and Supergirl's strengths increases a million times under a yellow sun, then they should have the same difference in strength under the yellow sun as they did before.  But if the yellow enables each of them to lift an additional 1 million tons, then when fully powered, they will practically have identical strength.  So it would be whether their is a multiplication of strength or an addition of strength.  Same for speed.

Esoteric power level should really have no dependence on gender.  Now when it comes to street level/non-superpowered fighting ability, that is a different story.  Shuri should not be able to compete against T'Challa.

I dont know it comics, certain skills practicly super powers

Hell isnt the legion the Karati kid suspose to be Human.  Let he Judo punching Superman level guys

Debate / what you think will happen with iran
« on: April 24, 2017, 01:48:47 PM »
Giving we talking about changing the iran deal

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