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They should do a soft reboot. DON'T retell the origins, but don't include all of the convoluted continuity. Just start with the standards: Xavier runs a school for mutants, and he has a team of teacher-soldiers called the X-Men who run mission in defense of mutantkind.

General Chat / Re: The repeal of net neutrality coming?
« on: Today at 05:11:35 PM »
Explain it to a non-tech savvy brother who has largely avoided this issue.

Didn’t this net neutrality law only come into being in 2015? How is repealing it going to lead to Armageddon when the Internet was working fine in 2014?

Also, won’t repealing net neutrality promote competition and differential pricing among ISPs, who currently have near-monopolies? Countries like the UK don’t have net neutrality, how are they daring?

This is a show on Netflix and it's a gem. Liam, I think it will be right up your alley, and the same goes for anyone who's a fan of Ennis's Punisher MAX. It's basically a bunch of retired SAS soldiers describing missions they've gone on. It's a ton of fun, and amusing to see how they all look like a bunch of regular old dudes.

Example: an SAS soldier is describing how he and his partner were undercover in Iraq, making their way back to base in an unmarked car. The car dies, so they decide to hijack a taxi.

"My favored approach of hijacking taxis is to try first with US dollars... And if that doesn't, then show them the caliber of my weapon, which often persuades them that I can be the taxi driver.

The taxi driver was obviously afraid. He probably wasn't aware of exactly who we were, but I tried to show him my soft, approachable side to warm his fears... But I don't think it worked."

[interviewer: Your soft approachable side while holding a gun?]

"The gun doesn't help, as does the rocket launchers and machine guns that were getting loaded in his boot. But I thought that a smile and a wink might help in that situation."

Iron Man is absolutely a cooler name than fucking aquaman. Are you high?

You probably think Ditto is a great name too.

The mainstream currently likes superhero films funnier, or at the very least less serious.  Comic fans want things like an inspirational Superman and a Batman who doesn’t wantonly kill, something closer to the essences of the characters they like.

You don't need to go full Guardians of the Galaxy, though. Winter Soldier is one of Marvel's best films, and it's not a comedy. It just isn't gloomy. It's a gripping action-adventure movie with the occasional light-hearted moment (i.e. Cap lapping Falcon while running.)

Tonally, it's a great benchmark to shoot for. So is Thor 1, Iron Man 1, and Avengers 1.

ICT / Re: Savage Dragon vs Luke Cage
« on: Today at 02:27:18 PM »
I'm not a mega fan enough of either, especially the new (son of) Savage Dragon, but from what I've seen:

a) Dragon may be weaker than Cage but he's still strong enough to hurt him, even if it's by wearing him down
b) Dragon is much faster and more agile, and is a better fighter
c) Dragon will heal what Cage can dish out

I think Dragon's going to take the majority.

I disagree with the second premise. DC's characters are no more hokey than Marvel's especially considering that the movie versions are a clean slate. Weakness to yellow? Ditch it, who cares. The names? Captain America is just as hokey. Irom Man is a cooler name than Aquaman? Nah.

But making a successful combined universe is very difficult to do. We know this because it's so rarely done successfully. You need a group of people to oversee the whole things who have a strong vision and who are willing to take risks. They also need to be patient and lay the groundwork with individual films of quality before bringing them all together. You need individual creators who are very talented but who are willing to make concessions and accept limitations on what they would otherwise do, in order to keep all the properties on the same page. You need a large group actors who are really good but who will commit to multi-movie deals on a specific timeframe, which may limit their other projects. You need writers who can make strong contained stories that also incorporate elements of the shared universe.

This is hard!

DC pinned their hopes on a small group of people who were just a bad fit for this kind of thing. Their individual movies eliminated the best parts of the characters they were using. They used actors that were boring and who were given roles written without charisma. Their movies are boring and bombastic. They made their two biggest characters fight each other in the first crossover movie! THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS WAS NOT MEANT TO BE MAINSTREAM.

But they had the resources to do what Marvel did. FORGET the cross-over movie for at least the first five-six years and concentrate on good, stand-alone movies. DON'T put your universe the hands of one or two prima donna creators like Snyder. Put out dope, stand-alone Superman and Batman films (and don't use a guy like Affleck who is too big a name to tie down for ten+ years.) This should be easy, as these are two of the most marketable characters in movies. Use the goodwill and trust earned from those to put out a Wonder Woman and Aquaman movie. Put out Superman and Batman sequels. Put out a Flash movie. THEN bring them all together. Patience. Don't just introduce every character in a cutscene and have the cross-over movie right away.

Marvel Zombies / Re: NEW MARVEL EIC
« on: Today at 01:19:55 PM »
Letters, I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Well, that particular twist isn't entirely inappropriate. Loki did give birth to a horse in the Norse myths.

The gods had made a deal/bet with a builder to construct a fortress; if he succeeded in time, he'd get to marry Freyja. He was on the verge of succeeding thanks to the help of his horse, the gods got pissed at Loki and threatened him with death unless he fixed the problem. So Loki turned into a mare, and got the builder's horse to follow him and rape him, and later on, he gave birth to Sleipnir. Meanwhile, Thor killed the builder-dude just for good measure to make sure they'd never have to pay him anything.

So I'm sure that's all something that pansexual genderqueer people can relate to as a role model.

Was that during the Simonson run?

Marvel Zombies / Re: NEW MARVEL EIC
« on: Today at 06:31:08 AM »
Sjw's have absolutely destroyed marvel and the comics industry in general. Stores have closed with boxes full of Sjw marvel books the stores can't give away.

This is what happens when pushing a political agenda takes priority over telling great stories with great characters.

Letters, I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi - *SPOILERS*
« on: December 12, 2017, 01:50:03 PM »
Next battle of the week: Literally Vs. Ironically.

Debate / Re: Will Roy Moore win the Alabama senate seat?
« on: December 12, 2017, 01:14:22 PM »

ICT / Re: Weakest guy able to survive a Spiderman's speedblitz.
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:57:37 AM »
That jaw feat always irked me because Scorpion classically had an edge on strength over Spider. Otherwise what’s the point of him?

Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Infinity War Trailer is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: December 11, 2017, 09:35:39 PM »
Rather than try to cram every single one of Marvel's properties into an Avengers movie, I'd rather they just have Coulson and maybe a couple of his AoS team make an appearance. THAT would be much more emotionally satisfying. It would bring Coulson and the Avengers full circle, and they deserve to know he's alive.

Uncanny valley is right... but in the context of the story I suppose that makes sense.

I agree, the cast is great. I have a real soft spot for the comic so I'm looking forward to it.

Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Star Wars: The Last Jedi - *SPOILERS*
« on: December 11, 2017, 07:44:42 PM »
I would love for Rey to turn to the Dark Side and Ren have to stop her. The Mary Sue would have a meltdown.

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