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ICT / Re: Human Superman vs Green Goblin
« on: Today at 12:50:56 PM »
Superman had super intelligence by the Dominus arc, and definitively post Birthright per For Tomorrow. Johns and Busiek enhanced it further in Up, Up and Away OYL.

And what was done with it?  And when has he had it while powerless?

ICT / Re: Human Superman vs Green Goblin
« on: Today at 07:45:43 AM »
It's sad that Superman's best prep feat involved him basically bumbling around and getting other people to help him until Lex played himself.

Super-intellect, ladies and gents.

ICT / Re: Human Superman vs Green Goblin
« on: Today at 12:42:35 AM »
Tricking someone requires conscious effort.

Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Jurassic World 2
« on: June 16, 2018, 03:38:23 PM »
there's a reviewer from the UK who saw it, Mr. H who felt the same way. like it was two movies crammed into one.

I got that impression by the trailer, honestly.

ICT / Re: Human Superman vs Green Goblin
« on: June 16, 2018, 03:37:34 PM »
I don't think he could. Hence why I did not listed it as his human feats.

Right.  I was just trying to get an idea of what Superman could do in this thread.  So far, there are no real examples of what a human Superman can do with prep.

Member Creations / Re: The 7th Day - Book One
« on: June 16, 2018, 12:38:51 PM »
      As expected, the rains died down after some time, leaving higher river banks .  Nut took notice of a particular star in the sky during this period and remarked how it coincided with the flooding of the river.  She told this to Osiris who seemed to appreciate it, making it even easier for them to predict the flood.  During this time, the people sowed their crops and once that was accomplished, they waited out the flood.  Many of Usat’s people were nervous, but there was a surplus of food by this point, which alleviated their fears.  It was a time to celebrate, much like when Usat’s people found the river.  As before, they sang songs around the fire, thanking the gods and boasting of past accomplishments.  During the day, the children would play games and the adults would make love in their huts or set up hierarchies within their tribes to better establish the tribe leadership.

      One night, Amun-Ra had asked that members of both tribes be gathered for a special ceremony.  Usat and her sister were not told what the ceremony would be about but their parents seemed to be aware of its purpose.  There was an excitement among the tribespeople as they gathered near Osiris’ hut.  Seth, as usual, was sulking and stood apart from the crowd.  Keb hoisted Usat on his shoulder so she could see over everyone.  Several torches were lit around the hut and Amun-Ra stood in front of it, wearing a long ram skin draped over his shoulders that made his large frame even larger.  “Tonight, I speak to my people and my adopted people,” he began, “And this will be the last time I speak to both groups separately because this night, we are one and the same.  This night, we are one tribe!,”  Amun-Ra pumped his fists into the air and the crowd likewise raised their hands and some even let out a responding shout of approval, “This night, we are the people of Misr!”  The crowd loudly and Amun-Ra soon raised his palms to quiet them down before speaking again.  “And now I will signify this unity.”  The Elders soon gathered on one side of the hut along with Amunet who wore an ostrich feather tied to her head and a linen wrap that looked like wings draped on each side, which Usat liked.  On the other side of the hut, Anuket and Hapi approached with Anuket wearing a headress with many ostrich feathers while Hapi carried a jug.  Soon, Seth joined them, but did not appear to be wearing anything special.  He wore the same skins he always wore and carried himself like someone who was forced to take part in the ceremony.  Amun-Ra stepped away from the entrance of Osiris’ hut and motioned toward it, “This joining of tribes will be commemorated by an adoption.  A young leader will be the son of an old leader.”

      Osiris emerged from his hut, wearing only a linen cloth wrapped around his waist.  Usat noticed how the torches sent shadows across his slender frame.  He stood in front of Amun-Ra and knelt to the dark earth, partially concealing himself in shadow.  “Let this adoption symbolize the unity of our tribes,” Amun-Ra began, “It is a bond that will be unbreakable.”  Hapi stepped forward and ran water over Osiris’ head, letting it fall over his head and shoulders, then to the ground as a symbol of rebirth, passing from his former parentage to his new parentage.  As it trickled down, Osiris kept his head tilted down in reverence to Amun-Ra who continued, “Osiris, the benign and youthful.  The wise and just.  I take you as my son.  So to will my tribe take yours and your tribe will take mine.”  Osiris rose to his feet and simply stated six words, “I take you as my father”.  There was little inflection in his voice, making it difficult for Usat to read.  Amun-Ra leaned forward and kissed Osiris on both cheeks.  Likewise, Amunet stepped forward and kissed him on both cheeks as well.  Osiris and Amun-Ra held each other’s hand and raised them together as the crowd gave another cheer.

     Usat wondered if Amun-Ra’s actions weren’t entirely political.  She wondered if it was a show of authority over Osiris by declaring himself his father.  She was still sure he was secretly jealous of Osiris’ intellect and leadership regardless of the ceremony.  Still, she was excited, not just for the alliance between their tribes but also Osiris’ humility.  She couldn’t read him but was sure he didn’t care for the pomp and majesty of an adoption.  He was only concerned about his people and would be willing to endure a ridiculous ceremony.  People from both tribes were embracing and kissing one another to celebrate their unity.  Amun-Ra was among his people, basking in glory as several of the tribespeople gathered around him for congratulations.  Osiris, meanwhile, stood to the side and simply observed.  She made her way through the crowd to him and as she did, he turned and the two locked eyes.  She brought both arms around his neck and kissed him on both cheeks.  “I’m sure we will prosper together,” she told him.  He smiled slightly, one of the few ties she saw him smile, “I know we will.”  She shyly snuck back to her family and the tribe of Misr continued to celebrate into the night.  They danced and sang songs until the Sun rose the next morning, then they retreated to their huts.

      Several days later, the river had receded noticeably.  Usat could see where the river bank had retreated, revealing wet sand and reeds.  She walked to the bank, feeling the wet sand under her feet as she dug her toes in.  A glimmer caught the corner of her eye and when she turned, she found a white shell that glittered in the sunlight.  She knelt down and picked up the shell, holding it up to the sun, allowing the light to bounce off its curved surface.  After she had a good look, she placed the shell in the pouch slung across her shoulder and continued down the river to explore further.

      Her thick raven hair swayed in the breeze, and she ran her fingers across her smooth brow to remove a strand that found its way across her olive cheek. She approached the shore of the river and stepped carefully onto the brown rocks piled up at the bank, making sure to step on the flatter and less jagged sandstone.

      She sat silently and felt the water's movements.  It took some time before she noticed it.  It was wedged between two narrow stones and was partially sticking out of the water. It was caked in a strange primordial sludge, which had hardened over it, forming a slender, gray cocoon that blended in with its earthly surroundings unless one got close enough to discover the grotesque crust wasn't rock. Some of it had broken, no doubt after being washed ashore and thrust between the rocks. With the top end broken and chipped off, she noticed a piece of wood inside. She curiously reached out and touched the surface of the cocoon, which was brittle, allowing her to easily break it after applying pressure.

      This object terrified her, yet fascinated her, but it wasn't just because it was an object she had never seen before. Her people would sometimes find old tools and bowls buried under the sand or in the river, but this object was different somehow. It gave off an intense aura that her limited experiences could not fully process. She had to examine it more closely.

She extended her index finger and slowly, she touched it.

End of Chapter Six

Member Creations / Re: The 7th Day - Book One
« on: June 16, 2018, 12:37:29 PM »
Chapter Six

“I spoke with the Elders and my wife,” Amun-Ra announced, “And we have decided to stay.”
It only took a day for her tribe leaders to make that decision and they settles next to Misr, which was the name of Osiris’ camp.  The nomadic lifestyle was too difficult and settling in a fertile area was the logical choice, so the decision was a popular one almost unanimously.  Usat was excited to learn more about her new surroundings and she was especially impressed by Osiris who had been spending more time with her tribe.  He and a few of his trusted tribespeople taught them agriculture during the day and Amun-Ra asked that everyone take heed.  Usat was present along with everyone else in her tribe when Osiris explained how to produce crops.  In the rare moments in which she was near him, she studied his features for reasons she couldn’t quite realize.  Occasionally, she caught him making similar glances as he spoke just before turning away as they made eye contact.  She wondered if he thought she was pretty.  His brother Seth would sometimes accompany him but he seemed cold and didn’t care to take part in the lectures, which made Usat wonder why he was even there in the first place.

Usat’s tribe had barely begun planting crops on their own when they began hearing rumblings of the coming summer flood.  They were familiar with the dark summer skies and bitter winds once a year but they were never around a large body of water when it happened.  It was daunting as many had never experience water any deeper than their knees.  Osiris had observed the floods in the past and knew which areas of the river were likely to yield the best crops and which areas would be too dangerous to settle during the monsoon season.  Observing nature was integral to the survival of the tribes, but Osiris studied it in a way Usat had never seen before.  Not only did he anticipate nature, but he knew how to control it as if he had dominion over it.  Her people had mastered the art of looking for vegetation but Osiris mastered the art of creating vegetation.  He knew to plant orchards away from the river.  He knew to dig basins using rock tools in order to control the river’s rose and fall.  He knew how to store vegetables so they keep longer.  His knowledge even extended to the beasts.  Her people knew the art of the hunt and they knew the benefit of keeping the dogs nearby for protection and to root out smaller prey.  Osiris discovered benefits offered by other beasts.  A man from her tribe once saw a cat in the bushes, so he grabbed a stick and drove it off, only to be chided by a farmer from Osiris’s tribe.  The explanation was that the cats fed on the vermin who might otherwise feed on their crops.  Osiris had discovered their use after witnessing a cat catching a mouse outside a storage of vegetables.  Osiris’s tribe once used shovels to turn up soil in order to plant their seeds.  It took too long and was exhausting work, so Osiris had the idea to capture and use the large oxen.  They began tying ploughs to their horns and leading them over the soil, which made their work faster and easier.  Her people often looked to Osiris’s tribe for advice and it was understood, even if not consciously, that Osiris was just as much of a leader to his own people than he was to hers, even if Osiris claimed everyone played their own role.

   As Osiris was skilled at observing nature, Usat was in skilled at observing people.  It was a natural talent.  She would often pick up verbal cues, body language, or slight changes of facial expressions that not everyone picked up on.  When she was younger, she witnessed her sister give a jade stone to a boy she liked.  The boy tossed the stonel aside and even though her sister told her she didn’t care if the boy liked it or not, she noticed a straining of her voice, indicating she was holding back tears.  “You assume too much,” her sister scolded her when she asked if she was upset, but Usat knew better.  As her tribe began to prepare for the oncoming flood by seeking help from Osiris’ people, she noticed the expressions on the faces of two men: Amun-Ra and Seth.  While she never saw them on a regular basis, she saw enough of them to reach the conclusion that neither man was happy.

      While her and her sister were gathering reeds along the river bed, she noticed Osiris instructing Amun-Ra on wet soil and its importance to the crops.  Osiris was stooped down and held a handful of soil while Amun-Raw bent over him, his hands resting on his knees.  He towered over Osiris with sweat glistening along his muscles while Osiris crouched along the ground, partially in the shade of the much larger man.  Physically, Amun-Raw was more imposing than Osiris, but as Osiris spoke calmly, Amun-Raw furrowed his brow as he listened and it was obvious Osiris had the authority at that moment.  She knew Amun-Ra was a smart man and he understood what Osiris was telling him, but he was not used to having anything explained to him.  Certainly, he was not used to being lectured by someone so young.  He was always the leader in one form or another, even when taking advice from the elders.  When he furrowed his brow, it wasn’t because he didn’t understand what was being taught to him.  It was because he was embarrassed.  Meanwhile, Osiris’s face was blank, oblivious to the emasculation he was inadvertently causing.  There was a mysterious wisdom in Osiris that intrigued her and made him difficult to figure out.  As she watched the two of them, Amun-Ra’s eyes rose and he was suddenly aware of her presence.  Amun-Ra straightened up immediately, making himself taller and along the way, he smiled and gave Osiris a friendly clap on the back.  “You’re a smart boy,” Amun-Ra said and put a slight emphasis on the word boy, “You’re a lot like me.  If I had a son, he’d be just like you.”  It was obvious he was saving face and presenting himself as the alpha male bestowing fatherhood on the younger male.  Osiris smiled politely and thanked Amun-Ra.  From that day forward, Amun-Ra had adopted Osiris as a symbolic gesture of the merging of the two tribes.  Usat was sure it was to hide his insecurities.  The saddest part was that he did not seem fully aware of it.

      She observed Seth’s unappreciation during a rare rainfall.  There were several hunting parties that had been sent out and her father happened to be in a party with Seth.  The dark clouds rolled in sometime in the afternoon, bringing a sharp wind that was usually present at night.  Soon, Usat and her people began to feel fat droplets of water and quickly went inside their homes before it became too heavy.  Soon, her father returned to their camp along with Seth and others as they carried dead boars (it wasn’t a good hunt as there was little meat).  Seth looked annoyed and allowed the rain to wash over him while other men in the party held animal skins over their heads to shield themselves from the downpour.  Seth’s jaw was clenched and he gripped his spear tightly as he carried it through the camp.  A few boys quickly caught up with him but Seth kept his eyes forward and she could distinctly hear him speak even though he was not turning his head to the boys, “The nomads have no idea how to handle the rain.”  At that moment she learned two facts: First, she learned there was a derogatory term to describe her people and the second fact was that Seth had no patience for her people.  He obviously resented them.  Osiris had described Seth almost like a father figure.  After their parents died, he raised him, so it was obvious he felt a great deal of responsibility toward Osiris and by extension, their people.  She and her tribe were interlopers who did not know how to farm, or how to build, or how to use handle rain, apparently.  Once her father entered their hut, he explained, “The rain came and many of us decided to come back to camp.  Seth wasn’t happy about it.”  He also noted that rain should have been just as rare to his people as it was to theirs, which made Usat belief much of his bravado was an act.  As the night came and it became colder, the family huddled under a stack of animal skins.  Her sister fell asleep and she laid still, which apparently gave the implication she was asleep as well.  She could hear her father whisper to her mother, “I saw Seth stab a boar with his spear.  It wasn’t a clean kill, which happens, but I think it was on purpose.  That boy wasn’t being sloppy.  He enjoyed making it suffer.”  Nut assured her husband, “I’m sure the boy didn’t mean any harm.”  Usat became very afraid of Seth that night.

ICT / Re: Human Superman vs Green Goblin
« on: June 16, 2018, 12:16:51 PM »
What did I lie about?

You said you'd never hurt me. *sniff*

ICT / Re: Human Superman vs Green Goblin
« on: June 16, 2018, 07:10:16 AM »
I want to see instances of Supes outsmarting Lex, Brainiac, or other highly intelligent villains?  I'm not looking for times he defeated them mind you.  I want times when he out-prepped them.  Even while fully powered.  Let's start there.
He has outsmarted Brainiac 13 and Lex Luthor at the same time.


Credit to LGU.

So I did some snooping of that story.  Superman knew Brainiac couldn't understand Kryptonian tech so he tricked Lex into plugging him into a power conduit so he could use K-tech against him. I asked for a situation in which Supes used some amount of prep while also using powers, which you provided.  It's a decent plan and it also required Superman to use his superhuman abilities.  That would not have worked if he wasn't a Kryptonian capable of surviving the ordeal.  Now, how do you suppose Superman would have saved the day if he didn't have any powers?

ICT / Re: Human Superman vs Green Goblin
« on: June 15, 2018, 07:08:49 PM »
Do you even have the vapors?

ICT / Re: Gipsy Danger vs DCEU General Zod
« on: June 15, 2018, 03:35:58 PM »
I'd probably give it to Zod. GD will probably have difficulty with a small target like Zod, and he's got the strength to take it to the mech and the heat vision as well. Buildings were getting cut to ribbons by that. I'd imagine GD probably is more difficult to damage than a building, but after repeated shots it's going to wear the mech down

ICT / Re: Human Superman vs Green Goblin
« on: June 15, 2018, 03:35:40 PM »
I want to see instances of Supes outsmarting Lex, Brainiac, or other highly intelligent villains?  I'm not looking for times he defeated them mind you.  I want times when he out-prepped them.  Even while fully powered.  Let's start there.

ICT / Re: Johnny Lawrence vs Chosen (kk2)
« on: June 15, 2018, 02:00:15 PM »
Chosun seemed more dangerous than Johnny.

I report supposed to be released today implicating fbi do corruption and conspiracy. Expect a false flag event.

So within the next 24 hours, nothing of interest will happen.  Gotcha.

ICT / Re: Battle of the Week: Wonder Woman vs Beta Ray Bill
« on: June 13, 2018, 06:21:06 PM »
I like that this BOTW has lasted this long.

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