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Sports Talk / Re: Jon Jones fails UFC 214 drug test.
« on: September 10, 2017, 09:18:36 PM »
He's always out to sabotage himself. It's a shame. I think Jon Jones should be competing as a heavyweight anyhow. It's a shame because I think he might be able to surpise some heavyweights that no one expects hi too (Brock lesnar) and would likely lose in a great fight toa guy like Stipe Miocic.

Well, likely he'll be suspended for two years and maybe a crop of light heavy's will come out for him to fight

He was caught for trenbolone which is so bizarre.

Who takes trenbolone and DOESN'T think they're going to get caught? That is a serious, powerful steroid meant for guys in world's strongest man contests and IFBB championships. Some people who've taken it report that its hard to NOT lose fat and gain muscle even if they tried with tren. It also lingers in the system for drug tests so I don't get it

ICT / Re: Jerry Quarry vs Evander Holyfield
« on: September 10, 2017, 09:14:00 PM »
Jerry Quarry weighed in at 205. He had a lot of qualities that would be great against smaller heavyweights but Holyfield , despite being a blown up cruiserweight himself, is still quite big and has a lot of muscle mass, good power, and ring generalship that I don't think Quarry could deal with. His reach doesn't fit his coutnerpunching style.

Smaller fighters height wise have to be able to use foot work and head movement to move in and body punch, headhunt and out power larger oppponents, CCounterpunchers need to be able to defend and use footwork, angles or reach to land. Quarry doesn't have that n a heavyweight division and not against a defensive and strong fighter like Holyfield. He might not get k0cked out, but he'd give up a lot of rounds

If he  gained 20-30 pounds he would be able to compete in the heavyweight division and make this a fight

Food and Fitness / Re: Supplements for muscle and joint soreness
« on: September 10, 2017, 09:06:31 PM »
One thing I'm doing that's helping with pain is identifying muscle imbalances. I've been training injured but after some observation, I noticed its very serious anterior pelvic tilt with spinal lordosis. By working hard on the muscles that are pulling on undesirable places I'm feeling a LOT more free during training and presenting more serious stuff

Most guys who squat heavy (I know you do) seem to have some hip or other kind of flexibility issues. Take it for what its worth.

As for the rest - turmeric is awesome from everyone I've heard and fish oil works for me so good on you. Let me know how it works out, I think you'll be pleased. -

Sports Talk / Re: Mayweather vs McGregor
« on: September 03, 2017, 07:18:15 PM »

McGregor bgot credit because he looked like he could box. Most of the boxing world was expecting him to come out and throw......who knows and he moved like a boxer, threw some counters and didn't try to spin kick Mayweather in the head. For the Boxing world, this came across as better than expected

I saw Floyd dissecting him for 4 rounds, got nervous in the 5th when I didn't see him dismantle MCgregror right away, and then I felt relieved when Floyd just took over.

I also got the distinct impression that Floyd being Floyd made for a better fight. If that had been Canelo Alvarez or Golovkin in there it would have been a short, ugly night

Food and Fitness / Re: Supplements for muscle and joint soreness
« on: September 03, 2017, 07:11:57 PM »
I don't think you're old but here's a few suggestions and a question

1 - non-natural deca is certainly the answer, but I doubt that's an option

So, having said that here's the question: how much mobility work and stretching are you doing? In your 20's you can get away with doing less but in your 30's onards it makes a huge difference in your performance. Have a youtube look at Joe DeFranco's limber 8 and limber 11 for great myofascial work and stretching. Check out Jeff Cavaliere as well.

2 - Supplements

1: Fish oil - joint health. Joint lubrication. Overall health and cheap

2: Haven't had the chance to use it - although I'm dying to - Turmeric has gotten GREAT reviews from people I respect. As always make sure you check consumer reports and great resources t o see which companies are producing the most bioavailable and top supps.

3: Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM :   This really really works. It's a bit of long game but MSM helps with pain and inflammation while the others have track records of reconstructing tissue to a small degree. Absolutely worth it

4 - Not remotely related but I've been dieting HARD lately and I'm using digestive enzymes and getting great results overall. Overall inflammation is down, supplements are digested well and it's helping and then some. I recommend a good probiotic as part of any supplement stack.

After age 25 everything becomes harder to digest and no supplement is efficient if you can't digest it, so I'd recommend it.

If you want to have a stack written down

Glucosamine with MSM
Fish oil

add in mobility work - you'll do great and feel like a million dollars

Sports Talk / Re: Mayweather vs McGregor
« on: August 28, 2017, 05:34:30 PM »
MMA weight cuts usually involve diuretics and lots of drugs. Most ofmy light heavy friends walk at close to 230-235 and weigh in at 205.

Boxing has so many weight divisions that it's a lot easier weight wise (and healthier). Its one thing I think MMA should adapt

Mayweather looked masterful. 3-4 rounds just observing, then walks McGregor down like Marciano to break Marciano's record

McGrgeor wanted to gout on his shield but I think the stoppage was better. Loved the fight and I got nervous around the 5th round until I saw Mayweather simply take control

Food and Fitness / Re: Actors on the sauce
« on: August 14, 2017, 11:26:48 PM »
Chris Hemsworth gains weight way too fast to not be on something potent cycle. Chris Hemsworth has some photos out there of him as downright gangl; the first time I saw him in Star Trek he looked somewhat lanky as well. In his comic book debut he is enormous

I could see Tom Cruise using HGH, but likely in TRT doses aka not really as a steroid - there is a difference. Same with RDJ

The biggest eye-catcher or tell-tale sign is the speed of a weight gain. No way Christian Bale is borderline anorexic for the machinist and becomes a thick 220 or so for batman begins in that small amount of time. Tom Hardy has small joints, a think bone structure and he jumped from his normal 160-170 or so to a thickly-muscled Bane with enormous traps in 10 weeks or so - that's very suspect

I'm more willing to give guys like Chris Pratt or Henry Cavill the benefit of the doubt. Cavill stays big and a little overweight between various super hero outings and he's a failry big guy even in none comic book roles. He trains for longer stretches of time before he suits up

Chris Pratt was very big beofre he started training and he looks like he put on 10-15 solid pounds of muscle training and he spends more time keeping the fat off. His weight gain looks proportional and I've seen what the Marvel actors weight trainer puts them through and he likely is natural.

Jake Gylennhall put on a freakish amount of muscle in a disproportionate amount of time for another example of juicing up.

TRT or just building up over time to become bigger usually means natural. Big gains in a short amount of time is the red flag for guys that are using anavar/decadurabol cocktails. I do think clenbuterol and other diet drugs are likely in almost everyone to be fair.

Forum Rules & Announcements / Re: New board theme in development
« on: July 03, 2017, 02:04:36 PM »
Please post any interesting mobile-friendly themes you like. The idea is a better experience for everyone. Please add suggestions on what board template you like - mobile friendly and any other changes you'd like to see

Thanks everyone!

Debate / Re: Julian Assange : Why the Democratic party is doomed
« on: June 29, 2017, 10:47:06 PM »
Trump is probably guilty of conflict of interests.  It's bad, but the Dems are being ridiculous by acting as if we're in the second Cold War and the media has picked up on it for ratings.

I'd rather the Dems focus on cleaner water or police brutality.

Trump was guilty of conflict of interests ton January 20th. He owns buildings in Turkey and he has investments in Egypt. I don't think his travel ban was crafted aroundf his own personal interests, but it does LOOK suspicious that Saudi Arabia, a country which has invested in Trump properties and put 15 of the 19 9/11 attackers on planes gets off scot free while the poorest, non-worthwhile investments are all subjects of the travel ban


In my mind there is no doubt that Trump has shady business ties regarding finance and likely Russian financiers. His own son admitted as much when he declared that his father does "so much business with the Russians!" That can only be interpreted a Russian money flowing into purchases of real estate for money laundering, which wouldn't necessarily incriminate el Donald but more likely also involves cash for development, which would

Having said that the initial complaint was about his campaigns collusion with Russia. This seems pretty common sense as well. Roger Stone admitted to back door channels with Russian hackers and the Podesta leaks - which had an even more dmamging effect on Clinton's campaign than Hillary being an awful candidate did

This could have been all cleared up if the investigation had found out who'd created the back door channels and Trump had left it at that. He himself wasn't the center of the investigation. If he'd let an one of the already known corrupt elements take the fall - Paul "I've worked for Pro-Kremlin campaigns in Ukraine" Manafort or any of the other merry men had been investigated and convicted it would have been the end of it

That melting orange cyst had to go ahead and fire Comey, declare it was about Russia on national tv and proceed to threaten him - the director of the FBI.

I would be shocked if some dirty money wasn't found. ANYONE who is doing considerable business with Rusian oligarchs is by nature doing something shady. Throw in any of the other high-powered finaciers who likely buy and reselo real estae as a money laundering tactic and you have a serious case of financial fraud and likely obstruction of justice.


Debate / Re: Julian Assange : Why the Democratic party is doomed
« on: June 29, 2017, 04:49:21 PM »
Where's the info the FBI couldn't get access to that you can?

What info?

There's a Trump Towers in Turkey.

Trump was warned by the Obama administration that Flynn is a liability exactly because of his involvement with Turkey and possibly lobbying against Kurdish interests for Turkey. That alone should have disqualified him from the National Security Council

Also, even if you don't think it's fair to outright say Trump is guilty, he certainly ACTS guilty.

Why hide tax returns?
Why fire the FBI director?
Perhaps because he went on tv and said it was because of Russia?
Even if it wasn't election collusion, whch I honestly think is the least of it - of course the Russians wanted Trump to win, they're still benefitting from some minor disinoformation.

How could anyone see all of this and NOT think that something was up.

Common sense - Trump has bankrupted 4 times and left the major investment banks with significant losses because he flat-out refused to pay them back. He's kept on building though so where is the money coming come.

I doubt it's Deutshe Bank.

Smart money is on Russian financing or other governments as Trump Towers, golf courses and other projects were greenlit and made after his bakruptcy

ICT / Re: Guardians of the Galaxy vs Darth Vader
« on: June 29, 2017, 04:41:39 PM »
Vader wins because he is going up against a group of people who mostly use weapons that aren't all that different from SW weapons that he could likely deflect the same way he does all space pew pew guns - using the force or his saber. He can chop them into pieces with his weapon and hold them in place with tk

Ronan was one-dimensional but he wasn't the type of character who would just wade in, murder his enemies with his most lethal weapon and walk off - granted that's for story concerns but still........

Ego is hard to really discuss - he's a Celestial

Ayesha was a bit of a satirical character, she's space Paris Hiklton at Trump's Bedminster Club

and the GoTG didn't really beat any of them straight up. Ronan was defeated because peter was partially Celestial and could survive an infinity stone

Ego was beaten in the awesomest fashion (all hail Yondu)

Ayesha was just funny

Debate / Re: So will the Senate get rid of Obamacare?
« on: June 29, 2017, 12:49:26 AM »
The Dems don't represent anything

The Republicans are entirely bought by their donors and they have shown zero compunction in caring what the voters think. They know full well that this is a chance to satisfy their masters...donors and give them their entire Christmas wish list in one legislative sweep and even at a near 20$ approval rating or less for the bill, I've seen it at 17%, they'll pass it because if they don't their donors will fire the. Donors have actually gone on record as saying cut our taxes or we wojn't buy your elections

There is ZERO interest on the right to represent the people- there is less ideology involved than I've ever seen. Donors spent money on ATTACK ADS for Heller, the Republican holdout - just chew on that for a moment. Given that the only thing that van stiop them is a loss in teh House, I don't see what anyone can to to prevent the holdouts from being bullied into submission over the next two years.

This is going to become law and it is going to be awful. I don't see how it gets stopped and I would love to be wrong

Debate / Re: Julian Assange : Why the Democratic party is doomed
« on: June 29, 2017, 12:43:35 AM »
Trump is guilty.

Mueller has already assigned financial investigators to the cae and over time, the obvious truth will come out

Trump has defaulted so frequently and so badly that he couldn't secure financing in the US anymore. He went to shady Russian financiers and foreign investments to gain capital and build

He ran for President thinking he'd gt a lot of attention for whatever it was he planned next, surprised himself and the whole planet and won. Now he's stuck doing a job he doesn't like but that affords hi the status he's dreamed of his whole life and which is he is wholly unqualified for. Eventually financial transactions with Trump and Russia, Turkey or Saudi Arabia will be found and depending on how evil the Republicans feel that week he will be removed or not - but it will take some time.

The Dems and leftist parties around the world are seeing a disconnect between becoming a party that mainly champions social ideals while failing to have a viable plan for the lower and middle classes who likely care about social issues, but care about jobs a lot more. The longer the Dems rail against social isues and moral corruption the more disconnected they will be from the fact that if they offer financial guarantees or prospects, they'll win the Republican base back in a heartbeat

ICT / Re: Guardians of the Galaxy vs Darth Vader
« on: June 29, 2017, 12:33:36 AM »
That's what he said. For example in 03 Clone Wars miniseries, in an interview he said that the superhero levels in the cartoon were basically what he always envisioned. He just couldn't pull it off in live action back then.


TV shows are serialized stories that have limited budgets and can't afford to let their stars do too much. Flash travels between Mach 7-23 or so in th show. He's had problems physcially with Gorilla Grodd. If he was anywhere near his comic-self there wouldn't be a Flash tv show nor a budget to pull it off. having Grodd or King Shark is usually reserved for crossovers and big moments in the series, otherwise the effects budget is very slim. Super speed is very easy to show on tv - CGI Gorillas are expensive motion capture

Hell, Savitar was around Mach 100 and he needed a special suit to not burn up due to how fast he was going. There would be no show if the Arrow-verse characters were written anywhere vaguely near their comics-levels except in implied feats.

As for this

Movie Darth Vader vs Movie GoTG

Groot could be tricky but Vader is a beast. He wins. The GoTG are fun. Vader is space Hitler. The small ending scene in Rogue One was to give a small taste of the man who hunted down and destroyed every living  Jedi. He looked so formidable because even in a crowded hallway manned wall to wall with blasters aimed at him, he casually walked through it all and killed everyone like a horror movie creature

H'es too purely evil, powerful and single-minded for the GoTG movie verse

Comic-verse really depends on the line-up. If the GoTG are getting their elite upper tier members than all jedi/Sith are glass cannons against guys who have energy projection etc..........

Against a mid-tier with one top tier GoTG line-up verse EU Vader I think vader has a great chance

ICT / Re: Wolverine vs Galen Marek
« on: June 29, 2017, 12:13:52 AM »
The most powerful Jedi/Sith are glass cannons so they can only make it to the lower rung of the top tier but

Darth Vader


Would be ridiculously above the mid-tier. I'd say especially moreso if the force is written as it is in the canon with less space pew pew and more of being in touch with the universe and the cosmic sense it gives. Jedi/Sith reflexes are based on precognition - very diffiuclt to beat without real speed or energy projection and lightsabers could likely hurt a lot of characters who are invulnerable(ish) The type of invulnerable (maybe Luke Cage (anyone have a better example) where the hero/villain is impervious to serious damage but given serious enough force gets hurt

Maybe Ben Grimm - I think a lightsaber might shave a few rocks off him

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