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It's just that this is the second instance of a highly-respected and successful writer coming on board the title and bringing with them a fanbase who's not necessarily familiar with the character but is willing to give the title a shot.

The difference is that, unlike Gail Simone, Mark Russell actually respects both Red Sonja as a character and what previous writers have done with her.

I think the sales for this issue are gonna be something else. Amy Chu managed to match Gail Simone's sales, even with lack of name recognition because of the quality of her writing and Carlos Gomez' art. I think Russell's gonna eclipse Simone's sales figures.

ICT / Re: Jungle babe rumble
« on: Today at 07:12:52 AM »
what era Sheena?

Wow, dunno. Presumably she's improved a lot over the years. Are you an expert?

Shanna and Jungle Girl both have some ridiculous feats to their names, so honestly I wasn't sure Sheena could compete with them but am I wrong?

ICT / Re: Nods to Uht: Daredevil vs Blockbuster
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:34:55 PM »
Blockbuster’s even less consistent than Hyde. Pre-Crisis, he was Batman’s whipping boy but Wonder Woman said he was nearly as strong as she was

ICT / Re: Byrne Superman vs Gladiator
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:32:16 PM »
Gladiator and handily. He outclasses Superman in virtually every way

ICT / Jungle babe rumble
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:31:14 PM »


Shanna (the original i.e. Ka-Zar’s wife)


Jungle Girl (Frank Cho’s creation for Dynamite)

Each combatant gets a Bowie knife and the fight takes place in a mile squared area of jungle in the Savage Land surrounded  by an impenetrable forcefield. The ladies are free to climb trees in the area, swing from vines or go ninja and use stealth as a weapon ... just no outside help

Who wins?

I think JG is a cut above the other two physically but she’s neither as experienced nor smart

Excellent review!

I took a look at the issue, and the art at least, looked really nice. I did wonder why Sonja was wearing a potato sack, so the news of the chainmail return is good to hear!

She's been training in Khitai for a while, learning the art of war from her sensei. He's been killed and it sounds like Khitai's been invaded, which is why Sonja's headed back to her homeland.

The reviews for this issue have been really good on the whole - like I said in my one, there's been a welcome return of bloodshed with beheadings and knives getting hurled through throats and such but the comic is also very, very funny ('Your chickens will serve the Emperor').

A load of those reviewers said they were pleasantly surprised to see Sonja wearing more sensible togs - they're in for a shock in a couple of issues' time based on the panels Mirko's posted on his social media pages. I'm sure, though, that Mark Russell will come up with a decent explanation for why the Queen of Hyrkania is running around in a metal bikini :) There will be some symbolism behind it, I'm sure.

The other important thing is it's not WHAT Sonja's wearing so much as HOW she's wearing it. Gail Simone always said she was fine with the bikini as long as we didn't get loads of panels of Sonja thrusting her buttocks into the foreground or closer-ups of her boobs heaving with sweat. Going on what I've seen from Mirko's panels, we're not going to get that

I do like a bit of cheesecake in my Sonja issues within reason but that's not Mirko's style of art.

The guy I chat to on DA about Sonja also pointed out how smart Russell's She-Devil is. She's considered and doesn't make rash decisions, she can write an eloquent letter and she's a combat pragmatist who's always looking to improve her craft.

ICT / Re: Nods to Fangirl: Iron Man vs Starfire
« on: February 12, 2019, 05:04:16 AM »
IM wins  at least 8/10. Starfire is a solid Midtier who sometimes hit top Midtier. IM is Elite Midtier, he simply outclasses her.
You haven't read Starfire in a while. She took  blows from Orion that would have killed Iron Man.

Iron Man's taken hits from the Hulk, Hercules and Thor.
Orion's blast were shaking the world apart in the same arch. From the moon....And he went full all out on Starfire because she actually matched his blast for a few seconds. I think IM would die under that assault.

Are you saying the Hulk was holding back against Iron Man and that the Hulk can't match Orion's force?

ICT / Re: Nods to Fangirl: Iron Man vs Starfire
« on: February 11, 2019, 04:57:18 AM »
IM wins  at least 8/10. Starfire is a solid Midtier who sometimes hit top Midtier. IM is Elite Midtier, he simply outclasses her.
You haven't read Starfire in a while. She took  blows from Orion that would have killed Iron Man.

Iron Man's taken hits from the Hulk, Hercules and Thor.

ICT / Re: Dwight Schrute vs Dennis Reynolds
« on: February 11, 2019, 04:56:30 AM »
Yeah, Dennis is a psycho but he's also half Dwight's size and he's used to easy prey he can bully. Dwight won't fold after a single scratch like Mac does.

If Dwight gets to listen to heavy metal to psych himself up first, I'm giving this to him. Dwight's horribly clumsy and uncoordinated but Dennis has shown no fighting skill himself and I doubt he can take a punch. Eventually Dwight is going to land a high hit with those gangly legs

Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Prince vs Michael Jackson
« on: February 11, 2019, 04:48:27 AM »
One thing with Prince is he was way more versatile musically ... not only in that he was a better musician but he covered a much wider range of styles ... gospel, R&B, hard rock, funk, he could pretty much do it all. MJ did what he did superbly but he was much more of a one-trick pony.

My review of #1 of the new series, lifted from a chat on DA:

I REALLY enjoyed this. As you say, Mirko’s style is something that hasn’t been seen in Sonja for ages … Liam Sharp’s probably the closest but he had the annoying habit of drawing Sonja in a thong. It’s a more realistic, sophisticated style but it absolutely suited the story. The sandy and brown shades throughout also contrasted vividly with Sonja’s crimson mane.

This was a good set-up issue, which balanced the time given to Sonja and her antagonists really well. There was plenty of comedy in there in the way that Dragan demanded fealty from his new vassals, the message that Sonja sent the Emperor and the offhand remark about Hyrkanian cooking methods, but there was plenty of horror too. I’ve drawn comparisons before with the real life Vlad Tepes, whose nickname was close to ‘Dragan’, but the whole spiel about hostages being taken back to Zamora and raised there as slave-soldiers reminded me of the Turkish Empire and Vlad’s own background, where he suffered this fate himself.

Given Mark’s comments about Sonja only being the main member of a big ensemble cast, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much screentime she got here, and we’ve already had a couple of flashes into her background, which is more than we ever really got from Amy. Sonja’s speech marks her out as low-born, somebody who’d be initially uncomfortable wearing the mantle of Queen, although I’m sure she’ll grow into it with time and her actions on the battlefield will establish her as the best possible choice. While Sonja doesn’t quite have the elegant speech patterns of Roy Thomas, Michael Oeming or Amy’s versions, I’m glad Mark stopped short of giving her Gail Simone’s 21st century knowing colloquialisms and wisecracks. We got a nice display of her fighting prowess … Mark’s Sonja is interesting, in that she doesn’t seem to be quite the unstoppable war machine that Amy or Oeming’s She-Devils were but she’s a smarter and more pragmatic fighter. She outright says that there will always be somebody who’s better so combat is all about using your brain and outthinking your opponent. The whole thing about Domo constantly beating her in training makes me think there’s no vow yet, or at least the vow might have different wording.

Good to see the blood back in ‘Red Sonja’ as well, with some really visceral panels that are only made stronger by Mirko’s ‘uncartoonish’ style of art.

This was a strong start to the series and it’s only going to improve from here. There’s massive potential to be found with this creative team.

Anyone who has dismissed Sonja as a cheesecake bad girl character in the past will probably get more out of this series than its predecessors ... it's going to be much more sophisticated, you can tell that much from the first issue. Although, SPOILER ALERT, Sonja will be back in the scalemail bikini in a few issues' time...

ICT / Dwight Schrute vs Dennis Reynolds
« on: February 08, 2019, 04:13:19 PM »
Dennis is rumoured to be the Scranton Strangler; dwight boasted he could take down the Strangler with ease but is he all mouth, no trousers?

Taipei Death Match. The two fight with their shirts popped off in an inescapable boxing ring with barb wire for ropes: each wears boxing gloves dipped in superglue and shards of broken glass.

Fight to the death. Who wins?

ICT / Re: Tug Of War - Xena Warrior Princess vs a Roman warhorse
« on: February 08, 2019, 08:09:15 AM »
I don't see her outmuscling it, so much as do some sort of weird flippy thing and using the momentum to pull it down, before doing rolling thunder and leaping onto its back as it gets up, swinging the chain which has broken from its mooring as she does a battle cry

Alternately, reading the OP, she just has to get it at four feet, which she could probably do.

I still think dragging a huge straining horse back against its will six feet with one arm might be expecting a lot of our Xena. I've seen Conan really struggle with stuff like this in the comics and I've no doubt he's stronger than Xena usually.

I could see it going like your first para in the actual show though, Sam and Rob LOVED giving Xena crazy shit to do. I saw a clip the other day where she got a soldier with a rana but instead of him landing at her feet, as happens in pro wrestling, she released him 3/4 of the way through the move and he went flying into a water trough about 100 feet away ... they showed him zooming over the heads of onlookers :D

Interestingly, I was reading an article on the net with little-known Xena facts and one was that Kevin Sorbo actually believed that Xena was every bit as strong as Hercules physically but was pissed off about that and believed Herc should be 'the strength guy', although he didn't have a problem with Xena being as tough a fighter as Herc. I don't know if there was some bitterness about Xena's success there, the article hinted that Sorbo wasn't comfortable with how Xena outgrew his own show.

ICT / Re: Thor Goddess Of Thunder vs Captain Marvel
« on: February 06, 2019, 08:49:03 AM »
Aaron straight up showed Jane as stronger than Carol in the very first issue of Thor.

Strength isn't everything.
What does Carol has over Jane to even make this a fight then?

That's the question I was posing by putting the thread up in the first place. You tell me.

ICT / Re: Tug Of War - Xena Warrior Princess vs a Roman warhorse
« on: February 06, 2019, 06:05:40 AM »
I feel like she's not supposed to be strong enough to do this, by which I mean that the writers might have her do feats that are indirectly comparable but would shy away from writing a straight strength scene of this degree.

That's pretty much my view. We see loads of the Loony Tunes kicking armoured men over the horizon-type feats from her but very few straight-up displays of brute strength, and any big feats tend to be super-explosive bursts of energy, not sustained displays of power. In that feat with the gladiator in the arena I mentioned, it took her a few seconds of grappling to drag the horse over.

The writers seemed to prefer to reserve the brute strength displays for Hercules ... even Atalanta, who was definitely stronger than Xena IMO, didn't get many raw power showings, at least not in the TV shows. In the comics, Atalanta was shown carrying huge anvils around on her shoulder and chokelifting guys with one arm; Xena had a cool feat in one comic where she scared a loudmouth by grabbing the wheel of the chariot he was in and flipping it over.

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