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Loki appeared to be under Strange a bit there which makes sense. Changing that entire dimension was crazy but its a one-off power up. Means about the same as all the other times he has gained random powers.

Marvel magic contradicts itself so often that we pretty much have to differentiate per writer.

I am disappointed that ol' Doc's cunningness has failed him so often under Aaron. Really disappointed he brought the Void back at the end here. Would have been cool to have him actually get rid of him.

Why? I thought the same thing when Strange transformed the dimension but in the next scene, they appear to be equal so I felt like Loki was just shocked at how far he'd gone to get power. It makes no difference either way, I might be biased, which is why I'm asking.

It's not Aaron but Strange is going to some crazy lengths here. Reviving Sentry, invading Asgard, tapping into the Void? Jeez.

Loki vs. Doctor Strange:

I really liked this comic. A lot of interesting tidbits. Sentry is able to bare the cost of Stephen's magic easily (Which makes sense if Loki can bare the cost of the entire magical community and he's less physically powerful than Sentry). Strange is powerful enough to easily transmute an entire dimension with a tiny piece of Yggdrassil. Loki is Strange's equal despite Strange having a power-up and the Void is back.

Also, further confirmation that Asgardian magic > Every other type of magic, including the Vishanti most likely:

ICT / Re: Valkyrie vs Thundra
« on: January 21, 2018, 12:30:02 PM »
Didn't Valkyrie as the Doom Maiden of Rage stomp the shit out of a bunch of heroes including Thundra? It was in Fearless Defenders but I really don't remember the details because it was such a shit story.

Edit: Here are the scans:

The heroes were holding back, at least initially obviously but she one-shot Thundra from what I can tell and was clearly presented as way more powerful than her in physical strength/durability. The trade off being she is less skillfull but she has volcanic-earth powers apparently to counter that.

Jesus, that's an insane showing for Mangog. And some people were claiming it was his weakest portrayal yet based on the number of punches it took to KO War Thor an issue or two ago...

This Mangog is easier to hurt than before but his strength showings are better than ever.


He specifically shrugged off a tactic that was used to beat him previously...
The way Heimdall stabbed him.

Hemidall's big ass magic sword that was enchanted by Odin, can wield cosmic energies, control the BiFrost and has clashed with Mjolnir unscathed?

Mangog isn't slowed down and shatters it easily. Aaron even has Heimdall specifically mention Hofund by name, which hasn't been done in decades.

You're an idiot.

Jesus, that's an insane showing for Mangog. And some people were claiming it was his weakest portrayal yet based on the number of punches it took to KO War Thor an issue or two ago...

This Mangog is easier to hurt than before but his strength showings are better than ever.


He specifically shrugged off a tactic that was used to beat him previously...

ICT / Re: Can Cap hurt Thor?
« on: January 05, 2018, 04:29:30 PM »
In the Reigning, Thor had just killed Thing/Hulk in h2h after hours of fighting, and Balder had his infant son at knife point.

As I understood it, Thor just rendered himself defenseless. It was the equivalent of Steve knocking around a 700 lbs punching bag that he couldn't damage.

Anything is possible in comics of course, but I'll vote a no on Steve being able to damage Thor even with the shield and using the Reigning example to justify that he could.

ICT / Re: Battle of the Week: Classic 7 Defenders vs JLA Big 7
« on: January 05, 2018, 02:06:48 PM »
Highly disagree. Hulk didn't look vastly stronger than either Hyperion or Sun God (I know there was a throttling serum mentioned in the previous issue but it wasn't mentioned or shown into play).

I don't know anything about Sun God but as far as I'm concerned, Hype is a LONG way beyond the likes of Thor or Hercules, based on what we've seen, as well as his other counterparts elsewhere.

Not Hickman's Hyperion. Hulk literally oneshotted Thor with a blindshot in the very first issue of Avengers.

Hulk tried the same to Hyperion who literally shrugged it off and fought Hulk pretty evenly.

Superman is beyond top tier right now just like Hulk and unlike Thor or Hercules, he is still the measure of strength in his company. I can easily see Hulk trying to go all "strongest one" routine only for Superman to shut him up like this.

Based on what?

Based on him treating his previous peers like Hal Jordan like mid tiers.

Umm what? Hulk sucker shotted Thor from the side and the next time we see them, they're both unconscious....where did you get the one-shot from?

Also Hulk leapt directly at Hyperion's face from the front...

Are you implying Hickman thought Hyperion > Thor?

Why do you persist with misinformation? Someone post the scans please. :)

ICT / Re: Battle of the Week: Classic 7 Defenders vs JLA Big 7
« on: January 05, 2018, 02:02:52 PM »
Oh and Gladiator was also stated to be equal to Hulk in strength.

Infinity Revelation. One of the graphic novels by Starlin.


....so we're going to completely ignore how they respectively faired against Annihilus and just go with a throwaway statement?

Please, everyone read the minis in question.

Music, Movies, Tv and Books / Re: Bright
« on: December 22, 2017, 09:19:16 PM »
I really liked it. Kind of generic and could've used more world-building but a solid watch.

ICT / Re: New comic stuff worth talking about but not worth its own thread
« on: December 20, 2017, 11:56:15 PM »

Courtesy of Galan at KMC.

ICT / Re: Thor vs the X-Men
« on: December 09, 2017, 07:56:08 PM »
The last time Thor fought the mutants during Axis it was made super clear that none of them had any hope of stopping him and that he was going to murder them all under Loki took off the field.

IIRC, he then easily owned Havok/Cyclops while shrugging off their blasts after beating up Apocalypse. The time before that, it was clear Havok/Scarlet Witch couldn't beat him and their only chance was BFR. Wolverine is the only addition that can be an assist but even he can only hurt Thor to a degree.

Storm is nullified and the only X-men that can hurt him are Shadowcat and Wolverine, both who are easily dealt with. Especially in a team setting. It would be like the time they faced Dracula, except much worse.

ICT / Re: Movie Justice League vs Fox Apocalypse and his Horsemen.
« on: December 02, 2017, 11:18:49 PM »
Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Cyborg are immediately rendered useless/trapped/dead by Magneto depending on what mindset he's in. He has power on a global scale at this point, his power of Magnetism rivals Superman's strength, he's more powerful than the rest of the league put together. He even has a force field now that can resist super-speed so he can't even be blitzed into a knock out.

I just don't see how they can put down Superman permanently but Magneto was pretty crazy powerful by the end there....and Superman has been stunned/put down for a while by way less than what Magneto can throw at him.

I would argue that maybe Superman can ram into him at super-speed but Magneto can fly, has a force field and is held in place magnetically so Superman can't even budge him (He's strong, but the magnetic field of Earth > Superman). Can his force field withstand Superman? He doesn't have the feats to support it but I wouldn't be surprised.

You'd need to assemble the Justice League (Or the Avengers) to defeat Erik tbh. Throwing in Apocalypse and the rest? The league's kind of f*cked imo.

ICT / Re: MCU vs DCEU Matchups
« on: November 26, 2017, 04:52:15 PM »
Captain America vs Batman - Captain America stomps.

Iron Man vs Cyborg - Iron Man unless Cyborg hacks him.

Thor vs Wonder Woman - Thor rapes her.

Hulk vs Superman - Superman is way too much.

Drax vs Aquaman - Uhhh, I legit don't know. Aquaman? Definitely if he can get him in water at least.

Loki vs Steppenwolf - So Loki has his staff? He wins I guess with a combination of illusions and backstabbing.

Kurse vs Ares - Kurse puts him in a coma.

MCU Quicksilver vs Flash - I don't know tbh. Flash seems faster but Quicksilver seems to be a A LOT better at combat.

ICT / Re: Thor with a hundred years of Loki training fights
« on: November 25, 2017, 12:11:12 PM »
Thor doesn’t have the brain to be a sorcerer until he learns rune magic with sacrifice. I could see him unlocking some Mjolnir secrets to give him an extra win than he would normally take here and a definite majority against Superman


Used an illusion spell recently that tricked even Malekith. Being able to cast illusions on the fly that powerful would tip the odds in his favor in any competitive fight.

What exactly determines the type of "brain" you need for sorcery? I'm guessing you're calling Thor stupid (But you can call almost any sufficiently powerful herald stupid based on some showings) but I am curious as to where you draw the line.

Rune Magic didn't give him a higher I.Q. I'd say to even be able to comprehend Rune Magic and the all-sight it gives would take a strong level of intelligence and mental fortitude without cracking.

ICT / Re: Rank the Post JL DCcu relative to the MCU Avengers
« on: November 22, 2017, 05:32:36 PM »

Evolved Doomsday - 120
Superman - 100
Kurse - 95
Hulk / Doomsday - 85
Steppenwolf - 80
Thor - 65
WW - 60


Kurse - 110
Thor - 100
Superman / Doomsday / Hulk - 90
WW - 85

Other than "sokovia busting feat" which is highly suspect as it is, Thor has no showings which suggest he is even close to Superman in durability.

He is also shown less durable than Hulk.

Outside of getting stabbed by Loki’s Asgardian knives (and Asgardian weapons being super good at piercing), Thor has held up consistently well to all manner of attacks.

Not really. Even a control chip easily pierced his skin and Dr Strange could pluck his hair (comedic scene but still). He also dived away from falling debris on skaar.

He had welts from Surtur's fire and said a shield throw from Hulk could've killed him.

Superman is invulnerable in the movie. Even a nuke didn't puncture his skin. Thor isn't.

His biggest feat (Sokovia explosion) looks better than Superman getting weakened by a nuke. Thor was definitely KOed temporarily, but no lasting injury was shown. Superman was temporarily incapacitated by the nuke and physically injury. Not a HUGE difference, but I’m putting Thor above Supes.

Then you've to show us Thor taking the entire "blast" of the attack. It wasn't literally a big explosion that destroyed the city either.

Further Friday said that if Thor hits the vibranium with Tony doubling it, it would've vaporized everything and everyone. That itself calls this showing as a durability feat in question.

This is a case of Thor being WAY more durable than strong. He’s been smashed around by Hulk and Kurse to little effect. Took a huge explosion on the Bifrost to no effect. Got rammed by a Leviathan to apparently no effect.

Thor was hinted to be on verge of defeat hence the hallucinations of meeting Odin like it was against Hela. It was supposed to be a brutal beat down hence the crowd becoming uncomfortable. It wasn't to show Thor taking several punches to the head without any issue.

TBH, it's more of a PG 13 setting than anything else. Captain America surviving Iron Man's bloodlusted punches comes to the mind while in the second movie he was koed by a rocket launcher even though he had his shield take the majority of the blast.

Thor can't no sell blasts which vaporizes buildings like Doomsday did or even the Congress bomb attack which destroyed the building.


Thor did get a slight nose bleed from a Hulk punch. That’s a low showing for sure, considering he’s taken other attacks/hits from Hulk later (including multiple head shots during a ground-and-pound without any noticeable damage).

He was also staggered back by a headbutt from a frost giant in the first movie.

Superman was spitting up blood during his Non/Faora fight, and neither of them had Superman as defenseless or pounded Superman like Hulk did to Thor. Again, this is not a massive durability gulf here, but I do think Thor excels in durability in the movies. But Superman outclasses him in strength huuuuuuuge.
I don't think Superman spit blood anytime from Faora or Nam-Ek  And Nam was stronger than Superman.

Thor doesn't approaches Superman in durability much less exceeds him.

The obedience disks are a plot device designed to bypass inherent durability or strength you moron. His hair? Lol. And yes, Thor prefers to dodge rather than tank, it's called being a warrior. OMG, Superman dodge Steppenwolf's punch because he was afraid he'd be hurt. You're so fucking dumb.

Where did Surtur's fire cause any damage to Thor?

Thor was completely fine from Hulk's beatdown. Now PG ratings matter? Wow, desperation.

It was a giant Frost Giant, and he was completely unhurt. That's like saying Wonder Woman staggered Superman with a headbutt. GTFO with that nonsense. You need to stop drinking water that people urinate in.

Thor's durability feats shit on Superman's when we take into account the Aether, Sokovia and the Bifrost explosion. Now I don't think that means Thor is much more durable than Superman but that's because I'm reasonable.

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