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ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: June 10, 2018, 04:03:02 PM »
It was a realm removed from sun. Hence why Thor couldn't hit Atum in the sun, he wasn't actually in the sun.


Thor went into the sun against Gorr but it was never revealed that he went into the core of the sun.

Thor has never tanked any nuke. What are you talking about?

Firelord? His flame was actually sapping Thor's strength.

1. Ummmm...no.

2. Looks like the went inside the core to me.

3. The atomic bomb he tanked back in the old days

4. Firelord flames are hotter than the sun so...

Yes, heat of a star melted Uru, it did again.

What's contradictory here?

17 days, not in seconds/minutes, looks like Aaron goofed (a fact he mentioned himself and tried to ignorantly brush it off).

like how you talked about Casey as if he was doing the same thing as Aaron.

Considering Casey completely got the majority of his science and math wrong, yeah, he fucked up too.

Right. You just can't fathom writers having different sense of power scaling. Even Green Lanterns were unable to go into the core of the earth in the issue when they go into black holes and supernova regularly.

You don't even understand what I'm getting at, I'm not talking about different scales from different writers, I'm talking about authors having little to no clue the forces involved in what they specifically reference. Ergo, when a writer thinks something is superpowerful and badly gets that wrong, ergo Casey with the Earth's core and such or CW flash electron volt black hole nonsense.


Like you for example not knowing what 1G-force is.

Yes, you're just as stupid as I thought. Keep it up. Restoring Earth's gravity just takes 1-G force.

Why didn't I think of it.

Lol, you dumb ass, shut the hell up about things you have zero clue about. The gravitational pull of the Earth is only 1G, that is the amount that holds this entire planet together. I have no idea wtf you are ignorantly babbling on about now.

So pretty much every feat ever in fiction. Gotcha.

Not even remotely close to what I said, but keep failing though.

I'll wait eagerly for your nonsense

Read it, so what exactly were you trying to prove here?

ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: June 05, 2018, 04:30:02 PM »
Thor wasn't in the core of the sun if you are thinking about Atum incident. It was Atum realm removed from the sun.

Just reread it, it was the sun in that realm.(the narration even compares it to about the same as our sun), there's another instance where Thor visit someone in the core of the sun, in the future fights gorr inside the sun, tanks a nuclear explosion which yields pressure and heat (albeit briefly) that far exceeds the core of the sun's temperature, fights beings of using comparable sun level projection such as Firelord.

Aaron's writing makes no sense and it really doesn't since inder his own writing in Mightu Thor 12 it took the dwarves forging Mjolnor with power of a star over 17 days, yet Mjolnor is destroyed im just a few seconds or minutes when Jane directs it into the sun?

Yeah, makes no sense to which even Aarom acknowledges his own folly and just gives a shrug of the shoulders as seen in his twitter post here.

What never fails is that same ignorant lazy shorthand that people like Aaron, Casey, and even you fall for since they lack the proper understanding of how powerful the things their referencing truly are.

I don't know why you are giving me such grief over this since even Superman has fallen victim to this, as nu52 Supes (current Rebirth Superman's other half before the merging) fought Wraith just fine in the core of the Earth yet fast forward to JL 3-5 he struggles seriously near/inside the core of the Earth even though he endured that temple (with serious effort) that had pressure comparable to the core of the sun which is many levels above the core of the Earth.

Shit like this happens all the time because comic book writers amd the average joe simply are ignorant or don't bother faxt checking for comic written for kids.

Nuh-uh. Your response doesn't warrant anything else, it's just so stupid.

Don't be a little punk, be man enough (or is that asking way too much of you?) To admit your own folly instead of trying to place the blame on me for your own sheer ignorance. If anything here is just so stupid its the mofo (that would be you) that claimed resisting the full gravitational pull of the Earth (1-G-force) is impressive, lmao.

Right, it's not totally scientific hence the feat is invalid.

Should we discount pretty much every character's feat in fiction because of that?

Its not being scientifically accurate that's an issue, its being ridiculously inaccurate and nowhere near the mark that's the problem. Yes, we would or should discount feats that are nonsensical like squeezing coal into diamond

Or using super math

If the beans in question weigh 0.05 ounce a piece and the jar itself can hold up to 12 lbs that's 3,840 beans in total, not 32,000 which is beyond the storage capacity of the jar, also, 20 times 16 times 10 equals 3,200, not 32,000.

The above is what happens when a comic book author does not even bother to fact check their own shit.

This reminds me how often I see the old feat of "restarting dead stars" in comics/movies which is always inaccurately portrayed, thing is, restarting a dead sun wouldn't magically return it back to normal, no, instead you would turn it into a bomb as in a super nova that blows away the very star system you were trying to save, lol.

Final Crisis 5-7.

I'll check it out and give a response later on today if not then tomorrow.

ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: June 04, 2018, 04:59:37 AM »
Not under the writer's intention though. The core of the star isn't something many characters have gone into.

That depends on said characters in question and even still their are inconsistencies since Mjolnir and Thor himself have been inside the core of stars just fine, this is just an oversight or ignorance on said author's part on the level of characters they write in general.


You're just confirming your own ignorance with this, you know that right...?

Adventures of Superman 617-618.

Go for it.

Thanks for the issue references but just as I thought the author (Joe Casey) was winging it, he only got most his science right and the rest dead wrong, this just further cements my points about critical research failure on the author's part for using lazy shorthand.

1. Its impossible for a white dwarf star to be the size of what seems 9 inches in diameter in Superman's hands, it would have long exceeded the Chandrasekhar limit and became a super nova.

2. White dwarfs are not actually stars, but stellar core remnants composed of electron-degenerate matter (this process is the opposite of "yellow" solar radiation that Superman absorbs for power, lol) They are considered dead stars as they have burned through all their fuel and don't perform nuclear fusion anymore, this is important since Solar radiation is radiant energy emitted by the sun from...you guessed it... nuclear fusion that creates electromagnetic energy.

The reason white dwarfs give off heat and light despite not providing any source of energy is because its takes a very long time for the remnant left behind to cool off (longer than the age of the universe), but that's a different kind of residual energy (thermal radiation) after effect its giving off.

but I don't expect comic book authors to fact check that anymore than I expect Grant Morrison to fact check what the word "anti" means before sticking it in front of sunlight. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a comic Superman absorbed solar radiation from a neutron stat or quark star just because the author saw star in its name >_<

3. White dwarf material that size would weigh near 6,895 tons, not 100 tons.

4. A white dwarf is not 1 million as dense as the Earth, its less than 200,000 as dense as the Earth.

5. Superman states 100 tons feels heavy for him, very low showing, futhermore, Atom talks specifically about the pressure at the center of the Earth after Superman does his thing with the white dwarf that temporally restores Earth's gravity to normal... like I said earlier the pressure at the Earth's core is over 20k tons, but Superman stated 100 tons was heavy for him so he should have been effortlessly crushed by the pressure in the Earth's core, but then again in this same comic Casey treated a WD the same as a "yellow" sun so Superman was technically amped during this whole event which explains and discounts the feat on a whole.

Final Crisis, read it.

Could you be more specific, which issue is it so I can avoid that Mandrakk crap that I vaguely recall hating?

ICT / Re: Thanos (MCU) vs Lucifer (Supernatural)
« on: June 01, 2018, 05:22:57 PM »
We haven't seen either God nor the Darkness affect anything on a universal scale. It's possible they could but we don't know that.

Anyways, Lucifer gets annihilated here. This is borderline SPITE.

All we have from the SPN-verse for the top tiers is Death moving the moon itself out of orbit casually to give the brothers another eclipse to seal away the Levithans, Battle between alt-universe Michael and Lucifer leveling the surface of the Earth, and when God is weakened/dying the sun itself dies a long with him and Archangels creating entire separate realities/worlds that exist separate from the main one, amd Jack creating tranversable holes through dimensional barriers between universes.

Despite being a TV show their feats are comparable or even exceeding the blockbuster movie-verse of the MCU as far as IG Thanos on screen feats are concerned.

ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: June 01, 2018, 03:18:02 PM »
Is that so? Then why is it still such a big deal. I mean just recently Mangog was killed by the sun and mjolnir was destroyed in it.

Because comic book authors are not scientists, but people that write super powered fantasy for kids so fact checking what they commit to a comic is not a top priority. Stuff like this is jusy lazy shorthand for "powerful and awe" factor whether it makes sense or is contradictory to previous stuff such as stories of Superman early in his career like this.

Superman resisting and powering (with serious effort) through the force of this miniature BH's gravitational pull is equivalent to over 1 quadrillion tons which is quite astonishing, yet in the star and planet pressure examples you posted earlier takes place way later in his career where he struggles (with serious effort) against forces several orders magnitude less.

The entire gravitational force of earth is much larger than that.

No, its not, the fact you believe that just shows your own sheer ignorance on the matter just like the author of said comic.

Atom is talking about the entire gravitational force of Earth which was originating from where Superman was and stabilized the whole earth.

Gravitational pull and gravitational binding energy are two very different things and not anywhere remotely close to being the same thing at all, sounds like to me you are confusing and mixing up different terms that would yield vastly different results. What's the issue number of this comic in question so I may check myself for better context here?

Then he has gone into a black hole that pulled in entire DC multiverse in it.

How does that count for specific feats?

Sounds impressive, but with no context can't really comment on it. Also, you misunderstood what I said, by saying specifics I meant actual statistics on said subject in question and not made up or scifi terms added to normal words to make something sound impressive (black hole photon particle for example which is an oxymoron in and of itself) and hope it means something to the audience.

ICT / Re: Wishmaster vs The Trickster (Supernatural)
« on: June 01, 2018, 01:33:49 PM »
Trickster, in the Wishmaster-verse they introduce angels that are fully capable of killing the djinn, the trickster (Archangel Gabriel in disguise) is needless to say far far more powerful than any if the angels depicted in the WM-verse and he is an angel (albeit from a different universe) so he should easily solo with one angel blade stab or angel finger snap.

ICT / Re: Wishmaster vs Pinhead
« on: June 01, 2018, 01:31:31 PM »
One thing to ask is if this is just based on the first film or the first two since they share the same continuity, but since it a straight to dvd sequel add some further lore/retcons such as him needing 1 thousand souls for something.

The last two straight to dvd sequels in this series brings in angels with angelic blades fully capable of killing the djinn (which contradicts the Djinn in the first line about having eternal).

ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: June 01, 2018, 02:44:39 AM »
Which mid tier or low top tier character have survived the pressure at the core of a star?

Anyone that matched or exceeded the numbers I listed.

It was the gravitational pull of a planet. Earth's gravity was nullified and Superman restored it with a white dwarf star piece.

Are you saying resisting Earth's gravitational pull is not impressive?

Lol, of course, the gravitational pull of the Earth is 9.807 m/s² or in others words 1 G-force which is what we mere mortals in real life casually deal with on a daily basis.

This is clearly another case of critical research failure on the author's part since the net worth of gravity at the center of the Earth (where Superman appears to be) is zero so...

Stuff like this reminds me exactly of that incidence in the CW Flash show where Stein stated the singularity is emitting an energy level of 6.7 tera electron volts and is too powerful to stop. The thing is that is about 1 microjoule which is the amount of energy of a menacing carpenter bee or mosquito.

Now, if the author meant pressure at the center of the planet (Earth) then that's different, but still way lower than the star pressure feat since the pressure at the Earth's core is 3.6e+9 atm = 26,452.7078 tons of force = 5,977,509.3349 joules of energy. That's almost near 43% higher than 1 kilogram of tnt.


Again, not very impressive showings and are very low level depictions considering how the story treats them as incredible or difficult for Superman when a top tier of his caliber has far far more impressive showings that blow these depictions out the water which you can find easily from his late 80s/early 90s era.

Well if you want to lowball it, go for it.

Not lowball so much as unquantifiable due to lack of specifics.

ICT / Re: Wishmaster vs Pinhead
« on: May 31, 2018, 05:42:35 PM »
What Shuruku said about how genies/djinns are mostly portrayed makes sense, I remember when Mulder encountered that djinn/genie in that one X-files episode, she was pretty cosmic/high level as well.

ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:52:16 PM »
Gravity like the center of a star.

I know this is not directed at me, but its one of those nerd math that interests me to see if something is as impressive as an author intends it to be. Anyway, the pressure in the sun's core is 2.25e11 to 3.4e11 atmospheres = psi 3,306,588,474,571.269043 psi (1.6533e+9 tons) to 4,996,622,583,796.58398 psi (2.4983e+9 tons) = between 373,594,333,450 (89.291188683 tons of tnt) & 564,542,548,330 (134.92890734 tons of tnt) joules of energy.

This is several times less than the force of half a kiloton of tnt


Not that impressive considering this depiction of Superman in question, a feat matched by high mid tiers to low top tier comic characters

Gravity of a planet.

Assuming its similar in context to above (I don't know, let me know if its different) then this feat is many times lower than the above since the pressure inside a planet comes no where near close to the pressure of a star.

And even a black hole.

This is probably intended to be impressive by the author, but imlossible to figure out since no size for what counts as "big" is given since BH comes in all sizes from microscoptic to super massive ones at the center of galaxies, that's a very broad view which makes determining the gravitu Supes is being subjected to impossible since gravity wildly varies on the size of a BH, smaller ones have much greater surface gravity and tidal forces than larger ones.for example.

ICT / Re: MCU Thor, Hulk,Iron Man vs DCeu Doomsday
« on: May 12, 2018, 07:22:05 PM »
Also, The Power stones best physical feat was breaking apart a moon and hurling PIECES of it. A Nuke could vaporize a moon. Doomsday took that and Got stronger.

LMAO, mofo put that damn crack pipe down, there isn't a single nuke on Earth that could vaporize even a tiny fraction of a moon.

ICT / Re: Sun Dipped Superman VS SBP
« on: April 26, 2018, 09:23:54 AM »
What PB said.

Exactly whay HJ, excellent post.

ICT / Re: DCAU Superman vs Nappa
« on: April 14, 2018, 06:44:48 PM »
Depends on who strikes first, if Nappa strikes with any kind of ki projectile then Superman is toasted, if Superman connects with any heat vision or physical punch then Nappa is toasted.

ICT / Re: Monica Rambeau vs Aquaman
« on: April 10, 2018, 09:03:19 AM »

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