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ICT / Re: Ivan Drago ( Rocky 4) vs Jason ( Friday the 13th part 2)
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:31:59 PM »
eh, he's still Jason. Otherwise he wouldn't do what his mudda (or who he thinks is his mudda) says or cry out for her when CHUD creating toxic waste comes for him.

He's heavily altered mystically right down to the heart, but he's still Jason

Maybe, but back to what Shuruku said earlier, the continuity of these horrors films are played with very fast and loose. In the sequel to F vs J comic Freddy was resurrected back to life with that book, yet he didn't look or functional anything like a deadite, still same old Freddy so yeah....

ICT / Re: Surfer vs Superman | Who tanks planet busting better
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:28:26 PM »
"No you"? What else can be expected from a retard like you?

You're weirdly fascinated by Superman's dick. Come out of the closet already.

Again, just describing yourself? Predictable.

Did a monkey beat the shit out of you earlier? Weirdly fascinated by monkeys you are.

Oh yes, you did fucking retard.

Did you cry to your hooker mom about it while she was getting fucked?

Everything you said retard.

Heh, cursing like fangirl101 just like when the tranny is proven wrong.

How does it feel retard?

Like I said, retard and you're proud of it too? Seek help retard.

You said the scan mentioned atmospheric pressure fucktard. Show it motherfucker.

No, your mom provided it after I fucked her brains out.

Hi there retard who said Krypton was what, 968 km in radius?

Show some delfyrespect fucktard.

I said realistically speaking, you ignored that going into your typical embarrassing keyboard warrior dumb manchild rant.

Show us where on the scan it said atmospheric pressure as you said fangirl101.

I know the stupidity is strong in you what with trying to claim red stars are hotter than yellow stars (I know I know, you're developmentally delayed, its not your fault Billy), but you realize planetary pressure means the pressure of a planet's atmosphere? Keep digging that grave Billy, you're failure is amusing me, lol

Heh, they adjusted later on. Like I said, can't read, can you?

Barry, sure, but Hal? Maybe its not that much under this writer considering Hal is a normal baseline human without a functional power ring and he was on Krypton for weeks (enough to grow a beard of sorrow) which would kill him in mere hours due to poor blood circulation in such intense gravity, so perhaps 2-3x (within human limits to withstand for long periods of time).

Superman was Incorrect. It happens silly Billy.

Silly monkey, I trust Superman's own admission over your bias.

So you concede that you have been wrong all along? Eat crow fucktard.

But you're such an egoistic retard, you can't accept it even now.

You literally just described yourself asshole, lol. You've been going on and on like a dumb broken record that “Derp, Krypton dwarfs Jupiter and is super duper 33.33xxx Earth's gravity” clearly ignoring my main point because you are too fucking stupid to know how to read (Get your dyslexia fixed monkey). Now, you probably already knew Krypton is only near 1.8x times Earth's diameter and 5x its gravity, yet decided to waste my time like the pathetic little manchild that you are. You happy now, Billy?

It's based on real life but not entirely accurate. Which you would know braindead ape, if you had read any comic.

Billy, I need you to STFU now and pay attention for once, you didn't even know that shit until I corrected your slow ass, lmao. By based on real life its is the actual one dimwit, its just called Rao in DC Comics, doesn't mean its some fictional made up star, lol. You would think some obsessive basement dwelling Superboy Prime like punk such as yourself would know that. Now kindly take your head out your ass, unfuck yourself, and admit defeat Billy.

ICT / Re: Ivan Drago ( Rocky 4) vs Jason ( Friday the 13th part 2)
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:37:10 PM »
Admittedly, I'm not objective about all this, because I dislike Jason Goes To Hell, and prefer to think of Jason as Jason, rather than a demon inhabiting his form. Otherwise they ought to stop using Jason's name in the titles, since he's not actually the star of these films.

I like to think Jason stopped being Jason when he was killed in part 4 and his corpse was brought back as renevant in part 6, but that's just me mate.

ICT / Re: Immortal Hulk vs Superman challenge |Feat war/relative showings
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:32:28 PM »
Look brah, you're clearly too ignorant to understand a single thing of what I'm saying or whatever the fuck you are trying to prove. I don't got time for your BS so believe whatever the fuck you want, I'm out.

ICT / Re: Surfer vs Superman | Who tanks planet busting better
« on: December 13, 2018, 11:30:12 PM »
I doubt your parents even knew you ever existed TBH. Hookers and all that.

You're confusing your family's line of work with me old monkey.

So nothing whatsoever? Good, good.

Takes Superman's dick out your mouth, I still can't understand you monkey.

You're just describing yourself now.

Typical dead brain monkey response, predictable, can't think up much on your own can you Billy?

That's an actual reality. Not a dream reality, I already showed you Kismet informing that the realities Dominus creates aren't hallucinations.

You can't read, can you?

Those aren't dream worlds retarded neanderthal. Just because you said so.

By Superman's own admission they are, you would know that if you knew how to read silly little monkey.

So just repeating yourself eh mongoloid?

Says the broken record, stupid monkey, lol.

So nothing whatsoever? Guess what, even New 52 showed Krypton far bigger than Earth. When Hal and Barry traveled to Krypton, they couldn't even stand at first.

I already knew you had nothing canonical of worth, stupid monkey. Also gravity =/= volume, retard. I find it hilarious that 5x Earth's normal gravity is too much for Hal and Wally, weak top tier characters indeed.

And then we saw how big Krypton was.


This big you retard.

Congratulations little monkey, you finally managed to do something of actual worth. However, if you took your head out your ass and knew how to read I never once contested if Krypton was bigger than Earth in volume or not. I asked for you to give canonical statistics (Which you still haven't actually done technically speaking). Doing the scaling Krypton is about near 1.8x Earth's size giving it a diameter near 22,935 with gravity 5x that of Earth its mass would be 9.664E+25 kg to Earth's 6E+24 kg, density 2.77x Earth's, and GBE near 3.260E+34 Joules (nea 145.5x Earth's GBE)

Since Nu52 and Post-Crisis histories merged somewhat this would be the canonical statistics of Krypton (Until they give a new origin anyway) so far, so for simplicity sake lets say Superman was on Krypton various times to get caught in its explosion. So what? The amount of energy hitting the surface area of his body (for future reference you can't take the full brunt of an omni-directional explosion you moron) scaling from the planet itself would be near 11 gigatons (10^19 joules). Earth busting is 10^32 joules you stupid little monkey, lol.

And even then you're wrong that Krypton was smaller than Earth, eh? How does it feel now retard?

I feel fine dumb ass considering I never claimed Krypton was smaller than Earth, I repeatedly asked for canonical proof which took your slow ass forever to actually show (Must have had helped from your whore mother probably).

Not in comics you ADD addled child.

Even in the comics you moron, take your dick out your mouth so your tiny brain can get some oxygen. You clearly forgotten with your goldfish memory Rao is based off its real life counterpart (LHS 2520) in the nu52 so yeah, red stars are still cooler than yellow stars you stupid monkey, take your stupid ass back to school.

Projecting much neanderthal?

Projecting what, how much of a silly little tool you are?

Says the neanderthal who can't even read simple scans and need shit shoved in his mouth.

Excuse me, you're the dumb ass that stated "Derp, red stars are hotter than yellow stars, derp" You're the dumb ass that confused a completely different unit of measure (Pressure) with something else (Gravity). The neanderthal who can't read a simple children's comic is obviously you, Billy, but I shouldn't expect much from someone who sucks his own dick so much.

So you just made shit up and said its shown on the scan too?

Not only are you a retard but proud of it too?

Got damn little monkey, you're slower than I thought. Can you not figure out the point of the scan above is to show if they meant planetary gravity in the scans you provided earlier where they are clearly talking about pressure and not gravity, they would have said show as shown in the scan above? Are you so slow you forgot what we were discussing Billy, really dude? You need your damn hand held that much little monkey?

No, you said to prove you wrong for your made up claims.

No dumb ass, learn how to read. I asked you to proved they were talking about gravity and not pressure. *Knocks on your forehead* HELLO, anyone in that empty ugly looking mother fucker?!

Shit, you're barely a toddler at this point.

I'm not the dumbass that confused gravity with pressure and seriously said red stars are hotter than yellow stars, and said Superman took the full brunt of an omni-directional explosion, lol. *Slaps the shit out your slow ass*.

Shh, don't let your hooker mom know that you're out of your room.

Yikes, that 1st grade level retort was too much, did you think of that one all by yourself Billy? *ends sarcasm*.

ICT / Re: Ivan Drago ( Rocky 4) vs Jason ( Friday the 13th part 2)
« on: December 11, 2018, 05:53:32 PM »
My own fan theory is that Pamela used the Necronomicon (it's there) to bring Jason back, but it brought him back wrong, which helped lead to her deteriorating mental state and she hid him in the woods and checked on him from time to time and that relationship kinda kept Jason in check, but when she died then all bets were off at that point

If Mrs. Voorhees brought him back with the Necronomicon, he turned out better than she had any right to expect, considering the normal results of using that thing.

If we are going to theory-craft here you could say that's probably the reason why Jason was a supernatural demon by Jason Goes to Hell due to Pamela using the Necromnomicon or using that thing in general had a delayed curse upon Crystal Lake in general that was bidding its time until Tommy did his thing in Part 6 to set the curse into motion.

ICT / Re: Arrowverse Amazo vs MCU Thanos
« on: December 11, 2018, 05:30:03 PM »
Has fangirl been drinking bleach?


ICT / Re: Comicbook Spider-Man vs movie Thor
« on: December 11, 2018, 03:38:18 PM »
Spidey 2/10, that 1 or 2 wins is Spidey pulling a terribly written Firelord instance out his ass, otherwise Spidey gets his fucking head caved in every time.

ICT / Re: Immortal Hulk vs Superman challenge |Feat war/relative showings
« on: December 11, 2018, 03:34:30 PM »
Yes you can, what a monumentally dumb argument. What do you expect me to produce to you a video of a planet spinning so fast it falls apart? Of course it's a video of a skateboard wheel it does not invalidate the argument, in fact it strengthens it, especially considering you said objects spinning fast enough wouldn't fall apart to begin with.

You clearly have no clue what the fuck you are talking about and it shows. I said celestial bodies with sufficient mass like the Earth, not a fucking skate wheel, lol.

It astonishes me how openly ignorant you are, first off neutron stars are collapsed cores of giant stars, they have collapsed so much and are compressed so much that they wont fall apart spinning so fast

What the fuck do you think spinning a celestial body like Earth would do you ignorant child? White Dwarfs, neutron stars and etc don't tear apart because spinning something that massive so fast exponentially increases it gravitational and centrifugal force keeping all the mass contained to the object in question instead of flying apart away. WTF do you think would happen to the Earth if you kept increasing it's rotation speed?

I don't got time to do in depth physics 101 to an ignorant swine such as yourself that wouldn't get it so here's the short version. You could increase the rotational speed up to 0.0017% the speed of light and the Earth still wouldn't tear apart. Why? Because at those speeds the Earth's mass increases dramatically, greater than that of a neutron star. This would make it's gravitational and centrifugal force exponentially greater to the point it would be literally impossible for this distorted planet we use to call Earth to FUCKING TEAR APART because all that increased force keeps all of its material binded to said object, no matter how fast it speeds.

ICT / Re: Surfer vs Superman | Who tanks planet busting better
« on: December 11, 2018, 02:51:23 PM »
I keep forgetting you even exist TBH.

The same words your worthless parents said to you, interesting.

It doesn't mean that at all. It means he was getting pulled out of the time but still survived the full force of the explosion.

You're just terrible at this.

Talk coherently by taking Superman's dick out your mouth so air can get to your small oxygen deprived brain.

Aww, is someone getting mad now?

More like tired of responding to a fool too dumb to comprehend a kids' comic.

Which is where he created a duplicate krypton.

In a dream world which he was is shown nowhere on before returning back to the physical realm, you're a terrible moron at this.

Hey idiot, Dominus created actual realities and not some hallucinations. That's made clear multiple times.

In the dream world where Superman also created multiple realities, you screaming loudly like the dumb ass that your are changes nothing. Now wipe your beard like yo hoe ass mother taught you, you're drooling excessively.

Hey retard, that was no hallucination or dream. They were alternate realities created by Dominus.

Dream-world realities, try again dumb ass.
So that means nothing whatsoever other than your inane, fucking stupid "logic".

Not everything out of Birthright was retconned, so unless you can provide the proof that it was revised, suck on it.

Stop wasting my time with your typical retared fanboy whining. Birthright is NON-CANONICAL you fucking retard. Get that through your empty shallow head, stupid monkey.

And how does distance mean anything to its size?

The nu52 history is very different from Birthright you dumb ass, the gravity is also 5x Earth instead of 33.333x Earth like it was in Birthright too. You would know that if you took Superman's dick out your mouth so air can get to your small oxygen deprived brain.

A red sun is hotter than a yellow sun chimp.

LMAO, this silly mother fucker right here is a riot. *Smacks the shit out of Abhilegend*. What special ed class did your poor ass worthless parents send you to little monkey? Here is some free education for slow ass, hopefully your dyslexia and illiteracy don't get in the way.


Think before hastily opening you're slow moronic dick sucking mouth you stupid monkey.

And what exactly is that idiot?

That you are full of shit little monkey.

You on the other hand can't read at all.

Says the dumb ass who can't decipher pressure from gravity and actually believes red stars are hotter than yellow stars, FOH stupid little monkey.

Unlike you I didn't made up shit like atmospheric pressure was mentioned.

Unlike you monkey I know that planetary pressure means atmospheric pressure. If it was planetary gravity they would have said so fool like this scan below for example.

Keep failing you basement dwelling retard fanboy monkey.

So you just asked me to prove a negative that it wasn't atmospheric pressure?

What a retard.

Actually, I said prove your claim it was gravity when it was clearly said it was pressure little monkey or do I need to talk slower and dumb it down further for you to grasp since you developmentally delayed kids have a hard time keeping up with the rest of us well-adjusted individuals.

It was total gravitational force of the planet, try to read before you hit puberty, will you?

Yes, you're gokenadams level stupid.

*yawns* pressure =/= gravity, also, you're dumber than fangirl, cheers.

That didn't even made any sense little child.

Go back to your room.

ICT / Re: A Dalek vs a T-1000
« on: December 04, 2018, 04:06:18 PM »
A Dalek would stomp the shit out of a T-1000.

ICT / Re: Ivan Drago ( Rocky 4) vs Jason ( Friday the 13th part 2)
« on: December 04, 2018, 03:57:10 PM »
Drago is going to be punching like crazy and Jason is going to stand there tanking it all looking very confused and then twists Drago's head off.

Sounds like you're thinking of revenant Jason from Part 6 onwards. He wasn't that physically impressive in Part 2; one of the male camp counselors was able to grapple with him relatively evenly (more evenly than I could picture him grappling with Ivan Drago), and he was briefly knocked out by a woman breaking a chair over his back.

This, imho Ivan should utterly stomp this version of Jason, he had cartoon strength back in Rocky 4.

ICT / Re: Immortal Hulk vs Superman challenge |Feat war/relative showings
« on: December 04, 2018, 03:13:08 PM »
You forgot your brain somewhere as well and haven't found it yet.

Still waiting on those calculations.

Excuse me Mr. Jackass, but why don't you take your head out your ass and carefully reread what I previously posted instead of beating on your chest loudly like a dumb ape.

You can spin it until it falls apart, solid objects can fall apart from spinning to fast, the only reason you dont wanna accept it is because stopping something like that requires way more strength then even pushing a planet itself.

No, you can't, the fact you compared a damn skate wheel to a celestial body just shows how incredibly ignorant you are. Also, neutron stars in real life spin 1/4th the speed of light and are not torn apart. Why is that, well, just like I said in the carefully explained previous posts that you moronically ignored due to having your head far up your own ass is because the gravitational forces from spinning so fast would exponentially increase to keep said pieces from flying apart.

ICT / Re: Surfer vs Superman | Who tanks planet busting better
« on: December 04, 2018, 01:10:21 PM »
Sorry for the long delayed responses, I keep forgetting about this topic.

If he was half phased, the blast wouldn't have hit him at all. It wasn't implied anywhere that he was only facing partial force of the explosion.

half faded means he's not fully there to interact, but not fully phased where he can't interact either, ergo, inbetween you brainless mutt, but since you are an insufferable little prick that likes to do that “argue through sheer attrition” bs you so much so I'll just call you an idiot and leave it at that.

Don't respond back to this, I'll just ignore you as being a delusional fool.

Because he turned Doninus power back on himself. Hey idiot, the whole thing was televised because it was being fought on a physical plane created by Dominus.

Yeah, after being transported back to the physical plane by Superman you idiot.

And Dominus was overloaded because Superman made him create too many realities.

Can you not read the scans you post you dumb blind monkey? After being transported back to the mental realm of Krypton Superman created multiple dreams of it, essentially overloading Dominus like running too many programs on a computer that can't process it. A dream within a dream within a dream, dreamception. Again, Superman was safe and sound in the physical realm.

What happened there was as physical as it can be. You can't broadcast a dream on TV, can you idiot?

You dumb ass, you can broadcast what goes on in the physical realm, no one saw what happened in the mental realm, lol.

So no evidence of Krypton's size being scrapped? Figured.

Dude, you're flat out wrong. You are a got damn fool for trying to cling onto to one thing in a story that's completely overwritten by something else like the obsessively feat driven supernut that you are, yet trying to pretend it still counts when it logically makes no sense in the newer continuity for obvious reasons, shut the fuck up man.

Because even in New 52, krypton was so heavy that no space craft could travel in space due to its gravity.

You don't even specifically know how heavy krypton is in Nu52 so this is a meaningless point to brag about, not to mention Krypton is 27 light years away from Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy instead of being in the Andromeda Galaxy like it was in Birthright (Which was always stupid to me).

Heck, it's molten core was hotter than its sun Rao.


So is Earth's core, you're dismissed, retard.

Same as what kid?

Exactly what I said you dumb blind monkey.

Still not capable of reading I guess.

You're reading comprehension is abysmal.

So nowhere because that's not stated at all.

In case you can't read, there is no stated gravity like you claimed you blind dumb monkey.

So you are just making things up because that's nowhere stated at all.

LMAO, what a dumb ass, pressure isn't gravity you damn fool. Either proved where the specifically talked about gravity like you claimed or shut the fuck up, stupid child.

The pressure was due to the gravity. The atmosphere wasn't simulated boy.

Ha, you took the bait like the predictable brainless chimp that you are. Actually, gravity and pressure are very different things and have shit to do with each other. Once again you dumb ass monkey, where the fuck is gravity mentioned in this scene? Oh that's right, it never was, retard.

Hey idiot, it was the total gravitational force of the planet.

You're just reciting your own stupidity now.

You're gokenadams levels of stupid, aren't you?

Hey dumb ass, total planetary pressure and total planetary gravity are two vastly different things. Try reading instead of looking at the pretty pictures next time, stupid child.

Already done little boy. Keep bitching about it.

Its isn't opposite day and you're clearly wide awake so stop dreaming and wasting my time, stupid little child.

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