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ICT / Re: Hal Jordan dies by planetary attack (warworld)
« on: August 14, 2018, 11:05:54 AM »
Hmmm...Its almost as if these characters are not defined by extrememe/outliers/high showings and are fully capable of being affected by significantly lower when viewing their normal/average showings.

Nah, must be me.

ICT / Re: Hulk (2003) vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man movies)
« on: August 10, 2018, 06:13:51 PM »
how about all three movie Spideys vs Hulk?

Three ants can't take a dinosaur.

ICT / Re: Hulk (2003) vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man movies)
« on: August 10, 2018, 05:13:50 PM »
I wouldn't give Movie Spidey (regardless of version) any odds against any movie version of Hulk.

ICT / Re: Battle of the Week: Predator Month - Terminator vs Predator
« on: August 10, 2018, 04:33:38 PM »

Depends on which T-800, the ones from T1-T2 get smoked, the ones from T3 and onward smoke the Pred easily.

ICT / Re: Master Roshi vs Krillin, who wins?
« on: August 08, 2018, 12:32:33 PM »
The shit writing in Super has allower Roshi (due to secret training) become on par with Krillin to potentially above as far as the anime is concerned, in the manga both Tien and Krilling got utterly dismissed by Frost while Roshi said he could hold his own against Frost thus saying Roshi surpassed Krillin and Tien in the manga.

Either version Rosho comes out on par with or stronger than Krillin and since I have Roshi as the more experienced and tactical fighter over Krillin I give him the win.

ICT / Re: TV Supergirl vs movie Thor
« on: August 06, 2018, 02:41:19 PM »
Mjolnir Thor loses ,Stormbreaker Thor wins.

ICT / Re: Movie Silver Surfer vs movie Superman
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:48:52 PM »
I forgot Superman can just pull new powers out of his ass, guess he wins lol

That's the Reeves version, not the DCCU/DCEU version.

ICT / Re: Living Laser vs Captain America
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:41:26 PM »
One thing that makes me laugh about the Bucky and LL from Bendis is that he's downed by a common electric powerline. This is weird considering the thz (Terahertz radiation) in an electric powerline like that is several times weaker than the thz from generic visible light so that scene has no business taking place at all when you get right down to it.

ICT / Re: Living Laser vs Captain America
« on: August 03, 2018, 03:50:21 AM »
BTW, i love when you you defend a character/your stance on a subject (whether i agree w. you or not). You always come prepared, and dont fall back on flaming as a debate tool. A pleasure to read.

Same here, Shuruku is the gold standard, I try (key word try) to live up to the same practice, but some posters on here make it very difficult to maintain that kind of thing.

ICT / Re: Predator (1987) vs Alien (1979)
« on: July 25, 2018, 03:20:21 PM »
Remember that scene in "Indiana Jones" where the guy comes at him with a sword, and Indy just shoots him? That. That's what happens.

ICT / Re: Tetonic Plates - MCU Captain Marvel moves PLANETS!
« on: June 22, 2018, 04:00:12 PM »
we shall see.

This, before anyone gets their panties in a bunch lets wait for the actual movie to come out so we can judge for ourselves.

ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: June 22, 2018, 03:58:59 PM »
Great retort

What retort, you are simply dead wrong  Thor traveled to ole boy's realm with Mjolnir and fought him in a blazing sphere of fire stated to be the same as our sun's core. WTF is there to debate here?


They are not visible anywhere on the surface after falling further into the sun and the sun itself only turns black from the inside so...

Never did.


Sun isn't just a hot ball of gas. Every Tom, dick and Harry pyrokinetic in comics has been claimed to be hotter than the sun anyway.

No shit, you don't say? I know what the sun is so useless tidbit there, as for FL, we know its not mere hyperbole considering Surfer is the one making the claim, you know the same character that can measure energy levels and flew through the core of stars multiplie times casually without a bother so...

Maybe the time span is different but it's not contradictory for mjolnir to get destroyed in the sun.

Mjolnir getting destroyed for being in the sun bothers me for the simple fact Mjolnir has endured forces far beyond the sun, even still it took 17 days just to forge a block of Uru using the sun 24/7, it should take at least that long for Mjolnir to start to melt apart, not seconds/minutes as Aaron portrayed and even admitted his own ignorance in that regard.

The timeframe could be different, vut based off the actual comic its looks seconds/minutes.

No, he did not. He even went on about the dwarf star not getting to Chandrashekhar Limit and whatnot.

He didn't do calculations like nerds but he knew his science.

Lol, yes he did, majorly I might add. Nearly every single thing he had Ray mentioned is far off the mark. Its not scientifically possible for a white dwarf to be that small in size and mass (100 tons which is nowhere near close to worrying about the CL at 1.4 times the sun's mass which is 2e+30 kg) and exists.

Material from a white dwarf, sure, an actual white dwarf that size and mass? Hell no, also white dwarfs are not actually stars nor due they give off any EM radiation that could be used to fuel Superman like a typical yellow sun (also our sun is not yellow, but actually white with a greenish/blue tint to it, rhe atmosphere just filters the color out as yellow).

Casey is another vixtim of "Critical Research Failure". Reminds me of how Morrison doesn't know what anti-sunlight means.

That doesn't means you can discard them though. It's fiction, it's not always compatible with the real life.

If its using real life as an reference, sure I can, why would a feat hold any meaning if the science behind it is dead wrong?

Right, that's what was missing.

And other things too. ;)

Earth is pulled together by 1G amount of force?

Look brah, if you don't understand the science just me know instead of ignorantly trying to second guess here. Do you even understand how gravity works?

Even the pilots in jets can endure several times stronger gravity than that.

*sighs* feels like I'm talking to a small child, you're trying to make such things for normal real life humans sound like its no big deal when that is far from the truth.



Yep, just stupid.

Yeah...You're responses are pretty stupid, i agree.

Right, post one feat from comics which is compatible with real life science then.

Smh, you still don't understand what I'm saying.

Superman just waltzed through a black hole which engulfed entire multiverse.

That's the best you can come up with?

You lost me there, where was that?

It's always safe to assume if the writer says something like "super fist" they just did something they thought sounded or looked cool, even though it can often wind up being incredibly unimpressive in reality. That was how they wrote Superman comics for 40 years, so a lot of people still eat that shit up. Holding a black hole, even a small one, sounds impressive if you don't know anything about black holes.

The funny thing is that a micro-BH that size would function completely different than larger size ones in that it would actually repel and not attract objects with its gravitational force, basically a "white hole" of sorts the opposite of a black hole, but like I was telling Abhilegend earlier when he couldn't comprehend what I was saying is that a lot of author throw together a bunch of terms that "sounds cool" while having the vaguest recollection of how those things works or in otber words lazy shorthand.

Case in point with Fangirl (not making fun of yeah so chill) thought DCEU Aquaman and company chillin somewhere near the bottom of the ocean made them super strong due to the pressure, yet when I showed the actual stats for such it came out far less impressive than what that poster originally thought.

ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: June 10, 2018, 04:03:02 PM »
It was a realm removed from sun. Hence why Thor couldn't hit Atum in the sun, he wasn't actually in the sun.


Thor went into the sun against Gorr but it was never revealed that he went into the core of the sun.

Thor has never tanked any nuke. What are you talking about?

Firelord? His flame was actually sapping Thor's strength.

1. Ummmm...no.

2. Looks like the went inside the core to me.

3. The atomic bomb he tanked back in the old days

4. Firelord flames are hotter than the sun so...

Yes, heat of a star melted Uru, it did again.

What's contradictory here?

17 days, not in seconds/minutes, looks like Aaron goofed (a fact he mentioned himself and tried to ignorantly brush it off).

like how you talked about Casey as if he was doing the same thing as Aaron.

Considering Casey completely got the majority of his science and math wrong, yeah, he fucked up too.

Right. You just can't fathom writers having different sense of power scaling. Even Green Lanterns were unable to go into the core of the earth in the issue when they go into black holes and supernova regularly.

You don't even understand what I'm getting at, I'm not talking about different scales from different writers, I'm talking about authors having little to no clue the forces involved in what they specifically reference. Ergo, when a writer thinks something is superpowerful and badly gets that wrong, ergo Casey with the Earth's core and such or CW flash electron volt black hole nonsense.


Like you for example not knowing what 1G-force is.

Yes, you're just as stupid as I thought. Keep it up. Restoring Earth's gravity just takes 1-G force.

Why didn't I think of it.

Lol, you dumb ass, shut the hell up about things you have zero clue about. The gravitational pull of the Earth is only 1G, that is the amount that holds this entire planet together. I have no idea wtf you are ignorantly babbling on about now.

So pretty much every feat ever in fiction. Gotcha.

Not even remotely close to what I said, but keep failing though.

I'll wait eagerly for your nonsense

Read it, so what exactly were you trying to prove here?

ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: June 05, 2018, 04:30:02 PM »
Thor wasn't in the core of the sun if you are thinking about Atum incident. It was Atum realm removed from the sun.

Just reread it, it was the sun in that realm.(the narration even compares it to about the same as our sun), there's another instance where Thor visit someone in the core of the sun, in the future fights gorr inside the sun, tanks a nuclear explosion which yields pressure and heat (albeit briefly) that far exceeds the core of the sun's temperature, fights beings of using comparable sun level projection such as Firelord.

Aaron's writing makes no sense and it really doesn't since inder his own writing in Mightu Thor 12 it took the dwarves forging Mjolnor with power of a star over 17 days, yet Mjolnor is destroyed im just a few seconds or minutes when Jane directs it into the sun?

Yeah, makes no sense to which even Aarom acknowledges his own folly and just gives a shrug of the shoulders as seen in his twitter post here.

What never fails is that same ignorant lazy shorthand that people like Aaron, Casey, and even you fall for since they lack the proper understanding of how powerful the things their referencing truly are.

I don't know why you are giving me such grief over this since even Superman has fallen victim to this, as nu52 Supes (current Rebirth Superman's other half before the merging) fought Wraith just fine in the core of the Earth yet fast forward to JL 3-5 he struggles seriously near/inside the core of the Earth even though he endured that temple (with serious effort) that had pressure comparable to the core of the sun which is many levels above the core of the Earth.

Shit like this happens all the time because comic book writers amd the average joe simply are ignorant or don't bother faxt checking for comic written for kids.

Nuh-uh. Your response doesn't warrant anything else, it's just so stupid.

Don't be a little punk, be man enough (or is that asking way too much of you?) To admit your own folly instead of trying to place the blame on me for your own sheer ignorance. If anything here is just so stupid its the mofo (that would be you) that claimed resisting the full gravitational pull of the Earth (1-G-force) is impressive, lmao.

Right, it's not totally scientific hence the feat is invalid.

Should we discount pretty much every character's feat in fiction because of that?

Its not being scientifically accurate that's an issue, its being ridiculously inaccurate and nowhere near the mark that's the problem. Yes, we would or should discount feats that are nonsensical like squeezing coal into diamond

Or using super math

If the beans in question weigh 0.05 ounce a piece and the jar itself can hold up to 12 lbs that's 3,840 beans in total, not 32,000 which is beyond the storage capacity of the jar, also, 20 times 16 times 10 equals 3,200, not 32,000.

The above is what happens when a comic book author does not even bother to fact check their own shit.

This reminds me how often I see the old feat of "restarting dead stars" in comics/movies which is always inaccurately portrayed, thing is, restarting a dead sun wouldn't magically return it back to normal, no, instead you would turn it into a bomb as in a super nova that blows away the very star system you were trying to save, lol.

Final Crisis 5-7.

I'll check it out and give a response later on today if not then tomorrow.

ICT / Re: Superman vs Graviton
« on: June 04, 2018, 04:59:37 AM »
Not under the writer's intention though. The core of the star isn't something many characters have gone into.

That depends on said characters in question and even still their are inconsistencies since Mjolnir and Thor himself have been inside the core of stars just fine, this is just an oversight or ignorance on said author's part on the level of characters they write in general.


You're just confirming your own ignorance with this, you know that right...?

Adventures of Superman 617-618.

Go for it.

Thanks for the issue references but just as I thought the author (Joe Casey) was winging it, he only got most his science right and the rest dead wrong, this just further cements my points about critical research failure on the author's part for using lazy shorthand.

1. Its impossible for a white dwarf star to be the size of what seems 9 inches in diameter in Superman's hands, it would have long exceeded the Chandrasekhar limit and became a super nova.

2. White dwarfs are not actually stars, but stellar core remnants composed of electron-degenerate matter (this process is the opposite of "yellow" solar radiation that Superman absorbs for power, lol) They are considered dead stars as they have burned through all their fuel and don't perform nuclear fusion anymore, this is important since Solar radiation is radiant energy emitted by the sun from...you guessed it... nuclear fusion that creates electromagnetic energy.

The reason white dwarfs give off heat and light despite not providing any source of energy is because its takes a very long time for the remnant left behind to cool off (longer than the age of the universe), but that's a different kind of residual energy (thermal radiation) after effect its giving off.

but I don't expect comic book authors to fact check that anymore than I expect Grant Morrison to fact check what the word "anti" means before sticking it in front of sunlight. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a comic Superman absorbed solar radiation from a neutron stat or quark star just because the author saw star in its name >_<

3. White dwarf material that size would weigh near 6,895 tons, not 100 tons.

4. A white dwarf is not 1 million as dense as the Earth, its less than 200,000 as dense as the Earth.

5. Superman states 100 tons feels heavy for him, very low showing, futhermore, Atom talks specifically about the pressure at the center of the Earth after Superman does his thing with the white dwarf that temporally restores Earth's gravity to normal... like I said earlier the pressure at the Earth's core is over 20k tons, but Superman stated 100 tons was heavy for him so he should have been effortlessly crushed by the pressure in the Earth's core, but then again in this same comic Casey treated a WD the same as a "yellow" sun so Superman was technically amped during this whole event which explains and discounts the feat on a whole.

Final Crisis, read it.

Could you be more specific, which issue is it so I can avoid that Mandrakk crap that I vaguely recall hating?

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