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"If Frieza betrays us, me or Vegeta will defeat him."  Gohan SSJ2 tier confirmed!

the narrator said gohan rivaled goku and the gohan of old has returned. getting one shotted is rivaling now lol

mystic gohan rivaled ssj3 goku confirmed!

Unlike Gohan, Krillin pushed back Gokus kamehameha and didnt beg for Blue he actually "needed" it to win. I wonder if 18 is also > Gohan since she kicked away the blast. More promo/bs, in the manga Goku needed Red to beat Trunks and he took hits from Vegeta in blue who didnt fuck around like Goku did. Gohan knew better than to go challenge Vegeta if he thought he was really on their level.

Now that I think about it Ultimate being SSJ2 tier makes sense since Vegeta was still #2. Promo/bs Goku didnt need SSJ3 to beat Gohan  in Buus body and Vegeta beat Gotenks.

Gohan got shit on as expected and Goku didnt need Blue he fought in SSJ2 the whole time and only used full power when Gohan wouldnt stop begging him to take it serious lol Congratulations he caught up to future Trunks pre Rage level when he fought Goku way back. Krillin also "pushed" Goku to Blue lol Only 17 actually fought Goku for reals

17 > Gohan confirmed! Since people like to use promo shit here.  "surpassing the ultimate" > Gohan


The mightiest Artificial Human,
Who once
Was created to defeat Goku
Will have a miraculous encounter…
Artificial Human No. 17 joins the fray in the Tournament of Power!!!!
After a decade-plus,
His power,
His speed,
Everything is now Super!!!!
~His power, surpassing the ultimate, is now revealed~

ICT / Re: Tyson vs Andre the giant.
« on: April 07, 2017, 04:39:55 PM »
Lying about your combat history needed to be called out. I just wanted to see if he would actually try to back up the obvious lie because it would have been glorious if he did.

He's run off now though so the mission has been accomplished.

For a man who is literally slightly above a water treatment specialist his running away isn't that surprising.

Vegeta thinks he can still beat Goku after he brought back kaioken which he didnt even use on the copy. lolz


Trunks running for his life again. I hope he has a reason why he didnt wish back the others on his new Namek. I hope he used all his resources this time like the time chamber and harvesting senzu beans.

Current TV Shows / Re: Gotham
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Current TV Shows / Re: The Flash
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Vegeta tanks everything lol He resists another mind control.

ICT / Re: Movie Apocalypse vs DCCU Superman
« on: May 26, 2016, 11:33:45 AM »
he didnt amp Magneto. Xavier let him in. QS arm wasnt broken, his cast was signed and everything and some time clearly passed since he was watching Magneto and Jean rebuild the mansion.

is he stronger than Cap? Why didnt he mind read anyone to find Xavier?

ICT / Re: Movie Apocalypse vs DCCU Superman
« on: May 26, 2016, 10:39:38 AM »
He didnt read QS mind lol Xavier was only amped when he was talking to the world for him in place of Cerebro. He didnt amp Magneto, he gave him some pep talk. He only hijacked people when he was "let in" by Xavier when he was using Cerebro. Which is why he wanted his body. He was walking around looking for everybody before the fight started lol

His teleport is too slow to be used in combat, he's not Nightcrawler. The guy died trying to teleport away.

His strength isnt even Cap level, not like it matters. He failed to kill Mystique or brake QS arm when he twisted it after the block. QS doesnt even have fast healing like Flash the guy was in a cast at the end.

He didnt make himself faster lol or he would've dodged Mystique sword which was right after QS losing and everything else after instead of sitting in the middle with his shield up walking slow as fuck towards Xavier.

ICT / Re: DCEU Superman vs X-Verse Quicksilver (SPOILERS)
« on: May 25, 2016, 11:25:34 AM »
The blast that took out all mutants? Immediately? That's like saying Superman was hurt by kryptonite.

And Apocalypse read his mind then caught his foot after knowing where he'd be. Before that he was a statue.

And since Clark has access to neither of those methods...

The blast wasn't instantaneous. If he was as fast as you believe he is he would've avoided it.

Did he read his mind? I don't think so. All it showed was Peters feet and Apocalypse eyes moving around. Was he mind reading when he blocked his punch and broke his leg?

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Current TV Shows / Re: Grimm
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