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Becky destroys her on RAW to cheers and now fans at SS are happy to see Charlotte destroy her with a chair and that got me thinking she's got the Roman Reigns problem.

That being the fans see all these different wrestlers and have their own who they would like to see be given a giant push--but it's just Reigns and now in the women's division Rousey?

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: Surivor Series 2018
« on: Today at 01:55:46 AM »
Or it could be like what happened a few years ago when Reigns got hurt and they just let Ziggler get the same finish.

And...wouldn't he better story be that Raw (with the clear heel team) loses and then Stephanie goes insane. Maybe make RAW not boring where I'm just not DVRing it and fast forwarding through until I see something interesting?

Sports Talk / Re: Tennessee Titans could you do one thing for me?
« on: November 18, 2018, 09:20:49 PM »
Well, we're testing that theory.

I just don't get this team. At all. You have a week where they look like legit contenders--and then you have games like this where I think some random people from the stands stole the Titans uniforms and came out to play.

Showcase of the Immortals / Surivor Series 2018
« on: November 18, 2018, 09:19:19 PM »
Ah, Survivor Series. I used to remember when you were good--and then the brand split happened and it sucks.

Although I do love how Smackdown went from getting "let them win the interbrand" to "RAW sucks so bad Smackdown has to lose all its matches" I don't know how victories in fictional land help with reality's problems, but y'know. So let's see who's won


Hah! Yep. And yeah, I'm counting the WWE tag division match as a RAW win just because Team RAW sucked so much ass that Smackdown winning by one team is such a disappointment it should count as a loss. :)

Sports Talk / Re: Tennessee Titans could you do one thing for me?
« on: November 18, 2018, 07:51:05 AM »
Destroying the Cowboys and Pats in the same week...

I don't care what happens the rest of the season. I'm good! :)

Let's see...

Can't get cable where I live...

Still got ten months on my contract...

And no other provider in my area...

Dammit, I hate this. Normally, when something goes bad for me, I had some responsibility for. So, y'know, well held onto the firecracker to long while texting, my fault. This...not fair. :(

Basically the gauntlet of gods gives you the power of a god (before a god takes over your body)

Feats done with the gauntlet include exploding someone's head with a punch and ripping out the avatar of a god's heart.

So who wins. :)

Eh there's always hope.


Damn you. Just cave in. And do it soon. I was putting Biker Mice From Mars on DVD before you a-holes got in the way.

Yeah. And if didn't like that episode I'd just turn it to BBC America to watch old Dr. Who.

But for Buck Rogers you got MeTV. And my DVD collection.

I think the problem is that so many stations are owned by the same people, they just put the same crappy shows on each one. El Rey--it was perfect for me, A-Team and other awesome eighty shows, Biker Mice From Mars, martial arts movies, Lucha Undeground--movies that weren't censored.

It was unique. Now it's gone. :(

Which is what I will be once I check to see how long that contract is with DISH.


I checked the guide (hoping reality had shifted in my favor) but it's the SyFy Channel--where somehow CSI Investigation counts as science fiction.  :)

Debate / Re: Will Trump go down as the worst president ever?
« on: November 14, 2018, 10:57:48 PM »

Damn. What am I going to wear next election? Captain Delgado Black of the Seven Pacific Seas will never have his voice be heard now!

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: Raw/Smackdown thread
« on: November 14, 2018, 10:53:29 PM »
Why move? Just have them fight. Have Becky attack Rhonda again, Rhonda demands a match, it happens.

(Looks at TV of a random LU vignette)

Yeah, I think they'll be fine.

And again, if Dish continues to be bastards, I won't be able to watch it anyway! ...and I just noticed the Epix Channels are gone. I know what my Christmas present will be--going to a new subscriber when that fucking contract runs out!!!

...Seriously, SyFy Channel Dish? I despise current SyFy, why the hell would I want two of the same things? Man, I miss b-movie SyFy Channel. :(

Well, Dave Meltzer, you need to remember that it's more of a TV show. :)

That's like saying Buffy should have cut down on Vampires. Plus, c'mon, Lucha Underground does hell it'll look better than that! :)

Of course, I might not get to watch season five--IF DISH FUCKING NETWORK KEEPS THEIR BULLSHIT CHANNEL PULLING CRAP UP!!!

Now I'm going to miss Biker Mice and my thanksgiving marathon of kung-fu movies. sonuvbitches.

Showcase of the Immortals / Re: Raw/Smackdown thread
« on: November 14, 2018, 01:55:19 AM »
Man, I hate the Rock's Family. They have 1/10th the talent, shoved down the fans throat constantly...and now you have them denying us the best match!

Seriously though, I don't get the Nia Jax pushes. The best I can say is...she's a better Tamina.

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